Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Choosing Luxury Stay While Travelling Solo: IHG Rewards Club Review

Travel tales are usually about the places you visit, the destinations that you explore and the people you meet and make friends with. But there are times when your stay during the travel is simply beautiful and relaxing, and that's something that you sure wish to remember and share it with the world.
And, that's exactly what we are doing today with this particular feature, remembering the leisure stay that we enjoyed during our recent Spain trip and how exactly this kinda stay with IHG Rewards Club makes a perfect choice for solo 'she' travellers who work and travel together...

Bang in the Midde of the Happening City Madrid, Holiday Inn Offers a Great Stay!

Holiday Inn Madrid Room Interiors...

Stay With IHG in Madrid

We visited this lovely and happening country a couple of months back for a work assignment, and were in the capital city Madrid for close to a week. While there could have been many budget stay options available for a solo 'She' traveller but when it's your first maiden solo, we decided to opt for the most trusted and one of the best hospitalities of the world- IHG. Thanks to the special media membership that the brand offered us early this year for one of the hotel reviews that we did in India Remember the Kochi Trip) with IHG, we had some good number of Reward Points to avail and utilize and we felt that Madrid was giving a golden opportunity to experience their international hospitality!

And, keeping this in mind, we booked not just one but three different chains of IHG to try and enjoy the hospitality of one of the biggest hospitality groups of the world.

When you are a Rewards Club member, everything goes pretty easy and smooth. Be it the bookings online, the package that the complimentary stay offers, and even the cancellations. You know that your points are well reserved and will be utilized in the best possible manner. So, we stayed with Holiday Inn Express the first day of our Madrid Trip. This one's business hotel and thus is a little away from the main city and closer to the business offices and industries. the hotel offers some cool basic amenities with a fantastic room to stay in once you are back from your hectic day's routine.

Holiday Inn Express Rooms are Cosy & Comfortable
The rooms have everything that you want. The moment you check-in, you are offered the WiFi and a complimentary fruit basket to check your emails and refresh respectively. You can enjoy the complimentary breakfast that comes with the Rewards Nights later. Special thanks to Manager Hans here who helped us understand why it was better to go for a city-based Holiday Inn and went a step ahead and booked Holiday Inn for next four nights in this beautiful city. Despite the advance bookings, we got the rewards points back to our account that were otherwise supposed to be used at the Express. We were really impressed by the professionalism of IHG...
Crowne Plaza at Madrid Airport is Sheer luxury!
And thus the second hotel that we stayed at was Holiday Inn, Calle Alcala (pic at the top). This was sheer leisure and had a better connectivity with the entire city. You see, when it's your first a non-English speaking country, such goof-ups are bound to happen. But we took this in a ver positive ways as it gave us a chance to experience the second big chain of hotels under IHG. Holiday Inns have a similar format across the world and you get a very leisure and luxury facilities in HI. The room was luxe with a nice bathtub to soak in at the end of the day. The buffet and breakfast were not complimentary with the rewards night but we enjoyed the lavish breakfast served each morning. It had a good variety of vegetarian platters to choose from, unlike Express.

Room With a View

We later extended our trip by a day and therefore decided to book another day with Rewards Point. And, since we had a morning flight back to India, via Finland, we decided to opt for the hotel that was close to the airport. And thus, we got a chance to check out Crowne Plaza, Barajas. This one is the five-star hotel chains of IHG and offers an amazing stay with world-class facilities to enjoy. If you have been to the Indian Crowne Plaza, you might find this one to be small like a boutique hotel but in terms of amenities, it is at par to any other five-star international chains. The picture to your right is the glimpse of our room at CP, and we had a super-relaxing day here. The bed side table has this cutesy pouch that has a diffuser like an essential oil that you can pour on your pillow for a sound, rejuvenating sleep. This was something unique and we loved it!

We came back to India with some amazing Madrid memories to remember forever, and it won't be an exaggeration if we say that IHG hospitality happens to be one amongst many!

