Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Beauty Basics for the Flawless Looks

So, we had been away for a while.Travel takes a toll on the Blog updates but we are back and all set to bring to you some amazing updates from the world of lifestyle.

Often women are seen struggling with their skincare basics when skin starts showing signs of fatigue, pigmentation, dullness, slight wrinkles and so. The age of your skin is not enough to jump to the anti-aging bandwagon, and it still needs a care and treatment without being called an aging skin. If you are in such a dilemma, then it's time for you to check out Lumiere Dermatology by Dr. Kiran Lohia

Dr. Kiran Lohia During
 the Treatment
Dr. Kiran Lohia is a well-known name in the field of dermatology and beauty aesthetics. Born and brought up in the US, she moved to the capital city of India a few years back post her marriage and created a niche for herself with Luimere Dermatology. And, we got a chance to visit her plush clinic sometime back last month. Like any woman, the concerns were pretty basic like how to get a flawless-looking skin with a natural radiance. We knew about her amazing premium facials that can make you look like a red carpet diva and that's exactly we came to experience. But Dr. Kiran is a professional, you see. She first decided to to do the skin consultation (check the snap chats that we did) , din-in into the lifestyle, particularly the sun exposure that a woman experiences daily, and then came up with her customized recommendations.

This assured us further to go for the treatment that she recommended. " My facials give you a drastic makeover and a lot of happy clients vouch for it. But, I also need to see the routine of any woman who walks into my clinic. She might be looking for that perfect radiance on her skin but if her skin is exposed to the sun often, especially when UV rays are most harmful then I can't recommend certain treatments as I know the effort is futile. Most women in India have pigmentation, dull and dead skin that tend to ignore for various reasons. One such treatment that takes care of all these is Renew Laser Toning . The results are visible in just one sitting and there are no major side effects," summed Dr. Kiran.

We decided to go as per her recommendation, and it was a big assurance when we found that she was the one who was going to give the treatment herself. This treatment is like an exfoliation in a non-surgical way. It's only the superficial layer of your facial skin that is treated via a mild laser and thus, there is no significant damage to
Post the Treatment Look...
your skin.

For us it was an amazing experience as Dr. Kiran herself was around and giving the treatment. The process involves a basic skin cleansing with a bubble face wash (see pic above).The bubbles have oxygen that bursting and penetrating into your skin. This is later followed by the actual laser toning process. The picture to your left has been taken post the treatment, and you feel the cleansed look on your face . There are no signs of pigmentation and you realize that your skin has suddenly started breathing the fresh air.

While Lumiere Dermatology by Dr. Kiran Lohia is a sheer luxury and you may feel the facials or some premium treatments coming at a cost but then women shouldn't forget the fact that... they are worth every bit of it!!

What's Interesting?

Dr. Kiran makes sure to suggest you a bespoke treatment whether you like it or not. for us the facial that we decided to experience was disapproved and we simply loved her straightforward approach to her patients. After all, she knows what all 'she' wants ;)

Renew Laser Toning is priced at INR 15000/- + taxes and the duration of the treatment is around 40 minutes

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Madrid Veg & Vegan Diaries

Being a vegetarian has its own sets of pros and cons, but if you ever thought that being a vegetarian will be a challenge to travel & enjoy some of the most exotic and scenic destinations of the world, then this article is a must-read.

Sol in Madrid is Famous for This Veg Platter
Vegetarian, or non-vegetarian, vegan or dairy product lover, your travel plans should be sans any such concerns, especially when you wish to travel to places that have been there in your wish-list...Always!
Supriya Himanshu, Founder & Editor of, a vegetarian by birth, and vegan by choice (sometimes) recently travelled to Spain, Madrid in particular, and is sharing her Veg & Vegan travel diaries, just to let the women out there know that nothing should stop them when it comes to Solo Travel, not even FOOD!

" How would you travel to Europe, you are a vegetarian? What are you gonna eat in Spain, you are a vegetarian. These are some of the cliches that I did get to hear when I was doing my preps for this maiden solo trip to Spain last month. Well, no doubt that I was worried and kept thinking what if I won't get anything vegetarian, then how will I explore Madrid and enjoy the city? Contrary to the above said, as you can see in the pictures, I had quite a memorable trip to the stunningly beautiful Spain, and came back with my fantastic food journey, just to share it with the world.

