Friday, October 21, 2016

Pampering Women During Festival: BIBA Special!

The on-going season of festivals is witnessing some amazing ways of pampering women, and we decided to bring to you the best one that we experienced this week.

Yes, Karwachauth, one of the major festivals of North India, now across Indian actually was a little different today for women who love shopping or stepping out just to get the glimpse of the newest collections in the malls. The well-know Indian wear brand BIBA this season offered women something so special that they made sure to Celebrate Karwachauth with BIBA this week. The festival, where women observe a fast for the long life of their husbands gets to see then all dolled up and flaunt their beautiful mehendis on that special day.

The preps of Mehndi happens a day or two before and that's when BIBA decided to pamper and woo these women. The brand offered a complimentary and free mehndi applications at the major stores all across India. This was an amazing gesture as the offer had no terms and conditions or shopping T&Cs, which usually most other brands add to such special offers. We visited their Noida store just to check the same and were truly impressed by the offer.  The brand had a dedicated area with two to three experts (depending on the demand and the city) who were offering free Mehndi application to any women around who were interested...

 We could see happy faces, such beautiful designers (see pics) and a small queue too at certain timings just a day before. It was a wonderful initiative and as we spoke to a couple of them we found that women appreciated this offer not just for the reason that it was complimentary but also for the fact that they are busy all the time, and if shopping destination is also taking care of the festival's must-have, then it's more like saving time and getting all the pampering that you need on your special day!

Well, we don't know how many of you actually celebrated Karwachauth with BIBA this season but one thing is for sure the one's who got a chance were lucky like anything...

Let's wait to hear the surprise offer from BIBA as the season festivals is here to stay, of course!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

For a Personalized Travel Experience: The White Peaks Review

When work starts taking a toll on you & your health , when the busy schedule demands a rejuvenating break, and when the festivals make you miss the much-needed leisure travel, that's exactly the time when a beautiful place like this is waiting to welcome you and refresh you like never before...

We are talking about The White Peaks, a lovely, cozy and a private homestay, located in one of the lesser known, rather, unknown villages of  Uttarakhand. We got a chance to visit and experience this cutesy homestay last month and are finally sharing the experiential with our readers today!

Where Time Takes a Break, to Rejuvenate.. The White Peaks!

Do Nothing Destination

If you thought that travel is all about fun activities, shopping, exploring the cities or going on a guided tours, TWP will simply change your definition of travel. This is a beauty that makes you do nothing and tells you to simply enjoy and relax amidst the beauty of nature, which is in abundance for that matter. Yes, that's what travel could be all about once in a while, if not every time and this splendid homestay is what your call should be this season of travel.

The Living Room of The White Peaks

Homestay for a Bespoke Travel Experience

The travelers around the world are slowly warming up to the idea of a nice little homestay and giving hotels a skip. Well, the choice could be very personal but if you wish to experience a homestay that can offer you a very personalized experience, this one sure is the best one that we have experienced so far.
We reached this destination one fine afternoon last month to enjoy a lovely three days stay with this private property. Gagar, to be precise is the name of this unknown village and once you reach the village the caretaker Mohan can be seen coming down from a slope to welcome you. Till this point, we were clueless about the homestay as it was nowhere in the sight. Our luggage was taken and he politely asked us to follow, which of course we did without wasting even a minute. A little uphill walk and you suddenly see this beautiful white house right there in front of you... waiting to take you in...

The Fireplace is a Key Feature of TWP!
The Little Library Makes it Just Perfect...

 Where Time Halts...

This is one cool cottage, the mere sight of which refreshes you instantly. We were all the more excited by now to step in and check out the whole property .

Everything changes into a slow-motion here one you are inside. Be it the colonial-style living room with a perfect fireplace, or the wooden stairs that take you to your rooms. Unlike a hotel or a resort, this one is absolutely private with just two nicely done bedrooms on the first floor with a sharing balcony that offers a surreal view each morning.

