Friday, June 17, 2016

Go Arty With Food This Summer

Summer vacations for your children are all about fun time with family and some outdoor travel. But when a hotel invites you for some creative cuisine engagement, you know that there is a new add-on to your kids summer diaries.
Holiday Inn Aerocity recently did one such activity in the capital city to make mums and kids aware of their Kids Menu. Wondering what was it all about? Take a look...

Where Crayons Were One of the Ingredients.... 
Holiday Inn Hotels & Resorts, one of the most recognised IHG brands in the world, has partnered with an international food artist to encourage family-friendly ‘fun dining’. And, when we say fun dining,  there is a natural facination for creatures, cartoons and animals among kids. Probaby that's one of the reasons, why the Kids Menu has been crafted in a way that can be created once again, to transform the famous dishes of their menu. While the artist has transformed at least five dishes from the new Kids menu of Holiday Inn restaurant, here in India, the brand invited media with their kids to check out the menu and experience it on there own. Behind the creative cuisine, nutrietent is the key factor as by this manner, your kid ends up eating frood that's loaded with nutrition. A lot of mums out there face this issue of no inclination towards the wellness diet of 12-13 year old kids. They end up eating a lot of junk, and the reason is simple. They find that food more appealing in terms of the look and taste both.

Pita Fish..

Mum Daughter Me-time at Holiday Inn Aerocity,
New Delhi

So when our little reviewer (see pic right) was invite for the Food Art that HI held in their newely opened restaurant, she wasn't expecting terms like  Veggie Pitta Burger would become pitta fish and DIY Lettuce Cup turned out to be Crabby Grabby, and Apple Crumble becoming as Crawly Catterpillar... and much more..
This reviewer was initially lost in the crayons, and later seemed like a pro when it came to the actual preps and the fina dishes.

Crawly Catterpillar.... 
The chef was constanty around to guide and he came up with some fab easy to follow recipes, and  ‘how-to’ guide. Since HI runs on the concept of family and leisure, the brand is constantly looking for ways to improve the experience we offer to guests, and food is a big part of the travel experience. We created our new Kids Menu because we wanted to make sure families are making the most of their time together, with kids enjoying colourful and tasty dishes and with parents.

No wonder, the afternoon was sure a fun for the kid. We personally found some dishes to be really funny & creatuve but the buffet offered was pretty minimalistic though!

Fact File: The HI Kids Menu includes DIY Lettuce Cup, Lamb Skewers, Chicken and Pea Risotto, Rice Paper Rolls, Lentil Curry and Apple Crumble, Fruit Popsicle and Banana Split, made with yoghurt instead of ice cream.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Summer-time Fun Learning: Planet Pacific For Your Kid!

Wondering how to keep your cherubs busy in the most creative way when summer vacations are on? Well, this season you can not just keep them super-busy but can also do some fun shopping with a free mind as Pacific mall in the capital is running an exciting "Planet Pacific" kids summer festival. Read this to know more about what your child can get engaged in while you are on a shopping spree...

Pacific Mall is one of the leisure & shopping destinations in the capital city, and women are often seen enjoying this mall with their little ones. This summers, the mall has created huge decorated spaceship (32 ft x32 ft) with a cosmic themed classroom inside that's all about Kids Summer Festival. Called as ‘Planet Pacific’, this is a four-week long festival that recently kick-started with an exclusive preview for 45 differently abled kids from the Capital’s “Chahat Special School.” 

This Spaceship is Is Where the Classes are Going On!

The mall that has more than 130 National and International brands under one roof is offering special Workshops on Art & Crafty, Dance, Ice-cream making, Theatre, conducted annually by Pacific Mall are completely free and parents can register their children to participate in any of the 12 activities listed in the summer program. The ‘Pacific Space Ship’ will take kids on a fun-filled, educational and exciting journey giving the children an opportunity to indulge in a variety of activities like Art and Craft workshops, Theatre Workshop, Table Etiquettes, Dance Classes, Paper Crafts just to name a few. And, all this will happen at the beautiful Science-Cosmic Classroom from noon this the evening. When we asked how will the children be participating and the number of children in each class,  Abhishek Bansal, Executive Director, Pacific Mall said, " We are going to have not more that 20 to 25 children in each class. You see, parents wish to keep their kids engaged in something creative, and creativity comes at leisure and needs some space. There is no point making the class crowded as it's all about fun, and keeping the women relaxed while they are shopping or trying the food in our mall."