Fat-Freezing for the Sculpted Look; Cooltech Review

The aesthetic science has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years. Thanks to the increasing awareness of beauty, skincare, and a fit body overall. For beauty and skincare, we all by now are familiar with terms like advance facials, fillers, botox or even thermage and so but when it comes to a toned, fit and sculpted body, a lot of you may not be aware of the fact that science has come to a point where you can get the perfect look in just one sitting, sans an invasive treatments. And, today in this particular feature we are going to talk about one such newest treatments (it's been around for a few years now) called Cooltech that only a handful of advanced beauty centres are offering in the capital city.

Get rid of the Tough Flabs with Cooltech

ISAAC (International Skin & Anti-Aging Centre), a well-known wellness and aesthetic clinic of New Delhi is what we recently visited (last month) to experience this new treatment Cooltech that works on fat freezing technology to help you get rid of the unwanted stubborn fats from your body without any side effects or pain. Run by Dr.Geetika Mittal, Dermatologist & Medical Director, ISAAC, this clinic is a sheer bliss. Be it the elegant and soothing fresh white interiors, the pre-session consultation with the experts and the privacy of feeling safe and secured during the treatment, you know you are in the right hands when you meet and greet Dr. Geetika.

Soothing and Comforting Interiors at ISAAC...

Cooltech in Action During the Review!

We got a chance to experience this clinic and meet the lady behind when we got to know about this interesting treatment, which not many beauty clinics of international repute are offering in India. " Yes, Cooltech is one of the signature treatments at ISAAC and we have had many successful and happy clients in the last three years who have experienced and now vouch by it. Cooltech is a one-sitting fat-freezing treatment that assures to remove the fat cells from the problematic area forever with the help of lymphatic drainage system post the freezing is done. While the treatment is a permanent solution for the stubborn fat, like belly fat in case of women, you may need multiple sittings depending on the fat accumulation and your lifestyle. You sure get rid of it forever only on a condition if you follow a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly," told Dr.Geetika.

That's actually true, as no technology can do wonders if you have a laid-back approach towards your physical well-being. So, we decided to try and experience this treatment. though the amount of stubborn fat in our patient's case (Dr. Supriya Himanshu from Allwhatshewants reviewed this treatment) was not much but it was stubborn, needless to say and thus, Cooltech seemed a perfect solution for such a concern.
As you can see in the picture (in right), the cooltech machine sucks in a certain amount of fat and then freezes it to some -10-degree temp. This is done in an hour or so, and later the expert massages the frozen lump (it looks yuk!) and melts it for the inflammatory cells produced by our body to digest and so help in getting rid of the same. If you thought all this happens in juts an hour long period, then you are wrong of course. The results are visible after a couple of months, perfectly in 90 days time.

In our case, it's been more than a month now and there have been no side-effects, no pain after the treatment and we can say for sure that the body feels much lighter and active than before. The fat cells are slowly disappearing and we are quite happy with this experience.. 

Price for the Treatment: On Request

Monday, August 22, 2016

Go Healthy & Relaxed Post a Busy Monday; EEST Review

When Mondays are busy and hectic, then make them go a little relaxed and healthier by opting for the best of dining by the end of the day. And, we thought of bringing to you the glimpse of our recent healthy and tasty cuisine experiential at EEST from Westin Gurgaon...

If you are one of those who missed the weekend dining out luxury for some reasons, then let your busy days end on a relaxing and yum notes and what better than the very first day of the week- Monday.
Clear Soup to Tantalise Your Taste Buds...