For an Indian like me, who's so used to her daily dosage of lentils, chapattis (breads), rice and sabzi (cooked veggies), travelling to a country like Spain that is all about breads, beef, pork, seafood and many different forms of cold and cooked meat, it was a matter of concern as I was going to stay in Madrid for almost a week. But I realized that if you do a little bit of research, and figure out the vegetarian options, your travel becomes all the more fun. And, that's exactly what I did.

A Complimentary Vegetarian Breakfast at Holiday Inn Express, Madrid

First Thing First

Common Veg Platter in Bistros of Madrid

It's really important to convince yourself that you are travelling to enjoy the city and not cribbing about what's not available. So, when I landed in Madrid, I was mentally prepared for the food that I was going to relish throughout my stay. While the hotels (IHG) where I stayed did offer some basic options (see pic  above) for the breakfast, something that comes complimentary with IHG Rewards Night, the city tour, and trying out various familiar restaurants and QSRs did help me getting enough vegetarian options for my daily diet's needs.

Super-yummy Veg & Cheese Pizza, Paired With  a Rosa 
Since I had already told myself not to crib or complain, I started visiting the famous tourist spots like Buen Retiro Park, where I was served one of the best vegetarian pizzas of my trip with a subtle Rosa wine, or the Royal Palace of Madrid, located in close proximity to Opera metro station. I particularly remember this beautiful tourist attraction, not just for the surreal Royal palace or Almudena Cathedral but primarily for the super-yum Veg & Vegan restaurant that I luckily explored in one of the lanes close to the metro station. Not, that too didn't happen by chance. This part of Madrid witnesses an amazing footfall of international tourists, European mainly and thus, the area is flooded with Bistro-style restaurants, both from fine dine to pocket-friendly ones. The highlights of their menu are all non-vegetarian delicacy, and that led me to inquire for a vegetarian restaurant. People of Spain are kind, you see and the owner was quick enough to tell me about one and only one in his bad English.

The Best of the Trip, Veg & Vegan Food Platter
I quickly took a note and headed to the direction in which he pointed me to go to. And, in no time I found this lovely restaurant that offered me not just the best vegan food of the day, but also a vegan hot chocolate drink and some chocolates. It came as a sweet surprise to know that the restaurant was run by the LGBT community, as never could I otherwise imagined to see such a well-themed restaurant, running so peacefully in India...

Veg Pizza at Crowne Plaza, Madrid
Anyways, so my days in Madrid were going pretty smooth actually. Something that initially didn't expect. But yes, there were a few glitches too, if I must put it candidly. If the bistros and restaurants offer you some decent variety of cuisines, the well-known QSRs like Dunkin Donuts, Burger King, or Mc Donald's for that matter have either a very limited options of vegetarian, like french fries, or cheese salad, or literally no vegetarian in MD's case. Yes, an Indian will be shocked to see that Mc Donald's in Madrid has no vegetarian burger option. You are quickly asked to leave the queue if you want to place a veg order. Such a pity as these famous QSRs have an amazing menu in India to choose from, and still, we Indians keep complaining of choices when we are at any of these!

But this sure didn't mar my mood any day and I kept visiting newer tourist spots each day. I particularly liked Gran Via, Sol, Calle De Alcala (one of the longest streets of Madrid) for the spotless and clean streets, shopping choices, and of course some good food. But at the end of the day, I would come back to my den, my hotel room and that's why I decided to try one of the vegetable options available at Crowne Plaza, Madrid. The pizza in the picture (above) is what I tried on the last day. This one was red pepper and Eggplant one, a combination which many Indians might find awkward but I simply relished and managed to finish it in no time.

That one Veg Burger During This Trip...

After all, I had yet another veg travel for the very next day. Yes, I was coming back to Indian via Finland, and to my utter surprise, in a country where the delicacies are Bear and Reindeer, I managed to find a yum veg tikka burger at this QSR called Burger King.

This maiden solo trip of mine has gone down the memory lane in the tastiest possible way, and will be an experience that has helped me learn how to prepare my future travel itineraries in a much organised, pocket-friendly way both in terms of food and travel."

So, next time when you are planning to travel, simply keep on adding the dream destinations as food can never ever be a glitch, you know!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Pen That Does Magic to Your Skin

Looking beautiful and having a younger, flawless-looking skin is something many of you out there aspire for. While a few are blessed with a flawless skin genetically, a lot of them really have to figure out the ways to retain their youthful skin by means like regular facials, usage of good skin care products and diet. But what exactly is the key to a youthful skin that radiates and shows a natural elasticity with no wrinkles or scars, no pigmentation or sagging? Well, the answer lies in the dermis level of your skin where the Collagen is found and that's what your key to the youthful-looking skin is.
So, it's time for you to activate your collagen formation, with some of the best treatments available in the beauty industry today. One of which is Dermapen, that your dream clinic, Aayna by Dr. Simal Soin has recently introduced. 