One of the Rooms of TWP That Assures Comfort & Ambience
The picture at the left is sure telling you much about the fabulous bedrooms at TWP. While this one was not the one that we were staying in, the rooms are perfectly done and leave you with almost nothing to complain about. Thanks to the caretaker who leaves no stone unturned to keep you pampered, night and day... day and night. Be it the early morning Tea (which is the best one we have ever tried in any travel), or the personalized breakfast, and the late night special dinners. He knows his job pretty well and thus, you are engaged in the nothingness of your vacations all the time.

The whole idea of TWP is primarily to rejuvenate you and make you feel at home even when you are traveling. Thanks to such scenic beauty and the forest around, you can go out for a short trekking to enjoy the lush greens, and some bird-watching. Well, that's it actually!

Room With a View, That's What TWP is all About

Why The White Peaks?

As a traveller, you might wonder why TWP if there's nothing to do? For women, especially the one's who love to spend time with friends and family, or just the me-time with self or kiddos, this particular homestay makes an apt choice. Primarily, for the reason that it's not too far from the capital city of India and has an easy access.
Secondly, not each one of us is interested in exploring and shopping, and following a set itinerary that the travel agents hand us over while booking the destinations for us. Some women love the leisure travel where they can spend time with themselves, reading books while gazing at the mountains. So, if you are the latter ones, TWP is certainly your call this travel season.

Where You Wake Up to This Beauty...

After all, not every homestay can offer you a view like this in the picture above, not every homestay can offer you the entire cottage at your disposal even if you are just a couple or a big family, and not every homestay has a caretaker like Mohan whose cooking skills can woo you with each meal of the day... and, last but definitely not the least, not every homestay has this cliff (see pic in right) to trek up to and get the stunning view of Himalayan range.

There are many more reasons to visit TWP and we are not going share everything in this feature itself as it's a series and therefore, you must stay tuned for the second one that will not just take you to its second property but will also make you meet the face behind this premium homestay. No wonder, it has to be a woman only ;)


The White Peaks is located in Gagar, Uttarakhand. It's a one and a half hours drive from Kathgodam railway station. The homestay is easy to reach and can be accessed via the national capital for travelers from any part of the country.

One of the few interesting facts about this boutique homestay is that it's a pet-friendly homestay and many of you might wish to take your pet along for your next travel. Oh yeah, why not?

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

OOTDs & LOTDs From Amazon India Fashion Week SS17

The fashion scene in Indian has evolved leaps and bounds over the past few years, and fashion weeks are the best places to get the glimpse of the evolving Indian styles and quirky creative trends and so. The recently concluded Amazon Indian Fashion Week, in association with  Maybelline NewYork Spring Summer 17 in the capital witnessed not just some amazing designer collections and forecast for the forthcoming season, but also the fashion influencers who donned in some of the best street and quirky style statement each day.

Well, we too tried to put our best foot forward, while covering the event and bringing the live updates to our readers on social media. And, here we bring to you the looks and outfits of each day (lotds/ootds) during the fashion week.

#Day1 With Global Desi

Since it's India's fashion week, so why not experiment with Indian brands and Indian style elements? Keeping this in mind, we created five different Indian looks that were a decent combination of modern casual, and festive together. The first day was all about comfort and fashion, with a touch of quirky hints here and there.

Modern Indian & Fun Fashion...

Global Desi seemed to be a perfect choice as the brand's AW16 collection is eclectic and a mix of modern drapes with Indian colours or embellishments. We picked this dhoti-style jumpsuit in black with interesting machine embroidery on it's bodice part. The look was pretty modern and super comfortable at the same. The side pockets on both the sides played a vital role, especially at an event like this where you meet and greet new faces, designers and influencers, and frequently exchange cards with each other.

Also, the fact that it was a dhoti-style dress, and thus, the sheer comfort of running around just like that, despite the heels (see pic)... And, as you can see the logo of Huawei on these pics, we would like to share that we took all the pictures of fashion week with P9, the brand's newest smartphone that offers some stunning results in photography.

#Day2, Simple & Casual

Since there was so much running around on the very first day, we decided to stick to some basic styles and looks that can go on for the entire day, without making you go conscious or look boring. So, this look from Myntra was a dress with halter-neck style.