Children from Chahat Special School

That's true, and the mall made sure to start the Planet Pacific fest with the differently-abled kids (see pic above).  We also liked the fact that the classes have no such terms and conditions like one need to shop a certain amount and then can get enrolled for them. They are actually complimentary, and there's nothing hidden in the offer.
What more a mum can expect from a commercial venture, it's time to get the glimpse of it and keep your children creatively busy this summer!

Face File: 
Pacific Mall has been successfully conducting free Summer Camps for Kids for the past 5 years and is very popular among both parents and children alike giving the children an access to a wide range of carefully selected activities to keep them entertained and stimulated during the summer holidays. Last year around 2800 kids attended the Summer Camp at the Mall.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Untouched Treasures of Goa

Goa, one of the sought after destinations of India that is known for its sun, sand, and the scenic sea is the season’s hot flavour once again as the summer vacations have already set-in. But if you thought that Goa is only about the 3S mentioned above, then it’s time for you to explore this beautiful state with a fresh mind and get to know more about the things to do in Goa, in an off-beat way.

Goa Is Much More Than Just the Beaches...

Goa is Not Just the Sea, But Jungles Too 

Yes, many of you may not be aware that Goa is quite known for its jungles too. The Western side of Goa, that’s a little towards Karnataka borders, and is on a higher altitude, has some amazing jungle side. If you ever heard of the famous Dudhsagar falls, it is very much next to the Mollem National Park of Goa. While reaching the exact spot of the mesmerizing falls is an uphill task, once you are there, believe it or not you will forget about the beaches for a moment! And, if that’s not enough, there is this 13th century Mahadev temple right in the middle of jungles of Goa. This one too comes as a pleasant surprise, and you reach this destination post a basic trekking, which is one of the coolest ‘things to do’ when you are in Goa. Located at the western Ghats of Goa, this temple is pretty unheard and has a beautiful carving of 13th century Jain art.

Activities to Do: You can consider this place as a peaceful picnic spot for your family and friends. And, later you can visit the National park and get to witness some rare species of Goan side animals. 
13th Century Shiva Temple is Simply Surreal...

Explore the Goan Farms for Fresh Spices 

If you have a fascination for some cool cooking styles and trying various cuisines, Goa is certainly not going to disappoint you. So, take a break from the boring ‘things to do in Goa’ check-list and for once, just visit the Sahakari Farm located along Belgaum-Ponda highway. The 4- acre farm has loads of things to explore, and learn straight from the farmers themselves. Your love for greens, spices and herbs will get re-defined for sure, if not farming. While the entry to the farm is a ticketed entry, you can actually get to taste the spices with the flavoursome Goan rice right at the farm. Last but not the least, don’t forget to get a few of these farm-grown spices back with you for your loved ones! 

Activities to Do: When you are at a farm, the greens and the aromas of spices will keep you superbly engaged! 

Ditch the Beaches, & Head for Backwaters 

Yes, you heard right! If you thought that Goa is just about ‘the’ Beaches, then chances are that your tourist guide doesn’t know much about this awesome State. Northern Goa has some scenic and untouched backwaters where you can get to see the beautiful Mangroves trail and also Kayak in the backwaters, which is arranged by a few generations old families residing in the Aldona village. And, this is not all! When it’s monsoon, you can spot the dancing peacocks and some rare migratory bird species. 

Activities to Do: This side of Goa offers backwaters, which means that you can take a rowing boat and explore this beauty, go fishing if you want to have fun with family, and not to forget, check out the nearby villages, and connect with the locals over some chat or Goan snacks, which they would offer you, happily! 

So, next time when you are planning to go to Goa, makes sure to add these cool and off-beat destinations and activities on your travel list.

All picture courtesy: 

Pamper Your Feet With Bespoke Footwear!

If high-heels give an instant boost to your personality making it towering and impressive than we are pretty sure that even the flat footwears must be offering something unmissable. After all, most busy women, who are always on their toes are seen in Flat forms every now and then. Who can deny the fact that flat footwears are the most comfortable ones but they are often considered to be the most boring ones when it comes to styles, colour combinations, and texture. But Designers like Swati Modo are breaking the myth, effortlessly! See how...