 Refreshing New Menu at EEST

Yes, we are saying so as the beautiful EEST, the authentic Asian cuisine restaurant in Westin, Gurgaon has just come up with it's all new refreshing menu that sure has some great flavours and options that may excite your taste buds, especially the ones that look for healthier platters. We visited this plush restaurant on a monsoon noon early this month to try and taste the Chinese new menu, conceptualised by expat chef John Qiao, Chef De Cuisine at EEST. The occasion was special as he's the newly appointed chef who hails from Shanghai, China. Should we expect some Shanghai dishes and flavours in the menu, well, we did but the chef surprised us when he said, " The new menu is more of a blend of Cantonese and Sichuan Chinese, though I have tried to add my style of flavours to the menu so you may get the hint of Shanghai style cuisine here and there."

Healthy Platters to Try for...
 This was enough for a diner who primarily visits a restaurant with a purpose of good food, in a luxe setting. And, EEST and the newly appointed chef both do a perfect justification to your expectations. So from the clear broccoli and coriander soup, crispy fried spinach , silken tofu soaked in soya sauce, to some healthy vegetables and herb rice, we tried some easy vegetarian options from the new menu. While we may be remembering the authentic names of these dishes, we know that the flavours and the food that we experienced was sheer Chinese with no intention of turning it to Indian taste buds or palate. You see, that's the beauty of any authentic cuisine, retaining the age-old cooking styles and simply modifying it to suit the modern contemporary dining ambience.

An Unusual but Yum Dessert..
Chocolate Dumpling with Vanilla Ice Cream 
Chef John has more than two decades of experience in the F&B industry and has been associated with Starwood Hotels for quite some time. While we were trying these super-healthy dishes, he explained to us how Shanghai food is a little different from the Cantonese or Sichuan cuisine. " Shanghai style cooking is towards the milder flavours, you will see a lot of use of seafood, rawness in cooking. Indians love the spices and so do Chinese and thus, the new menu is more towards the Cantonese and Sichuan side," summed chef John..

We don't know what exactly the Indians love but as women we sure had a great experiencing the new menu and have plans to visit this beautiful restaurant to check out the Thai and Japanese kitchens, which is also what it is famous for!

Fact File: 
EEST is a fine-dine Asian cuisine restaurant in Westin Gurgaon, and the new Chinese menu at this restaurant is operational for foodies to try for. Price for Two: On Request

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Pamper Your Brothers This Rakhi

Indian festivals have a lot to do with giftings and family celebrations, and Rakshabandhan is one such occasion when the women of the house are pampered like anything. Well, times have changed and so have the reasons associated with this festival. Today, women look for support and encouragement that boost their confidence, strength.. overall. This Rakhi, let's do some role-reversal and get set to pamper and gift your brothers with things that they are least seen talking or revealing about. Wondering what that could be? Oh, let us spill the beans and tell you that men are as much beauty and looks conscious as much as women are, and they too love to take care of the skin and get rid of the unwanted wrinkles, tans, pigmentation and what not.

So, how about gifting your brother a nice, relaxing and rejuvenating skincare session at Aayna by Dr. Simal Soin, one of the best luxury aesthetic centre of the capital city. If you are thinking what skincare it could , then check out some of these fabulous treatments that Aayna offers, especially for men..

Revive Your Aging Skin This Festival Season!

Skin Rejuvenation for Men

Not many men realize that they too need to take care of their skin, get facials done time to time, and if the signs of aging are visible, then a visit to an expert is a must. And, that's why you sisters can play a crucial role here. This occasion gives you the right and a chance both to book a skin consultation, a visit or a service at one of the renowned beauty clinics of India. At Aayna, men have an array of choices to opt for. Right from Laser Genesis and Hydrafacial for skin texture improvement and rejuvenation, to body massages and luxury facials for relaxation, they can go for the services as per the need of the skin and body. The experts offer a detailed consultation before suggesting the right treatment for you.
For brothers who have started showing the signs of aging, you can actually recommend a lunch-time session of Botox (particularly for excessive underarm sweating) or Fillers. Yes, it's not only popular among women but a lot of men go for it.. in a very hush-hush way, you see!

Go for Laser Hair Reduction & Get the Desired Style...