Comfort Fashion on Day2

#Day3, Time for Designer Styles!

And by the third day, we finally shifted our focus to the designer styles and designer wear. For this, we visited designer Mandira Wirk's stall at the exhibition area of AIFWSS17 and checked out her newest collection but since the collection was supposed to go on the ramp the very next day, we picked a couple of interesting outfits from her previous collection.

Jumpsuit Style, Paired With statement Nech-piece...

This one was an easy-breezy jumpsuit with palazzo-style lowers and fine embroidery on the bodice area. We loved it's V-neck as it simply highlighted the Zebra statement neckpiece from Kiwi by Musskan.

What we also liked was the fluid drape of the outfit, it was neither too clingy, nor too loose to feel awkward about. It was yet another comfort fashion style that even working women on a day-to-day basis can flaunt comfortably. You see, fashion is all about confidence and feeling comfortable in whatever you are wearing, and designers like Mandira Wirk are sure offering some coolest wearables to go for this season (Yes, her SS17 collection is full of colours and delicate embroideries).

#Day4, Continued...

We once again, experimented with MD's yet another dress for the fourth day. This time, it was a dress that had a flowing chiffon back. The colour of this dress did steal the show and we tried pairing it with a black sling clutch. The asymmetrical hemlines were the highlight of this outfit and this too was all about comfort and fashion. 

Wearing Mandira Wirk's Collection...

#Day5, Experimenting With Monochromes & Cuts

And, it was the final day of AIFWSS17, we decided to check out the young and new designers who have been experimenting with some neutral palettes or re-defining the Indian cuts and silhouettes into an amazing modern style. Ilk by SGVA, Shikha Grover Gupta  and Vinita Adhikari to be precise, surprised us with their fresh and fabulous creations.

Going Monochromatic on the Last Day of AIFWSS17

While the brand had some cool blues, warm greens to try for, we decided to go the monochromatic way, and picked this front open kurta with attached bolero style jacket in grey. This one was the best so far, as it was a little hatt ke and had it's own way of adding the right confidence to the wearer.

Though, the front-open kurta could have been paired well with a good pair of denims, we decided to wear it just like that! It was cool and we loved the delicate embroidery on the front panels that were sheer, probably in organza or in chanderi...

Fashion weeks are fun, especially when you are feeling it the right way with these looks and outfits. After all, fashion is defined to stick to ramps but is supposed to inspire women around.

You may have flaws but the way you style yourself... is all that matters!!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

AIFW SS17: Day 1

The fashion week madness in the capita city of India has begun and we , called as Amazon Indian Fashion Week in association with Maybelline New York Spring Summer ‘17. Yes, the season of fashion previews of Indian textiles and craftsmanship has kick-started and Day 1 of AIFWSS17 had some interesting collections, styles cuts, and textures to eye for and keep a tap on by the fashion connoisseurs.

Road to Chanderi

This seemed to be the wonderful beginning of this season's AIFW as the first show was all about Chanderi, one of the oldest fabrics of the Indian textiles and handloom heritage. While the place Chanderi boasts of an amazing past and karigari when it comes to this tricky fabric, Chanderi over the years has lost it's sheen and shine amidst the craze of easy-to-wear and easy-to-carry saris or dresses. But with so many designers coming together, right from veterans like Anita Dongre to the newbies, we found some unusual twist given to Chanderi and each piece on the ramp looks surreal.

Creations for Road to Chanderi

Though, the other side of the fabric is that it doesn't last long and tends to tear over the time, unlike silk or cotton, we are quite sure that with designers coming together and working close with  the weavers and handloom experts, the Road to Chanderi will be a smooth affair for sure. After all, not many shows get to witness Jyotiraditya Scindia walk the ramp...


The Grecian Influence

This season once again observed out-of-the-box creation from the humble designer Samant Chauhan. His show was all about odyssey across time where you leave certain thing and carry forward the heritage, be it in the form of styles, art or other lifestyle elements. With a beautiful setting of ruins, the designer brought forward the Grecian influence on the north-western borders of India and depicted it beautifully via elegant dresses, gowns and much more...