Dermapen for a Radiant & Flawless Skin, is Now at Aayna!

The term sure comes as a surprise if you are hearing it for the first time. Though this has been in the industry for a while, Aayna by Dr. Simal Soin is one of the few to introduce such an advanced skincare treatments at her plush clinic in the capital city. And, this seemingly simple treatment packs a lot of punch. To put it in a simple way, Dermapen is the newest micro needling process of skincare that is intended to help in maximum collagen regeneration with the minimum downtime. If you take a look at the picture (above), you will find it to be a pen like device that has an up and down or stamping motion and, it's quite different from any derma rollers. It pierces (not like literally) the skin vertically unlike the dermarollers and causes minimum epidermal damage while stimulating your collagen and elastin. Depth of the needle can be adjusted and since the needles used are disposable needles, the treatment assures and eliminates the danger of contamination. 

Dermapen Results...

Coming to it's effectiveness, and how exactly it helps in giving you a youthful-looking skin, it helps in skin rejuvenation, tightening and lifting and is very effective with acne scars, wound healing, fine lines and wrinkles. The automatic vibration function  improves its efficacy and absorption of products, and at the same time reduces the pain and discomfort. But that's not all, you see! Many of you may not be even looking for the above concerns because for a woman, there could be other skin care issues that have nothing to do with the youthfulness actually.  Like open and big pores, acne that later lead to scarring, or even stretch marks post delivery or weight-loss. Well, it also minimizes pore size and helps reduce stretch martks effectively. You might be curious to know if the needle is the magic here or what? It's not the needle actually but the serums.  The commonly used serums are usually hayluronic acid, vitamin C 20% and platelet rich plasma. For treatments like Melasma serums rich in glutathione gives fabulous results. 

Is it a One-time Treatment?

No skincare can be this magical that you take a treatment and go back home in the best of your skin that you always wanted. So, this one too needs 4 to 6 sittings, and the results can be seen within a week or even a few days. And, the dramatic changes can be seen in over a few months’ time. 

Aayna by Dr. Sima Soin is a clinic that knows what a woman needs when it comes to premium skincare, and probably that's one of the reasons how one gets to find the best of the treatments at this dream clinic. So, when are you taking your Dermapen appointment??

Monday, July 11, 2016

For Your Maniac Monday: Asian Roots Spa Review

When Mondays turn maniac and it feel like taking that rejuvenating break then no need to think twice and simply head to a spa that can de-stress you in no time! Yes, a spa break is not supposed to be a weekend engagement, especially when your Mondays are a little crazier than usual. We say so as there is a fantastic spa, like Asian Roots int eh capital city that can offer you that assured rejuvenation that you were looking for towards the end of your craziest day.

The Luxurious Interiors at Asian Roots...
We experienced and tried this spa on a regular day as we were invited to check out one of their signature therapies. Guess what? We decided to experience Balinese Massage followed by a refreshing body polishing and super steam.

Soak to Relax!
Those who are a regular at spas in India, they are quite familiar to the beautiful Asian Roots. With more than decade in the industry, and having some sincere clientele, AR is one of the luxury spas of NCR. But surprisingly, this was our first to such an amazing luxury, despite trying and reviewing so many spas over the years. Anyways, we reached AR as per the appointment, and the team was well-informed in advance about the same. The moment you step inside this luxury, you are surprised as the exteriors don't give you any hint of the super-size it has from the inside. You instantly feel the space like any of the hotel spas and thus tend to forget  (for a while) that's one of the sought-after stand-alone spa with no franchise or chains across India. Soon the therapist arrived and took us for the basic consultation and we enjoyed soaking our feet in this luxury (see pic above). It's quite calming even though your feet are cleansed and scrubbed hardly for a few minutes.