Laser Hair Reduction for Beard Shaping

We are quite sure that your brothers must be spending umpteen amount of time in front of the mirrors simply shaping, trimming their fave beards. Men have a certain fondness for beard even if it's a teeny-weeny one. But with Laser hair reduction treatment, you don't need to spend hours in just shaping up your lovely asset. The experts at Aayna can take care of it in just a few sittings. And, not just the beard, you can also opt for other areas that have excessive hair, like the lower back or so. 
Since we are talking about hair, there's another problem that a lot of men experience, Baldness, or hair thinning. Thanks to Platelet-rich plasma(PRP), an effective treatment at this dream clinic, a lot of men have found a perfect solution for this problem. This is one of the signature treatments at Aayna and you can sure join your bro during the consultation, just to make him feel comfortable!

One needs to understand that aesthetics is not just for women, but for men as well. And, what better way and occasion to show your love an care for your brother than a festival like Rakshabandhan? He might thank.. forever!!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Get Set For Cool, Crazy & Sexy Hair-styles: EIMI Range Review

When the season is of festivities and celebrations, then your look sure needs to boost your festive mood. And what better way to perk up your looks than playing with your hairdo and hairstyle? Oh yeah! Women feel great and happy when their lovely locks are looking perfect and super-stylish. Especially, in this rainy season where you experience limp, stickiness and hair fall. If you are thinking we are gonna suggest you taking a new trendy haircut and visit your hairstylist, then guess what? You certainly don't need to splurge on any plush salon or stylist as Wella India has brought in this amazing range of styling products that we experienced and tried for more than a fortnight before bringing it to our dear readers...

Get Ready to Try EIMI Styling Range From Wellla India

EIMI Styling Range By Wella Professionals

Be you the volume seeker, the beach wave lover, or the crazy wild style chaser, the new EIMI styling range of products from Wella India are here to offer you a 'Bespoke' experience with this cool new range of products. The range now completes the brand's some 31 new products under EIMI range of hair styling products. Well, we tried three of them (see pic in left). So, what we were primarily looking for was a good volume in hair as the weather was playing a villain, the natural finish and shine and of course a relief from the regular hair wash as the stickiness makes your hair stink in just 48 hours in monsoon season. We tried and tested - Dry Me, Root Shot , and Perfect Me. 

Dry Me, Easy & Fabulous 

This is a dry shampoo that assures a cleanse fragrance-full scalp and of course a great volume. For someone who's used to the regular gel shampoo, this comes as a wonderful surprise as post a few sprays on your hair, you just need to comb your hair. There's a perfect shine that doesn't look artificial and the bounce and volume is something that you simply can't ignore! Your hair smell great and you know that you are ready for the celebrations.

Root Shoot for a Diva Style

Not everyone is comfortable is trying styling products on dry hair. For them, Root Shoot comes as a boon. It can be easily applied post the bath and hair wash, literally in your damp hair. Then, follow it with a quick blow-dry and the style that you personally prefer. Your hair look set as you've just stepped out of a plush salon. Make sure to pump as per the length of your hair. It's milder in fragrance compared to Dry Me and most of you out there will find it quite appealing.

Perfect Me, For the Elegant 'You' 

Oh, this actually so perfect! It's texture and colour will make you feel as if you are applying some moisturising lotion on your face. but beware, it's a hair moisturiser and assures protection, smoothness and takes care of the fly-aways. Perfect Me is lightweight and doesn't make your hair look greasy, unlike any other styling moisturizer. We applied it after some days of using the other styling products when hair felt a little dry and hard. Apply it from mid-length to the end of your locks, and feel the smoothness and softness there and then. Don't confuse it with hair-oil as Perfect Me is for styling and protection. It makes a great choice for evening celebration look when you want your hair to settle and relax...

The EIMI range from Wella Professionals India comes with a revolutionary technology that is going to create some creative styles for the ramp fashion. The best part of such professional range from Wella India is that you don't need to be a stylist or a model to flaunt a stylish look. The simple presence of this range on your dressing table will assure that a diva is about to step out to celebrate and enjoy life.. just like that!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Make Your Travel Fun & Fashion: Suryagarh OOTDs!