The colour palette for most of the Day 1 shows initially revolved around whites, beiges and pastels but soon with veterans like Krishna Mehta and Rina Dhaka, we got to se  some quirky flow of colours and embroideries. We don't have a good picture here to showcase their collections, but they did stand out for the happening elements in their collections!

Designer Trio of Love Genration

The last two shows of the day, which we did miss coz of other commitments were more to do with young and live styles. Called as Love Genration, presented by British Airways, the brand made a fantastic debut at the AIFWSS17 ramp. We especially loved the whole idea of women designers behind this brand. Nandita Mahtani, Bhavana Pandey and Dolly Sidhwani who are all the stalwarts of the fashion world, came together to create something strongly global, with some bold hints of Indianness. of course, the focus is on the modern Indian woman who knows what exactly she wants.

Stay Tuned as we are bringing to you the newest updates from AIFW daily... 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Tattoos

There are certain styles and trends that seem to be good in the times you live in but may become a serious pain in your eyes, years later. Yes, we are talking about tattoos here, they simply look amazing and really are an add-on to one's personality and way of living. Having a tattoo is a good idea but you may not be prepared for the life-long commitment to it. The recent news of Angelina Jolie going desperate to get her Pitt dedicated tattoos erased.You would certainly not wish to get into such awkward situations, right? What's the solution to it then?

Well, thanks to the advanced technology in skincare and beauty industry, one can safely and comfortably think of getting rid of that one tattoo or tattoos maybe, which has already started bothering you. And, Aayna by Dr. Simal Soin is one such perfect destination for all your worries regarding the safest and healthiest way of tattoo removal!

When Tattoos Look Awkward, Aayna by Dr. Simal Soin Assures a Safe Removal 

Yeah, this may come as a surprise to many women readers that a beauty clinic that's known for it's wonderful anti-aging, aesthetic and wellness services also has something to do with tattoo-removal. This feature will sure enlighten you with the advanced technologies that this lovely clinic is using that can assure skincare along with the erasing of your unwanted tattoo.

Safe Laser for Tattoo Removal

Aayna is known for it's world-class services as the equipments used at this plush clinic are the best one's when it comes to assuring the best to the clients. The clinic offers laser tattoo removal as they are using the US FDA approved Q Switch Medlite C6 Laser. The laser has an unmatched precision beam technology, it is able to provide a consistent result. The laser energy is even on your skin,r esulting in the minimal epidural injury. so, be it the mono-colour tattoo, or a full multicolour tattoo, the laser assures a total removal with 100% satisfaction.

Pros & Cons

Now, you know the assurance part of this advance technology, which of course makes you go for it, needless to say. But , each technique and treatment has it's own pros and cons, which as a reader you must be aware of. Thanks to Aayna, the experts at this clinic brief you about this in advance before you decide to even go for it. 

  1. Laser is not a one-time session when it comes to tattoo removal, You may require 5-15 sessions depending on the size of the tattoo and the amount and the type of ink used to create one. Also, where exactly the tattoo is placed, that will add to the time too as skin is sensitive on some parts of our body.
  2. Tattoo fades over the time and usually after the first seating there's sort of whitening in that area. But the skin returns to it's normal colour soon..
  3. There are certain colours that are the most difficult to remove with laser. You will be surprised to know that yellows, sky blue or even green are tough to get rid off with and sometimes an additional treatment is needed to get the noticeable fading.

It feels cool and fashionable to have a quirky, weirdo or even crazy tattoos, especially when you are young and seeking attention. Or, sometimes you simply feel like going for one since everyone around i getting one but make sure to go for the safest bet to start with. 

Tattoo is an amazing style statement and getting rid of it is now going simple and less complicated with Aayna's advanced laser treatment. How about trying one this weekend?