The Therapy Room is Blissful & Sheer Beauty...
This is Before..
And, After..
Skin is Radiant & Fresh!
Post this, we headed to our spa room (see pic in left). It was all set for the Balinese massage and our therapist Anne was quick enough to explain the steps and the oils to be selected for the massage. We opted for a mid-pressure massage in Spice Oil, a rare option considering most women go for Jasmine probably. It was a 90 minutes massage, and since the Balinese massage is supposed to activate your lymphatic system, to improvise the blood circulation that's why the manual pressure is the key to this massage technique. We had an amazing professional here and nowhere during the massage we experienced any pain or wrong points getting massaged. When you doze off during any spa treatment, it's an easy indication that the therapy is going in the right direction. So, here too, the nap was interrupted for the body polishing and stream, later. Polishing is primarily scrub application, the ingredients we don't remember much. But the skin does feel soft, and there is a certain radiance that you notice post the treatment. That's why we decided to share before and after pictures for you to understand how different it feels. and the icing on the cake is of course, the steam, which is an ultimate detoxification. You step out lighter and better. There is a certain agility in your body , and the stiffness because of the crazy Monday is all gone!!
Asian Roots is one of the spas that we enjoyed thoroughly and won't hesitate in suggesting the same to our lovely readers. Now, how about you giving it a try and come back revived.. just like us!

Fact File: 
Asian Roots is a luxury spa with a mix of traditional therapies from Bali, Japan, Thailand & India.It offers various beauty and wellness services such as Unisex Day Spa , Unisex Salon , Bridal studio , Unisex Medi Spa , DHI , Dentistry and more. The spa measures up to the guidelines set by the Day Spa Association of USA.

Watch Your Child With a Watch!

It's a busy Monday for many mums out there, especially those who are multi-taskers and have one side of their personalities keeping a close check on their kids when they are not around or are off to the workplaces.

iRist, Makes a Great Choice!

Yes, a lot of parents, mums in particular wish to stay connected with their kiddos even when they are out at their workplaces. While nannies, daycares and joint families are the convenient arrangements for your children, you still want to keep a close check on their routine and whereabouts. Well, this is no big a challenge now, as Intex iRist Junior, the latest smart watch from Intex Pvt Ltd. is here to offer you the peace of mind that had been missing in your lives for quite some time.

We received this beautiful smartwatch last month for a first-hand experience, and here we are to tell you the key features of this cutesy watch, and why you should be going for it...Take a quick look!!

Smart & Safe

iRist is a beauty and give a cool look when a kid wears it. But that's what the USP of this wrist watch is. The watch is primarily a tracking and a call device to keep an eye on the well-being and safety of your child.

The Stunning Colour Range of iRist...

The watch works on a 2G network (unfortunately) and as per the brand, it's a location-based service (LBS). Which means, that you can track the location of your child once your smartphone is connected and synced with this watch. We connected the smartphones at home with this one just to try and experience it's features. It's actually pretty easy and interesting. Once connected, you know where your child ios, and can track the location just with a button. Additional, you can actually create a fencing or a barring in which a limited location movement is allowed to your child. So, once the child steps out of it, you get notification from the watch on your smartphone just to update about your child.
Since it is GPS enabled, you don't need to call at home every now and then to inquire about your child, but you can simply call your kid on the watch itself...
How interesting, isn't it? The watch has an Auto Call and Voice Chat feature, and we tried and loved this feature. The voice feature is a cool communication way, and even children love it. What we particularly liked is the SOS button ( on the top right side). Just one press by your kid, and you get an alert signal but this is sent only to those that are connected with the iRist. Remember, we told you that you need to connect this smartwatch with your smartphone!

iRist is a very good choice for mums who are busy and have long working hours at their offices. It seems like the idea behind making such a watch is to ensure your child’s safety and fun at the same time. It's perfectly kid-friendly and the little reviewer at our workplace just loved it... Make sure to check out our Socia Media as we are soon featuring the exclusive shoot with this chic product...

Fact File: 
The Intex iRist Junior comes at INR 3,999/-.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Get Instaxicated With the Old-world Charm!

Capturing the fun and happy moments of your life and sharing them with the world via a DSLR has been in trend for quite some time. We all have seen the insane craze for the digital photography off late. Thanks to the social media world where everyone is in a hurry to share their moments of joy with the digital world in seconds.
But have you ever missed flipping through the photo albums, or wondered going back to the print world of photography where you would eagerly wait for the copies to get printed just to see the result and how you looked in those moments... the hard copy of your photograph has it's own charm, and while the world may be going gaga over the DSLRs, there will always be those few who would wish to go back, sit in a relaxed way and flip through the photo albums, at leisure.

Well, you don't have to go too far for this as FujiFilm India is here to Instaxicate you with it's new range of Instax cameras and much more, take a look.