Summer Coolers From Swati Modo... Flatforms in Aqua Blue!
Swati Modo, one of the few footwear designers in India who's into bespoke (custom or tailor-made for an individual) designing recently unveiled her summer range of Flatforms, gladiators, and some exuberant heels for the woman who knows about her choices pretty well, and is open to trying out the innovations when it comes to her feet.

SM summer collection is full of colours, quirky and yet elegant, and has key features like brightly coloured mountaineering rope straps with easy hook-and-loop closures, and rubber soles. What you will also notice in the collection (see pic)  is the see-through element, which seems to have been added to make it look glamorous and in vogue!
But then, that's not all! For women who like to wear flats doesn't mean they are allergic to high-heels.

In fact, with such quirky heels (see pic in right) one cannot afford giving it a miss. The intricate use of the cord, and the gladiator style look in the heels is making it look like a perfect statement for an evening party. Your footwear will say all, and you won't even need an introduction at that party!

Whatever is your footwear choice for this summer season, make sure to get the right size, the right fit, and the right fashion statement for your feet. It's your feet that take the load, and therefore pampering them each season with some bespoke footwear styles, especially coming from SM won't be a bad deal... Give it a try this season!

Fact File:
Designer Swati believes in a peculiar craftsmanship style and so sticks to basics of art of making handmade shoes. Bringing out a woman of substance yet a woman with the heart of a kid. Every creation, every design, every colour, every style is unique catering to individuals who are passionate about Individuality. Swati Earned recognition for herself and her Brand with her unique concepts and community services. She started her career working with the A list Designers from WIFW in 2009. Apart from this, she runs a shoe-making academy in Tihar Jail teaching the inmates the art of shoe making with a urge to society to accept them back. Her brand has earned visibility in Cannes with award winning recycled tyre shoes some time back! She recently won #100women award by president of India in 2015.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Get Rid of Monday Blues With Food: Cafe Delhi Heights Review

If Monday's give you the unwanted 'Blues' then it's time to indulge in some great food at a happening ambience. So, if you thought that's it's only weekends that you need to step out to dine out, don't get us wrong but you can do that on a busy Monday evening too, at the newly opened Café Delhi Heights in Noida.

Cafe Delhi Heights Now in Noida... Mall of India!!
Yes CDH is now fully operational in the busy Mall of India (this has been the talk of the town for quite some time), and though, we visited to experience it last month, the feature is going live a little late. While the mall has many other restaurants, offering some amazing cuisines, CDH stands out. Primarily because of it's location and the great exteriors, and secondly because of the variety of food that it has on it's Menu that's a complete value for money. The pictures below will give you a clear example of the yum food that you can enjoy at the newly opened CDH...

We reached this beautiful restaurant one fine afternoon (Mid May) just to experience the cuisine (mix) that assures value for money. The cuisine is more toward the north Indian flavours, but you can find the famous Mumbai starters in their menu, with a modern twist. We started with the light starters (see pic in your left) and then gradually shifted to combination platters and lastly to a full portion of the main course. What's truly impressive about this restaurant is the portions of food that get to experience. Despite us trying the review portions, the amount of food served will simply delight you. The other thing that you just can't miss noticing is the different seating arrangements (see pic above). From a Dhaba-style dining, to a cosy tucked-in seating, and bohemian style lounge seating, you have ample choices to go for depending on your mood and time you wish to spend there. For a Monday evening, we would any day recommend the tucked-in arrangement as you wanna feel relaxed at the end of the busy day...

Soon some yum dishes kept coming to our table. The chef made sure to offer some low-calorie options too from the healthy side of the menu like the lettuce and pomegranate salad. The flavours are kept as per the choice of the walk-ins who may not be ready to experiment with too much of original side of the dish. But if you are still keen on the authentic styles, our personal recommendation would be the fine dine area with a view of an open European-style kitchen!

A Healthy Yet Fufilling Meal...
And finally, this dish impressed us like anything. Hard to believe but chick peas in baby spinach, served with rice, lachha paratha , mint chutney and yogurt   tasted heavenly. This was a very sophisticated version of the Indian chole, and tasted far better than the authentic one. The healthiest one actually...

Cafe Delhi Heights is a restaurant that will grab your attention just like that! For, it has the quirkiest interiors, some fabulous colours in terms of furniture and furnishing, and needless to say, good selection of food to try out and relish post a hectic day!

What's Interesting: If you are at CDH, you can't afford missing summer special coolers- Paan- day, Gulab- Made, Rose Morning My Love to name a few.