When the month of August offers you liberal holidays, extended weekends then why not take a break from the rut and travel to one of the luxurious destinations in the best of your Style avatars? Oh yes, when the destination is sheer luxury and leisure, then let your travel wardrobe speak tonnes about it, and we recently travelled with one such super-comfy yet chic wardrobe during our trip to Suryagarh in Jaisalmer...

Comfy Dress that has
the Right Glamour 
Pair it With a Stylish Footwear!

Travel in Style

While many of you may find it a complete waste of time and fee what's the big deal? Well, to each her own as we know that travel is not just about exploring new destinations or places, but it's also about you. And, there's no harm in looking beautiful and stylish during travel. Especially, when the hotel you are staying at is the splendid Suryagarh. We had more than enough reasons to flaunt at this beautiful hotel. It not only has some  exquisite architecture, facade, and elegant greens to offer a backdrop for your candid clicks, the hotel makes fabulous arrangements for your stay to treat you like a Royal!

Travel Wardrobe- Mix of Casuals & Formals

A Sari Can Never Go Wrong During Travel...

What comes to your mind when you think of a luxury travel, in terms of your travel-time dresses? You would certainly want something that's quick to wear, sans any hassles or accessories but at the same time something that has a touch of style. And, that's why we packed some casual and formals for our trip to Jaisalmer. We knew that the trip is gonna be both outdoorsy and indoorsy fun, and therefore the travel wardrobe was a perfect mix of some Indian and modern western styles. So be it like the picture above, which is a slip-on dress from Myntra priced @899/- (can you beat that?) or this designer sari in chiffon by Anu PD (we got this as a pressie sometime back), such dresses are well-suited for a luxurious travel to cities like Jaisalmer. These cities are a little laid-back, and yet make you feel comfortable in your stylish attires.

And, then there are those cocktail evenings when you feel the serious urge of that little black dress. We strongly feel that a woman who believes in lifestyle even when she's travelling, her wardrobe is never complete till there is a black or a white dress. This one had some elegant sequin work at the bodice that we paired with these amazing heels from La Briza (one of the newest footwear brands in India). The dress looked great at a hotel like Suryagarh. And the evening was sure about fun over cocktails and wines...

One Black Dress, and You Are Sorted!
Go Ethnic & Indian... Fashionably...

But then, travel is also about stepping out of your comfort zone of the luxury and check out the best of the city. Women travellers in India are usually seen wearing the ethnic styles in a more fusion or the contemporary way. Thanks to brands like Biba, W for Woman, or even Fab India, you can carry suits and the Indo-western wardrobe with much elan and ease. The one that you can see in the right is one such suits that we decided to flaunt for the long drive towards the dunes, villages and heritage sites of the city. And, if you feel that the suit is looking a little boring, then style it with stole around your head or shoulders like a shrug...

Jaisalmer as a city offers you some unexplored routes to explore if you have a passion for riding a bicycle. And, Suryagarh makes sure to take care of it in the most stylish way. The hotel has some cool bicycles to hop on and ride. We decided to experience this safe adventure on a morning. Now, you neither need a stylish wardrobe nor an Indian style for a ride like this. And, that's when you need a sporty travel wardrobe for occasions like these!

Sporty Style for 
Adventure During Travel

Here again, you can be as basic as you can, and yet have a certain style that makes you stand out. Travel requires one good pair of sturdy shoes, and we had ASICS Tiger to try out. This pair proved wonders during long walks to the sites. We paired it with sweat-proof, quick dry jogger capris and a deep-cut sports Tee for women. This can again be really pocket-friendly.. something as low as 1200/- for the pair.

When you are travelling, remember that you don't need to be a style diva or a fashion connoisseur. But when you are packing your bags, why not pack something that is impressively stylish and yet so 'You'!