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

For the Love of Pan-Asian Cuisine: Chi Asian Cookhouse Review

When midweek becomes a little too much to handle, and  you feel like beating the blues with something that's yummilicious, then this feature will sure delight you. 
Food is a perfect stress-buster and if the food happens to be pan-Asian, the continent to which we Indians belong, and especially women who have a particular fondness for this cuisine, then rest assured that you are all set for the day. We say so as the newly opened Chi Asian Cookhouse in NCR is already getting the right attention by the food lovers. 

The All-new Restaurant for the Love of Asian Cuisine!

Pan Asian Flavours, the Right Way!

While pan-Asian cuisine has been one of the hot-sellers in the recent times, considering women shifting more to the healthy food side, not many restaurants have been able to offer 'up-to-the-mark' level food, especially when it comes to the NCR like Noida. But all's passe now, as Chi Asian Cookhouse is here in this region, it's all-new restaurant in the DLF Mall of India is quite refreshing and has a cool ambience.We visited the restaurant some time back to experience and review it's new menu, rather tasting menu. The pictures around are pretty much an indication of the good time we at Chi, in the middle of the Asian flavours and ambience of course!
Yum Tom Kha at Chi

Well, the evening started with Tom Kha and Chiang Mai glass noodles soup. Both very amazing authentic and worked as great appetisers. The little reviewer with us sure kept on slurping the second soup even during the main course. You see, there's something interesting with Asian cuisine, you can't fail to appreciate it if the chef in a restaurant is a pro with the real ingredients and cooking techniques. That's where Chi has an edge..

Even the starters like Korean veg, Samui Mushrooms & Broccoli Satay, or the veg Dimsum platter, they all are fresh and super yum. And, if you feel like taking a break,  the restaurant is offering you Chewies, the popular Asian chewy drinks. These mocktails feature jelly cubes in different fruit flavours that can be enjoyed within the drink that you ordered.  It's a good one, when you have kids accompanying you.

It was now the turn of the main course, wherein we tried small portions like Meal in a bowl Pho and Phad Thai (the little reviewer simply loved it). Even the small portions were good enough for two people. The meal in a bowl concept works really well when it's the midweek stress and you just want to step out for a good quick meal. Also, the ingredients are so fresh and full of aroma that you fee like going for the actual portion that can be enjoyed with friends or family.
Chi is a fresh breath in the NCR, despite the restaurant chain been quite a few years old. But somehow, you fee that the ambience is pretty much new and different from the original ones...

We finally ended on a sweet note with this lip-smacking dessert- Coconut Pancake. It's was a twisted version and the quantity offered was a perfect to end your dining experience on a sweet little note...

Fact File:
The cuisine offered at Chi Asian Cookhouse is primarily the journey of best of Asia’s street food cultures and the streets themselves. The regions that you get to experience here at this restaurant are regions as diverse as Thailand, Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam and China..

Monday, September 19, 2016

The Faceshop is Now in India...

You might be wondering for the delays in the feature updates on Allwhatshewants. Wel, the portal is going through a complete revamp and thus, we are a little slow in the daily update.

Nevertheless, there have been quite a few amazing launches in India over the past few days when it comes to international beauty brands. And, we got to experience one of the world renowned South Korean cosmetics brands The FaceShop, which is venturing the India beauty industry this festival season. 

During the launch of The Faceshop India, Diane Lee & K Beauty Artist Shawn Kim


All About The FaceShop India

This brand has dominated market leadership in South Korea for over a decade, and is now  entering the India market, via Amazon. Yes, TFS will be available online from October on Amazon India. Now before we tell you more about the event and the product range, let's first know more about the brand. With a tagline- Natura Story, TFS is letting the Indian women know that the brand is primarily about natural products, be it the cosmetics or the skincare. With a smart price point based strategy, the brand is set to woo the India consumers with it's quite a vast range of products of Skin Care, Makeup, Cleansing, Mask, Body, Hair, Perfume, Aroma and products specific for both women and men. 
The launch in the capital city early this month had Diane Lee, company spokesperson who we candidly interacted with just to get a know-how of the brand. " We are initially launching via online but sure have plans to get an off line store soon. Since the price point is so reasonable, and the ingredients are South Korea's natural treasures, I'm quite sure that women will love the brand and it's range," said  Lee.