Experiencing Mini 8 Joybox Launch by FujiFilm India With Our Little Reviewer...
The brand recently organized an 'Instax Meet' to familiarize the blogging world with the beautiful Instax Mini 8 Joybox. You might be wondering what exactly it is the way we were surprised as the little reviewer (in the pic) with Allwhatshewants already is a proud owner of Mini 8 and thus, she joined us with total curiosity to know more about the joy box :)

Instax Mini 8 Joybox Comes Loaded With Cutesy Items, Including a Selfie Mirror!
Now, before we tell you further about the Joybox, let us first understand the Instax story. Since the photography world is predominantly ruled by DSLRs, how is Instax range of cameras from FujiFilm are creating their own niche. " There is a certain charm to the printed version of photographs, and no one can deny this fact. I realized after using this camera that you get to capture some candid moments in the most natural way, and can stack them forever, can gift it to your dear ones, can create bespoke gifts for friends and family and what not. If you know the basic art of photography, then Mini 8 is just beautiful. Especially, for fashion and lifestyle bloggers, this goes well with your style and you can carry it so glamorously," said well-known photographer Bikram Das who was invited to share his own experience with the brand. 

Say Hello to Hello Kitty
So, with the Instax range, you can actually get the photograph instantly. You can create a nice collage of fashion, beauty, your own memories, a beautiful decor with printed versions of your photographs all around, making it look Bespoke, and much more... The joy box is a newer surprise from the brand as it comes with a cover bag, a selfie mirror, stickers, a marker pen and of course the films to capture the images on. Since we already had one Mini 8 (in strawberry colour) , the brand shared this beauty (in your right) with us for the exclusive review and experience. This one is Instax Hello Kitty and is sheer beauty. 

We are soon bringing to you an exclusive Style shoot with this as a prop on our social media and some travel features by this month end. 

Stay tuned, and till then make sure to get Instaxicated...

FujuFilm has Mini 8 Joy Box, Mini 8, Instax Hello Kitty Neo Classic Mini 90, Mini 70, and Wide 300 in the current Instax range of products, available globally. 

Bollywood & It's Love for Smarphones!

In today's social media world, where we are always in a hurry to share our happy & fun moments with the virtual friend circle, the smartphone or the gadget plays a quintessential role in expressing the way of our social-savvy life. If that's the case with us, imagine the life of Bollywood celebrities who are making sure to reach out to their fans by al the social media means, be it the Instagram, Snap chat, Facebook or so. During the recently concluded IIFA Awards in Madrid, which we attended, we managed to speak to some of the best bollywood celebrities just to know and understand how much their smartphone means to them.

Bollywood Celebrities During IIFA 2016 Press Conference, Madrid 
Since we had an amazing partner Huawei India on board with us for all the candid clicks during IIFA 2016, and we were using the newest launch #Honor5C from the brand, we tried keeping a close watch on the gadgets that these celebrities were using or carring, may be! Almost all denied sharing the brands that they were loyal too, but we still managed to get some bytes on what their smartphone means to them...Take a look!

" I love snap Chat, tell me the lines,"
She Said During our Short Snap Chat With her

" Can't Imagine Life Without my Smartphone"

Yes, Sonakshi Sinha was the first with whom we did a uick snapshat at IIFA, in Madrid. She is a pro when it comes to snapchat and that made us al the more curious to know more about her smartphone (she wasn't carrying one during the press interviews). This picture in your right is from her Instagram handle, and she told us, " I know all about OOTDs, snap chat, selfies and all that you girls do these days. That's how life is, and it's so much fun. Yes, a right smartphone with a decent camera is what makes it all the more effective," she summed.

No wonder, her team of stylists, and make up experts all use that perfect smartphone which is camera ready... Always!!

Would you like to know what smartphone dod we us to chat with her? Of course, Honor5C!

" Selfies During Travel is Just a Way
to Update my Fans," Said Priyanka Chopra

" It's a Virtual World That Rules" 

The next we interviewed and did a Snap Chat with was the beautiful priyanka Chopra. She's a pro when it comes to smartphone. If you follow her closely on Instagram, you can figure that out. Be it the perfect Selfies, the candid clicks in-between her shoots, you can see Priyanka giving her fans some sneak-peek to her life and travel over all. " I love the way social media has come up, I mean today I meet Bloggers and all they want to do is one snap chat and a quick selfie at the end. It's fun, it's quick and it goes live there and then so you are organicaly connected with your followers. Yes, I want that perfect smartphone that's super-chic and still gives damn good results," she closed on this note.

Oh yes, Priyanka! We know your smartphone and your Instagram updates do give a hint to your fave one...