So what's your next destination this season? Let it be stylish enough to be cherished forever...

Monday, August 8, 2016

Beat Your Monday Blues With Flavours From the Lost World!

If you feel that you are back to your Monday morning blues, and the weekend fun has vanished suddenly, then let us take you back to it with this interesting feature on lost recipes and food trails to the roads less travelled...
Yes, the days to come are offering you the same weekend food fun and it's not by any regular restaurant but K3 at JW Marriott NewDelhi Aerocity.

K3, JW Marriott Aerocity, New Delhi

Aloo Badi ki Tikki...

Banarasi Paan ke Kabaab was the Show-stopper!

 Treasures of the Grand Highway

Bhatti ke Paneer Tasted Really Good!

So, this was one of the finest afternoons that we spent recently when JW (that's how women call it shortly) invited us to experience it's
Dessert Platter was a Cool Assortment of
Typical Indan Desserts...
Treasures of the Grand Highway, a food-fest conceptualised by the newly appointed Executive Chef Vivek Bhatt. Oh, he's not a new face of Marriott chain but was with the hotel's Mumbai kitchens. The whole idea did sound interesting, for the reason being this highway, which was centuries ago called as Grand Trunk Road, made by Sher Shah Suri was known to have crossed several regions and thus, had many food trails to dig into and explore. 

Chef Vivek tried his best to make us experience some of the well-known dishes, rather lost Recipes from Kabul to Kolkata. In fact, this is the ongoing food festival at K3 that we had gone to try and taste.

The Highlights

While it is definitely not easy to sum up all the dishes of this grand highway, which is what it is called now, we managed to try some great flavours, paired with some interesting cocktails and mocktails the other day at K3

There is something special about K3, the ambience is one thing that as a woman diner you can't avoid noticing. The restaurant has a certain personality that is quite elegant and appealing and it's the food that of curse draws you to this place time and again. And, chef Vivek was personally preparing all the dishes that fine afternoon for us to try and enjoy. Yes, we did enjoy dishes like Bhatti ke Paneer, Aloo Bad ke Kabaab, Banarasi Paan ke Kabaab, and many other that kept coming one after the other. Well, if we remember these few names, then sure they tasted really good. though, we were pretty naive when it came to the historic food journey of his route. Nonetheless, what did matter was how well the chef presented this journey, and he told us that each day of this food festival will witness different dishes and flavours. So, if you have tried something on day one, you might be surprised by the chef on the very next day. 

We especially liked the dessert platter, which was more towards the Delhi and Kolkatta side. Although, the recipes are researched and curated from key cities on this highway including Kabul, Peshawar, Amritsar, Ludhiana, Delhi, Banaras, Kolkata and more, we had a good time enjoying  the basics...

It's not too late for you to ditch your Monday blues and indulge in the culinary magic of this route, well presented by Executive Chef Vivek Bhatt and Chef Mohammad Asif, Junior Sous Chef at JW Marriott New Delhi Aerocity.. The name is K3!!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Treat Your Tresses With Mocha This Friendship Day!

It's Friendship Day today and what better way to surprise your friend than a Super-stylish beauty session? Yes, your love for your locks is well-known and with some sexy hair colours coming in trend, you can sure treat your dear friend with a fabulous salon date this Sunday..

L’Oreal Professionnel has introduced an all-new hair contouring with the MyMocha Colour Collection. Though, this came in trend at the beginning of the year when the brand revealed Mocha as 'the' most fashionable colour of the year 2016, we got a chance to experience it pretty recently, last month actually when the brand invited us to one of it's associated plush salons in the NCR.

Let Your Hair Scream Mocha... the new Hair Statement of the Year!

The picture above suggests the actual Mocha colour and the style in which you can try and experience it on your lovely curls. However, our hair expert decided to experiment and offered something 'hatke' and thus, we got this cool look (see pic in left).