We too are quite sure of it as the lovely pressies that we got to experience are simply amazing. The brand has some great tints and tones when it comes to easy-to-carry Compacts, eyeliners, and of course the lipsticks. Also, the Whitening skincare range  (we have been using the serum for more than a week now) is quite soothing even if you have a hyper-sensitive skin. Although, the brand launch was primarily for the K-Beauty range of products..

More about K Beauty

This particular range has been developed as per the India skin type and is more like a creative adapation of the brand into Indian makeup culture. With this direction, TFS will be launched in highly growing e-commerce market first and then will expand to off line market by next year. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Decode the Perfect Decor

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that your home is your perfect heaven. Often the best of your creative thoughts, ideas and innovation come from the most peaceful corner of your sweet abode where you love spending hours just like that.
But, sometimes your perfect heaven has those key decor elements missing or is asking for your attention for a revamp or a make-over. Be it something as basic as the upholstery, or the furniture that needs a new polish or even the curtains that look a little outdated. This exclusive feature by Dr. Supriya Himanshu for will tell you how to decode the basic decor of your home sweet home in a smart and elegant way.. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Choosing Luxury Stay While Travelling Solo: IHG Rewards Club Review

Travel tales are usually about the places you visit, the destinations that you explore and the people you meet and make friends with. But there are times when your stay during the travel is simply beautiful and relaxing, and that's something that you sure wish to remember and share it with the world.
And, that's exactly what we are doing today with this particular feature, remembering the leisure stay that we enjoyed during our recent Spain trip and how exactly this kinda stay with IHG Rewards Club makes a perfect choice for solo 'she' travellers who work and travel together...

Bang in the Midde of the Happening City Madrid, Holiday Inn Offers a Great Stay!

Holiday Inn Madrid Room Interiors...

Stay With IHG in Madrid

We visited this lovely and happening country a couple of months back for a work assignment, and were in the capital city Madrid for close to a week. While there could have been many budget stay options available for a solo 'She' traveller but when it's your first maiden solo, we decided to opt for the most trusted and one of the best hospitalities of the world- IHG. Thanks to the special media membership that the brand offered us early this year for one of the hotel reviews that we did in India Remember the Kochi Trip) with IHG, we had some good number of Reward Points to avail and utilize and we felt that Madrid was giving a golden opportunity to experience their international hospitality!

And, keeping this in mind, we booked not just one but three different chains of IHG to try and enjoy the hospitality of one of the biggest hospitality groups of the world.

When you are a Rewards Club member, everything goes pretty easy and smooth. Be it the bookings online, the package that the complimentary stay offers, and even the cancellations. You know that your points are well reserved and will be utilized in the best possible manner. So, we stayed with Holiday Inn Express the first day of our Madrid Trip. This one's business hotel and thus is a little away from the main city and closer to the business offices and industries. the hotel offers some cool basic amenities with a fantastic room to stay in once you are back from your hectic day's routine.

Holiday Inn Express Rooms are Cosy & Comfortable
The rooms have everything that you want. The moment you check-in, you are offered the WiFi and a complimentary fruit basket to check your emails and refresh respectively. You can enjoy the complimentary breakfast that comes with the Rewards Nights later. Special thanks to Manager Hans here who helped us understand why it was better to go for a city-based Holiday Inn and went a step ahead and booked Holiday Inn for next four nights in this beautiful city. Despite the advance bookings, we got the rewards points back to our account that were otherwise supposed to be used at the Express. We were really impressed by the professionalism of IHG...
Crowne Plaza at Madrid Airport is Sheer luxury!
And thus the second hotel that we stayed at was Holiday Inn, Calle Alcala (pic at the top). This was sheer leisure and had a better connectivity with the entire city. You see, when it's your first a non-English speaking country, such goof-ups are bound to happen. But we took this in a ver positive ways as it gave us a chance to experience the second big chain of hotels under IHG. Holiday Inns have a similar format across the world and you get a very leisure and luxury facilities in HI. The room was luxe with a nice bathtub to soak in at the end of the day. The buffet and breakfast were not complimentary with the rewards night but we enjoyed the lavish breakfast served each morning. It had a good variety of vegetarian platters to choose from, unlike Express.