We later spoke to celebrities like Frieda Pinto, Tiger Shroff, Anil Kapoor (who's not a social media person & feels his kids are doing that job perfectly) Shahid Kapoor and so, and while all were busy doing their bits of updates on social media, they were making sure not to talk about their smartphones. Well, doesn't matter as we know that even a celebrity needs a right gadget partner be it during travel, during the shoots, at home, or the brand endorsements.

For us, it was Honor5C that did a great job throughout the IIFA & thus, we managed some fabulous clicks, videos and snap chats.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Your Celeb Style is Just a Click Away!

If you thought that our #IIFAMadrid chapters are over, then let us tell you that you are wrong this time! IIFA16 saw the who's who of the Bollywood world, putting their best foot forward, in the super-stylish ways. Be it the gorgeous Deepika Padukone, the super-talented Priyanka Chopra, Bubbly Sonakshi Sinha, mesmerizing Shilpa Shetty  or the newly wed super-adorable Bipasha Basu.. the list is endless and so is the OOTD of these divas. Thanks to their team of stylists, make-up experts, hair stylists that we get to see the best of their avatars at such prestigious award events.

But a normal working woman, in a 9 to 6 job, or an entrepreneur in her regular meetings and travel, or even the housewife busy with the mundane doesn't have the luxury and time to go for such lavish teams. Does that mean you gotta deprive yourself with the trendy fashion looks??

Definitely not, and that's where Amazon Fashion India fits in perfectly. The brand, which assures to offer a fashion-savvy woman an array of styles, trends, designer collection to choose and create their own fashion looks was our wardrobe partner during the IIFA16 trip to Madrid. Out previous feature was all the OOTDS that we did with Amazon Fashion India in Madrid while attending the 17th IIFA Awards there.

Don't even think about it as we are here to bring to you the best of fashion when it comes to latest styles, trendiest colours, quirkiest cuts and textures as everything is very much available on Amazon India's e-comm portal. The celebs that you see in this feature may be flaunting the Bespoke designer styles but you can always find something similar to this at Amazon Fashion India at a much reasonable price and value. The wardrobe that we carried at the IIFA16 was almost 1/10th of the price of what these celebrities were flaunting, and yet it looked equally stylish and modern.

Be a Celeb With Amazon Fashion

First thing first, what exactly our lovely celebrities were wearing? As the pictures suggest, most women went for evening gowns, day dress, and some tried formal trousers too. And, male celebrities like Shahid Kapoor, Karan Johar, Fawad Khan just to name a few,they all ended up wearing black suit, some like Sonu Sood did experiment with colours like Brick Red with textured and looked pleasantly different.. Now, don't be surprised if we tell you that al these styles are available at your Amazon Fashion India, and we thought of bringing a few to you.. just like that!

As you can see in the pictures above, these are some new arrivals on Amazon, and can be easily worn for a Red Carpet look. Well, even if you are not heading for that or any award ceremony, these are picture looks that a woman can go for during her special occasions at work or family.

Coming to men now, the black is not going anywhere, and that's why you find ample variety of black suits for men at Amazon.

Most men celebs were Bow-tie at the IIFA Green Carpet, and look what we found at Amazon? Isn't this the same style that you were thinking for your special day, be it with friends or a celebration at home...

 There is no dearth of designer styles, red or green carpet styles at this fantastic e-commerce portal. If you have an eye for fashion, believe in your style sense, and an audience to admire and appreciate, then there is nothing stopping you going for it.

Who knows your IIFA moment is waiting just for the right style statement, and now you know the answer... Amazon Fashion India!!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Travelling Solo? Think Spain!

Who doesn't know the joys of travel, the power it brings with itself, the richness it offers each time, and the memories it leaves behind to cherish forever ?? Probably, the one who has never travelled, especially SOLO!
Yes, there's nothing like travelling solo, particularly when the destination is not just exotic, scenic and historic, but safe and sound at the same. Oh, that's like a total bliss for any woman! And, that's exactly what we decided to go for, and planned a trip to one such sought after, safe & scenic destinations, Madrid in Spain. The country, which a lot of women could relate with or did go gaga about, post the Bollywood movie ZNMD (Zindagi Na Milegi dobara) makes a fantastic choice for a fun and adventure travel, and this feature will give you more than enough reasons to plan your next international trip... to Spain, of course!

Madrid From the Top...

Why Madrid?

Now, you may like to know why exactly did we zero-in-on this particular city. Well, first thing first, the city was hosting the 17th IIFA Awards, which we got accreditation for, and secondly Madrid is the capital city and for someone's who's travelling solo for the very first time, a happening and buzzing destination is the right choice.. isn't it?