Friday, June 10, 2016

When A Smartphone Turns Into a Mentor

It's a Friday, and what better can be a motivation than the very fact that weekend is here, and you can have your 'me-time' in the most leisure way. But hand on! At times, we women need much more than just leisure. It's the constant support, the moral boost, coming from the handful of people in our lives is what matters the most at times. They not just motivate and inspire but also are always around when it comes to any crisis. They are the ones who never let you down...

You see, we all have that one person in our lives, the most trusted, the one who's our pride and strength at the same. While these could be the key features of a person close to, but have you ever thought that in today's technology-driven world, where most of us spend hours on our personal gadgets, especially smartphones, we may be expecting the similar features and characteristics from our gadget too. Are you finding it a little weird or surprising? Well, you actually shouldn't as there is one smartphone brand, which like that one person, will never let you down. Yes, Lava Mobiles takes pride in self on being one of the most trusted brands out there, similar to that one trusted person in our lives. And, Supriya Himanshu, Founder & Editor is sharing how and why this one person in her life has never let her down... No matter what!!

"Despite my venture being a women's only venture, there is this man in my life who's the most trusted one when it comes to sharing concerns and business matters. He is my constant strength, my motivation whatever is the situation like. Yes, I'm certainly hooked to my gadget as being an entrepreneur into an online venture, my gadgets are my lifeline. However, I need that one person to come back to once I'm off my gadgets, and that's my man.. my husband, my friend. Don't feel surprised if I say that yes, he's like Lava Mobiles, that never let you down.. no matter what! I can come back to him, whenever I need him, and he sure doesn't disappoint me, how tired he may be."

She further adds," For a working woman, a busy woman, it's essentially important to be with a select set of people that bring positivity in your lives as a wrong choice of a smartphone can only bring endless frustration (it hangs, it slows down, and it has a pathetic memory), similarly a wrong person who you might feel like depending on can only pull you down, and you may end up feeling drained out. Forget about the trust or the positivity, you will be left with nothing but hang in the middle of nowhere. Isn't that what a bad smartphone does to us?"

I feel glad to have a husband as my strength of pillar around to constantly guide me, help me when I'm in a dilemma, and I can turn to whenever I need him, like all the interesting features of lava mobiles," she sums.
So readers, it's time for you to explore that one trusted person in your lives who #NeverLetsYouDown and you can relate to the moment you touch the screens of your smartphones.

Try it, it's not that crazy an idea, you see!!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Fun Sunday With Italian Cuisine: Bella Italia Review

When the day is a Sunday and the mood is leisure, one of the few things that one can think of is some super delicious grub to try out and thus take a break from the day-to-day rut. Women especially wanna have some relaxed time during the weekends, and prefer dining out with friends and families.
So, if you are one of those, then we are bringing to you a new destination of lip-smacking food that assures some flavoursome courses, midst some cosy ambience...

For the Love of Italian Cuisine.. Bella Italia at Holiday Inn, Aerocity, New Delhi
Bella Italia, one of the Italian restaurant chains of the UK with more than 90 restaurants in the United Kingdom has opened it's first Asian restaurant at Holiday Inn at the posh Aerocity in the capital. Since we had recently experienced Holiday Inn down south (Remember our Kochi Feature), we decided not to miss the chance to experience this beauty when we received this lovely invite. 

Rose & Paan Shakes, Spot-on!

So, we reached this business & leisure hotel one fine afternoon last month to try out the restaurant and it's authentic Italian cuisine. The first glimpse of the restaurant, and it's tagline (Pizza Pasta Grill) you know that you are going to be in good hands of an expert chef. The ambience of BI is absolutely welcoming, and you can't miss checking the wall-art, the graffiti and the modern colour combination of vibrant stripes. The restaurant is amazingly spacious and has another floor (entry from inside only) that has this stunning Vespa standing right there for your quick selfies. 

 We shortly made ourselves comfortable at a corner, with our little reviewer who was there to try out some of her fave Italian dishes. The table in no time had these beautiful-looking mocktails and shakes on our table. The Paan shake was spot-on, and the rose one had a certain freshness that is apt for a hot and humid summer afternoon. The little reviewer simply found the paan shake to be irresistible.

Legume Antipasto Board 
Veg Food Platter with Loads of Cheese!

It was surprising to know that BI had recently ventured in this Asian side of the world, despite running 90 restaurants in the UK. Although, the Indian consumer is well-versed with the Italian flavours by now, probably the authenticity is what makes many Italian restaurant chains think twice before venturing into the Indian market of F&B.