The senior hair designer at the beautiful Neu Salonz, Gurgaon who himself was flaunting a super Mocha highlights was a professional. The moment we landed at this salon, he gave a brief about MyMocha trend and shows the hair colour swatches for us to understand it better. In no time, he understood that we were looking for a quirky style and not 'just' Mocha. It's then when he suggested to got for Mocha as base and highlights as red, which after a few washes fade away.

And, soon the experiential of this new trend from the brand started. You might wonder about this rage, and we must tell you that the colour has been in trend in past as well, it's just that the cool brown and it's tints and tones go really well with the Indian skin tone. But we have seen many international celebrities trying and experimenting with these lovely shades of browns. Even in these pictures that were shared by the brand, we can see the models wearing some interesting shades of Mocha. And yes, they are from the shoots done earlier this year, or probably toward the end of 2015...

Anyways, coming back to the review, the senior hair stylist of the salon soon soaked the tresses in the elegant shades of Mocha (he told us the INOA shade no, but now we don't remember). The application was done right from the roots, and the hair that were to be used for the Red highlights were separated from the brown ones. Since there was a shade already on those tresses, he first removed that one with some application and then applied the red shade in-between in a very well calculated manner. He told us that Red is a very tricky colour, especially when you are combining it with Mocha as both the shades are super-stunning and thus, red has to be subdued and yet should look like a perfect highlight.
The Mocha is primarily subtle and understated, and women who have a reluctance to hair colouring can be convinced with this shade if they want to go for hair colour for the very first time. at least, this is what we observed.. But on the other had, the brown shade-card is quite fashionable and modern-looking, again depending on the haircut that you have.
Professionally, the use of Mocha is carefully done around the face and, in tints and tones to highlight your facial features. but in our case, it was the red that did the needful!

We sure were super-delighted once the job was done and felt that this was a pretty unique combination for MyMocha trend. It felt bespoke, and indeed it was!
Hair colour is an art, and when brands like L’Oreal Professionnel bring such elegant hairstyle statements for women, then why not gift such a session of self-pampering to your dear friend on this occasion!

Let her have MyMocha time!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Forget Midweek Blues, and Think Wellness Travel: Suryagarh Series

If midweek is giving you the unwanted blues, how about taking a break and get into some travel mode? With Monsoon comes the festival and celebration season and August is exactly the month that gets to witness women gearing up for their quickie travel breaks. And this travel season, we tell you to not just settle for any travel but a complete leisure, luxury and rejuvenating experience...

Suryagarh Jaisalmer, one of the most beautiful hotels of Rajasthan is what we recently visited (this was the second visit to this splendid beauty) for our "She Travel" series. This uber luxury, at the outskirts of Jaisalmer city is one destination that sure deserves to be part of your bucket list and we'll give you ample reasons during this three-feature series. While the later features will talk about the StayWell concept of Suryagarh and how it goes well with a she traveller, this particular feature is here to beat your midweek madness as we share the exclusive experience of this exotic Spa at Suryagarh.

Rait, The Spa at Suryagarh

The city may not boost of stand-alone spas that can be tried during your fun travel to Jaisalmer and that's why a wellness stay at this luxe hotel is what you crave for. Rait is what they call it is simply blissful. The spa has a certain grandeur that invites you to experience it, especially it's Salt treatment that we found to be one of the signature therapies here.

Rait, The Spa at Suryagarh Jaisalmer
For an avid 'She Traveller' a rejuvenation offered using some key local ingredients is a surreal experience, and we felt somewhat similar. The moment you step in at Rait, Mr. Mahesh, the Manager greets you with a pleasing smile. You see, this hotel has a special charm not because of the super comfort and royal treatment it offers, but also because of the pleasing staff that smiles whole-heartedly.  He soon briefed us about the signature therapies of the spa, did a brief consultation and asked for personal preferences.