Supriya Himanshu, Founder & Editor of Allwhatshewants travelled to Madrid last month, and we bring to you the exclusive first-hand experience from the woman herself...

" Don't wonder if I reveal that it was my first Solo to an international destination and I like any other woman who hasn't travelled solo in her life had many apprehensions before I decided to go ahead with my trip. While I have traveled solo to many exotic destinations in India, this was different in many ways, and I did my thorough research before planning my Bespoke itinerary for Spain. Europe had been on my wish-list for the longest time, considering my better half had visited a few countries in Europe for work and came back home with amazing teaser stories and experiences. But I would be travelling solo to my dream destination never occurred in my remotest of all thoughts. Anyways, work took to Spain finally and trust me, I had the best week-long solo holiday in one of the world's most beautiful countries...

Atocha Railway station... It's a Visual Retreat!
The Station's Instde...

My Madrid Diaries With My Best Buddies

Solo doesn't mean you are all alone, which a lot of women assume and thus have a huge reluctance to adventure travel. No doubt, there's no person joining you on your trip as that's how you want it to be and that's how it must me but in today's digital-savvy world where everyone's just a click away, you actually realize that there are many others who happily accompany you to such amazing destination. So, for me, my lovely #Honor5C was by buddy during #MyMadridTrip as this is one new smartphone from Huawei India that not only offers you an excellent picture quality (all the pictures in this feature have been clicked by Honor5C, sans any edits or filters) but also helps you stay connected and updated with the world around. So, I left Delhi with this stylish-looking gadget to explore and experience Madrid.

Cybele Palace, A Perfect Example of Neoclassical Architecture..
It's a Landmark Square of Madrid!
I had my hotel bookings in advance so I was pretty sure of the stay and the hospitality. With a smartphone like Honor5C at your disposal, you actually don't need to worry much about like in my case, I had the off-line city Map already on my mobile (downloaded in case of network issue) and the Google Maps too to figure out the routes. Thanks to the amazing Taxi services in Madrid that come loaded with navigations, I reached my hotel in no time. Madrid roads are simply amazing, and since the speed limit is no big concern as the vehicles are driven on high speed only, and all you do is sit relaxed, and simply enjoy the taxi ride. Post getting fresh and having my breakfast, I stepped out bang on roads to enjoy Madrid, with my Honor5C of course! I was never alone, you see!

Madrid is a Beauty...

Buen Retiro Park, the Green Heart of the City...It's the Happening Place on Weekends!
This city is a fantastic cultural, heritage and monumental destination and yet it offers you the modern day pleasures be it the night-life, the pubs & bars, or the gastro experience. During my 6 days stay in this happy city, I managed to explore both monuments & palaces, nightlife & food. Like any other solo traveller, you too would find the first day to be the difficult one, especially when you are in a non-English speaking country but it's just your confidence and the presence of mind that keeps you going in an unknown land. Same happened with me, I got a city map (thanks to the hotel), marked the places that I wanted to visit and check out, and decided to hop on the city buses and metro to enjoy the real-life experience. Once you get in the flow, you realise that neither language is a bar nor being alone is an obstacle. Rather, it's your smartphone that you are hooked to most of the time as you are busy taking pictures, updating your social media or sending Whats App to your near and dear ones in India.

Museo Nacional Del Prado
The Main Nationa Art Museum of the Capital!

And, so I visited many such beauties in Madrid. Right from Atocha that's famous for it's historic Railway station that has high-speed Renfe, & AVE running, Buen Retro Park where you can spend hours just like that, Museo Nacional Del Prado, Royal Palace of Madrid, to shopping hub like Grand Via,  F&B destinations like Opera, and business & exhibition centers like IFEMA.
Madrid at 9 o'Clock in the Evening. A City Where Sun is Just Not Ready to Set...

Royal Palace of Madrid
Almudena Cathedral...
It was Closed When We reached here!

While some of the historic places can take hours to explore, there are others that are more like glimpse and if you are on a short visit, I would suggest & recommend you to go for the ones that have an interesting historic story to be shared and narrated later.

Solo Means Bespoke 

The best part of any solo trip is primarily the way you experience a city. Everything becomes 'Bespoke' here, be it the things your carry, or the way you decide to wander around. I enjoyed the bus ride, and at the same checked out the Metro stations seem like centuries old but are pretty decent and clean. It was fun to click pictures during these rides. Not just this, Madrid is a paradise for a foodie who loves the non-veg variety as the city has immense styles of cuisines to offer you in this category.