For us, what did matter was the food, and the dishes that kept surprising us one after the other...
Being on the vegetarian side we tried the veg platters, like five lettuce feta cheese salad with some apricots on it, the rocket eaf salad with different types of cheese and olives, and many more in the main course.

The gelato cart is the one that you may not want to give a miss to, but in our case, the 5 dessert platter was more than enough to keep us satiated and happy before we said goodbye to it...BI certainly has the wow effect both in terms of food and interiors. And, you our readers are always the best judge for it.

Shot Desserts, Super-Yum!!

Courses Tried & Tasted at BI were: Legume Antipasto Board, Arancini Funghi, Misticanza,  Cannelloni Ricotta,  Polenta Alla Griglia and Shot Desserts

Meal for Two: INR 1500 Onwards

The restaurant is soon starting it's Kids Menu that's getting unveiled in the coming week, Stay tuned as we place to share more...

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Get the Taste of Super-Luxury: Alacria Swan Preview

Who doesn't know the master craftsmanship of Swiss watch brands, if we go by our guess then most well-travelled women are not just aware of them but also vouch for them. With more than a century-long expertise, the Swiss watch brands have been luring both men and women with their sophisticated and exquisite design elements and empowering technical aspects and intelligent features. But many of you may not be aware of the fact that there are certain brands that have re-defined super-luxury in the wrist-watch segment over the period of time, and one such amazing brand is Carl F. Bucherer. We recently got a chance to closely experience the band's super-limited edition Alacria Swan, exclusively for women only... Take a deep breath as we reveal more here!

Featuring Alacria Swan by Carl F. Bucherer

Where Luxury Gets Redefined!

The brand is available in India exclusively with Ethos Watch Boutiques, one of the largest retailers of luxury watch brands in India. Ethos did a sneak-peek, preview to be more precise of this stunning 1300 pus diamond-studded beauty on a lovely afternoon in the NCR last week. We not just touch and try this fantastic bejewelled wristwatch, but did some quick style posing with it too (see pic below)

During the watch appreciation session, we were briefed about this luxury brand Carl F. Bucherer. The history of this Lucerne-based brand dates as far as 1888 when Carl Friedrich Bucherer, a visionary created timepieces that moved with the times. While Bucherer opened a jewelry and watch shop in Lucerne in the same year, and soon followed the fame, the brand later pioneered in Peripheral Automatic Rotor Technology, which was introduced to the world in the form of Caliber CFB A1000 in 2008. This movement is considered to be the first modern peripheral automatic rotor made by a Swiss watch manufacturer.

Such interesting details were shared by Yasho Saboo, Founder, Ethos Ltd., during the whole experiential of Alacria Swan..

Pathos Watch With Filigree Pattern

Well, this was not all as Ethos had many more interesting technology-driven muscular watches, and filigree pattern feminine watches for display from the brand's previous collections. The picture at your left showcases one of the previous collections called Pathos. 

The watch boutique is surprisingly offering some of the best Swiss brand watches to the Indian watches, and they have got this exquisite luxury jewellery watch with such stunning, high-quality diamonds on it, which needless to mention, feel super-smooth. You feel mesmerized by the mere beauty of swiss craftmanship. No wonder, it's a super-limited edition with 88 jewellery watches for the women around, and just one for the Indian market....

All we are wondering now, who's that lucky woman who's gonna flaunt Alacria Swan! 

Price Point: 94 lacs (In INR)

Inspirational Interiors From The Silver Screen

When was the last time you watched a Bollywood movie with an agenda to check out the plush home decor, the gorgeous interiors, and some fabulous furnishings that we often get to see in a Bollywood movie? No wonder if you say NEVER as we too never paid a heed to the decor aspect of the Indian cinema.
But the recent workshop at the luxurious Asian Paints signature Colour Store in CP, New Delhi made us aware of the decor trends in Bollywood. It was primarily on the occasion of "World Interiors Day" and Asian Paints made sure to create awareness among the end-users, via the most liked & loved medium - Bollywood!

Shruti Gupti During the Workshop...

Artist Padmini Checking out the Designs & Wall Art!