Go the Salty Way for a Total Detox

The salt therapy is what we decided to go for as it was exciting to see a local salt named Luni to be used in this deep tissue massage therapy. We were still wondering about the role of salt, though we knew that it is purely for the detox and sheer relaxation of the stiff muscles. The Masseuse quickly guided us to the room  (see pic at left). The therapy room was no less that a suite. Suryagarh has this amazing eye to detailing that a  woman traveller feels pampered and well-taken care to the brim.

The Salt Bed With Crystal Lamps Makes You Feel Fab! 

This was visible in the therapy room too. The masseuse was a pro, and post changing and lying down for the therapy, she specifically asked for the troubled areas where the pressure during the deep tissue massage was needed the most. She in no time briefed about the cute little poultices that were primarily filled with the local salt Luni and how these

would be soaked in the infused aroma oils to relax the muscles. This massage continued for almost 60 mins (though we were in a hurry so she did finish in 50mins or so) This simply makes you doze off, and you suddenly realize that the massage is done, and it's now time to head to this cosy bed, which is called a salt bed.

Oh yes, this part of the signature spa is truly exciting and unusual. You are asked to lie down on the bed whose base is salty.The moment you are there, the masseuse quickly starts putting more salt on your body, spreading it evenly and then wrapping you in a hot towel for a complete detox. This could be your me-time as there are headphones on your ears, and while listening to the soothing spa music, you in no time go in deep sleep. After good 15 mins, she politely interrupts your nap and takes you to the steam and bath area, which is there in your suite itself.

The lovely combination of massage, salts, steam and bath works brilliantly well on your troubled body as you feel much lighter post the session. You are offered the tea of your choice and Mr. Mahesh says goodbye to you, with a pleasing smile one more time!

There is no dearth to spas and destinations for a 'She' traveller but it's the Suryagarh that makes to the top of your wish-list when the season is Monsoon, and the destination  is Jaisalmer! Don't wonder if you end up saying, " What midweek blues? Ain't heard it before."

Monday, August 1, 2016

For Your Monsoon Mane Mania

Women and their hair woes are endless. Whichever is the season, a woman is facing some problem or the other with her lovely locks. And, the worst that a season like monsoon brings to her hair is the limp and sudden hair loss.
The limp in your curls during monsoon is unavoidable and often women are seen visiting the nearest parlours for a quick and economic solution like blow-dry or a wash. But these are just the quick-fixes which are often seen fading away in no time, once your hair get drenched in the showers. That's when you feel the need of the specific solution for your seasonal hair troubles.

Unruly Manes... Get the Right Hair Spa at Aayna by Dr. Simal Soin

Root Deep Hair Treatment for Hair-Loss

Aayna by Dr. Simal Soin is the answer to all your troubles and this luxury clinic is not just about hair spas or blow-drys but focuses on the deeper issues of your locks. The much talked about is the Root Deep Hair Treatment. This is one therapy that can assure hair strengthening, reduction in hair fall, volumising, dandruff removal, blockage clearing, frizz control, instant shine and smoothing, and much more than what you can actually imagine. The most interesting part about this therapy is that the product range used is paraben free, SLES/ALES free, Color free, and Formaldehyde free.

Depending on the condition of the limp, the hair-loss and the weak scalp, a customized therapy is recommended accordingly.

Rejuvenate With a Right Hair Spa

Well, not each one of you may need a deep-root treatment as it's just a seasonal concern with a lot of women and they otherwise might be blessed with voluminous and strong hair. That's when you need a beautiful and reviving hair spa from Rene Furterer.  This particular spa at Aayna is all about a healthy and natural solution to your sticky hair caused because of the climatic conditions. With the help of this spa, you can also control the signs of hair fall. The treatment usually comprises of a wash, root massage with the set products, hair mask application followed by steam wash and a blow dry. The primary feature of Rene Furterer hair spa is to give vitality to hair in a season like the monsoon.

So, if your manes have gone unruly then you know where to head to this season of showers... Aayna by Dr. Simal Soin of course!