Room With a View

We later extended our trip by a day and therefore decided to book another day with Rewards Point. And, since we had a morning flight back to India, via Finland, we decided to opt for the hotel that was close to the airport. And thus, we got a chance to check out Crowne Plaza, Barajas. This one is the five-star hotel chains of IHG and offers an amazing stay with world-class facilities to enjoy. If you have been to the Indian Crowne Plaza, you might find this one to be small like a boutique hotel but in terms of amenities, it is at par to any other five-star international chains. The picture to your right is the glimpse of our room at CP, and we had a super-relaxing day here. The bed side table has this cutesy pouch that has a diffuser like an essential oil that you can pour on your pillow for a sound, rejuvenating sleep. This was something unique and we loved it!

We came back to India with some amazing Madrid memories to remember forever, and it won't be an exaggeration if we say that IHG hospitality happens to be one amongst many!

Fat-Freezing for the Sculpted Look; Cooltech Review

The aesthetic science has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years. Thanks to the increasing awareness of beauty, skincare, and a fit body overall. For beauty and skincare, we all by now are familiar with terms like advance facials, fillers, botox or even thermage and so but when it comes to a toned, fit and sculpted body, a lot of you may not be aware of the fact that science has come to a point where you can get the perfect look in just one sitting, sans an invasive treatments. And, today in this particular feature we are going to talk about one such newest treatments (it's been around for a few years now) called Cooltech that only a handful of advanced beauty centres are offering in the capital city.

Get rid of the Tough Flabs with Cooltech

ISAAC (International Skin & Anti-Aging Centre), a well-known wellness and aesthetic clinic of New Delhi is what we recently visited (last month) to experience this new treatment Cooltech that works on fat freezing technology to help you get rid of the unwanted stubborn fats from your body without any side effects or pain. Run by Dr.Geetika Mittal, Dermatologist & Medical Director, ISAAC, this clinic is a sheer bliss. Be it the elegant and soothing fresh white interiors, the pre-session consultation with the experts and the privacy of feeling safe and secured during the treatment, you know you are in the right hands when you meet and greet Dr. Geetika.

Soothing and Comforting Interiors at ISAAC...

Cooltech in Action During the Review!

We got a chance to experience this clinic and meet the lady behind when we got to know about this interesting treatment, which not many beauty clinics of international repute are offering in India. " Yes, Cooltech is one of the signature treatments at ISAAC and we have had many successful and happy clients in the last three years who have experienced and now vouch by it. Cooltech is a one-sitting fat-freezing treatment that assures to remove the fat cells from the problematic area forever with the help of lymphatic drainage system post the freezing is done. While the treatment is a permanent solution for the stubborn fat, like belly fat in case of women, you may need multiple sittings depending on the fat accumulation and your lifestyle. You sure get rid of it forever only on a condition if you follow a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly," told Dr.Geetika.

That's actually true, as no technology can do wonders if you have a laid-back approach towards your physical well-being. So, we decided to try and experience this treatment. though the amount of stubborn fat in our patient's case (Dr. Supriya Himanshu from Allwhatshewants reviewed this treatment) was not much but it was stubborn, needless to say and thus, Cooltech seemed a perfect solution for such a concern.
As you can see in the picture (in right), the cooltech machine sucks in a certain amount of fat and then freezes it to some -10-degree temp. This is done in an hour or so, and later the expert massages the frozen lump (it looks yuk!) and melts it for the inflammatory cells produced by our body to digest and so help in getting rid of the same. If you thought all this happens in juts an hour long period, then you are wrong of course. The results are visible after a couple of months, perfectly in 90 days time.

In our case, it's been more than a month now and there have been no side-effects, no pain after the treatment and we can say for sure that the body feels much lighter and active than before. The fat cells are slowly disappearing and we are quite happy with this experience.. 

Price for the Treatment: On Request