Today, I'm back to Delhi but the pictures clicked by Honor 5C keep reminding me of the all the fun I had there. You will be surprised to know that I'm soon planning my next solo, and this time it will not be work for sure :)," She sums.

It's time for you take your chance and visit Spain for your first Solo...

Friday, July 1, 2016

JOTD Diaries From IIFA16, With Voylla!

We might be back from the 17th IIFA 2016 that recently concluded in the arty & architectural Madrid, the capital of Spain but there are many untold stories that our readers would always be keen to knowing more about it. You checked our stylish wardrobe that we got to flaunt during our IIFA travel, and a few of you must have tried getting the same via the respective e-comm porta. But what we still haven't shared is the exquisite jewellery that we perfectly combined with each look of the day during our fabulous 5-day stay in Madrid city.

Yes, our very own Indian jewellery brand, joined hands with #Allwhatshewants just to create some stunning and yet practical looks for the IIFA Awards 2016. The brand whose Warrior Princess Collection was the newest launch proved to be the right choice for a prestigious award event like IIFA as the collection was a perfect mix of modern contemporary and ethnic styles, infused in semi-precious stones and gold-plating.

Voylla Jewellery That Joined Allwhatshewants at IIFA 2016 in Madrid, Spain!

While Leaving From India...
#Day1 Jewellery was Floral & Elegant!

It's time for our lovely readers to take a look at the #JOTD (Jewellery of the day) that Supriya Himanshu, Founder & Editor of Allwhatshewants wore, self clicked and showcased at the IIFA events & Madrid city tour... 

" While I had a great style wardrobe for this super trip of mine, what jewellery I was gonna wear was a very eleventh-hour call. I was in a fix as the intention was to highlight an Indian brand that is offering some international design elements, intermixed with the right Indian craftsmanship. And, that's exactly when came in the picture. I had a wonderful experience with the brand in past, since I had reviewed some stunning jewellery last year. We joined hands, and thus, Voylla became my jewellery partner for the IIFA JOTDs..

#Day3 Jewellery was Exquisitely Beautiful...

I shared my looks with the brand, and this ultimately saved me from the trouble of jewellery selection. For a fashion-savvy woman, it's a bliss if a brand has experts to choose the right styles for her. And, that's exactly what Team Voylla did. They sent some of these fabulous pieces from their newest range, called Warrior Princess.

I liked the free-flow in the designs, the colour palette, the geometrical patterns, the asymmetrical setting of the semi-precious stone, just to name a few. And, I started with my JOTDs right from the day when I was at the Delhi airport (see pic above), about to leave for the IIFA16.

These Danglers Were Spot-on & We Got Some Spanish Praise Too

Once landed, I knew what style would I be carrying at the lovely The Westin Palace Hotel, Madrid where the official press conference was held for meet and greet the celebrities. I'm sure, you must have checked the live coverage, celeb interviews via snap chat, Instagram

that I kept sharing with my readers live from the venue. So, it was more about a bracelet, dangler style earrings, and one solid ring to showcase the complete combo of jewellery for a casual look. This was fun, and pretty comfortable to carry actually. The other day, #Day2 was kept minimal with focus primarily on the long danglers as I was wearing a string dress (see pic in right) for the day, and an off-shouldered dress for the evening. This was spot-on! It also gave me a certain confidence as by now, I knew that the JOTD is getting the right praise in Spain...

#Day3 was the Awards night and I made sure to showcase the best of Voylla that I was carrying. I didn't want to go loud but at the same wanted a bolder piece. That's when this triangular golden bracelet with a solid black stone on it proved perfect. The earrings made a stunning combination with the shimmering black dress that I was wearing (see pic below). I felt quite convenient wearing these heavy pieces, and also they were not over-the-top.
On the Award Night, This Gold & Black
Combo Proved to be a Perfect Choice!

Since the awards were over, and I knew I had one leisure day, i.e. #Day4 to explore the city, I made sure to try out the ethnic bracelet from the brand. I visited some of the heritage sites of the city, and this beautiful bracelet (see pic with coffee) looked feminine and glam simultaneously. It wasn't difficult to carry it at all and while travelling in the Madrid Metro, there were some positive queries from Spanish, Chinese women who wanted to know more about the brand,"  she sums.

Well, when Madrid inquiries about the JOTDs, it only make us feel good about the choice of the brand that we made for this prestigious event. IIFA is not just about the Bollywood celebrities, it's also a platform where you can show your best, and mark a lasting impression. So, whenever you are travelling next, make sure to select the perfect jewellery from this online jewellery brand.

We were happy to say Ola to Spain with Voylla!!