Bollywood Inspired Interiors

It was an inspiring and informative afternoon with renowned Film Production Designer, Shruti Gupte who was specially invited to host this exclusive workshop on drawing inspiration from homes and offices designed in the popular hHindifilms. Movies like Tare Zameen Par, Aisha and Khubsurat were some of the famous movies in which Gupte conceptulized the entire interiors, set up of home and office both.

The workshop was centred on the theme ‘Intelligent & Inspirational Interiors, from Silver Screens to Your Home’, an exclusive Colour Store concept with a sole intention of giving it's consumers the opportunity to understand, admire, and then get inspired from their favourite movies decor styles & trends...

This is why the Colour Store in CP was set up by Asian Paints. The experts from the brand educate the  consumers and interior décor enthusiasts on colours and designs and how it can change their space.  And, with Gupte as the expert for the afternoon, it was a wonderful know-how of elements of designs in home and office spaces. She shared some amazing facts about movie set decors and how each and every element of the Interiors, be it the wall colours, the furniture, and the decor furnishing and accessories, all need to sync in perfectly with the script and the situation in a Bollywood movie. Through some interesting slide examples of her movies, she explained and suggested  various aspects from designing homes of characters in movies, to tips on how consumers can use designs seen in movies as an inspiration while decorating their homes. “We as consumers need to make ourselves the heroes and heroines of our own movie scripts. Colors and textures are not to be feared but embraced as part of our personality. Our personal and professional environments are an extension of our personality and should inspire our days, help create memories or convey our aspirations. If the movies take inspiration from our reality, then why shouldn't we allow those reel-ties to become our reality? It's a simple decision to step out of our comfort zone and experiment. Especially these days, when Asian Paints Color Store allows us to realize our dreams before we choose to make it permanent."

Yes, why not! After all, we women crave for some great home decor, and some luxurious interiors that can easily remind us of our all-time fave sliver screen movie.. simply sitting at home, & just like that!!

Fact File:
Asian Paints Since its foundation in 1942, has come a long way and has become India’s largest and Asia’s third largest paint company, with a turnover of Rs. 141.83 billion. Asian Paints operates in 19 countries and has 26 paint manufacturing facilities in the world servicing consumers in over 65 countries. Asian Paints has always been a leader in the paint industry, pushing new concepts in India like Colour Idea Stores, Ezycolour services like Home Solutions & Colour Consultancy and Colour Next trend forecasting.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Go Pro With HairStyling This Summer!

Think summers, and the first thing that comes to your mind in terms of hairdos is a tied-up ponytail, or messy buns. Yes, summer & sweat both spoil the whole concept of hairstyling and often women end up leaving their lovely locks behind the rubber bands. But, not anymore!
Wella Professionals, a brand that believes in providing the consumers and stylists with premium quality products is now making the art of hairstyling rather much convenient. How?? Take a look...

Such Cool Bouffant...
Yet Another Hairdo by Partick!

The brand this week brought down Wella Global Ambassador Patrick Cameron  to India, just to educate 1800 hair stylists across three cities in India via a few grand shows that were all about some extraordinary hair styling. Well, you don't need to go into the depth of the professional hairdos, as we got a chance to do a one-on-one with "God of long hair" Partick Cameron in Wella's professional studio in the national capital.

He not only showcased some quick and gorgeous hairdos on some of the lovely beauty bloggers*, but also shed some light on this close to three-decade association with Wella Professionals. It was a beautiful afternoon, and the picture in this feature are clearly showing what all styles Patrick showed. " I know that women in India love long hair, but with the season around, it's really difficult to maintain such luxurious hairstyle. But then there are always some quick DIYs that can be tried. And especially, with Wella Professionals styling range that's also used by consumers, you can try playing around in a jiffy. Vintage is my style, and I feel that Bouffant is big on trend, and that's where long hair do the needful. While I do a lot of padding during my Style shows, for you just playing a bit around can create some trendy bouffant," said Patrick during the session.

Patrick Cameron Showcased Some Fabulous Vintage HairDos in the Capital...

While he was showcasing some of these styles, he told us that his most recent appearance was at the renowned Cannes Film Festival where he worked on a special premiere from the movie "Trolls" starring Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick. " I'm originally from New Zeland but settled in the UK for 29 years now. I have been associated with Wella Professionals for a long time now and now I travel globally with the brand. I'm delighted to showcase the modern vintage collection in India. It’s amazing to see women who beautifully carry long hair as they do in India. And, you guys being from the digital space are the right people to convey this message to women that they must style their hair using the right hair styling product. Oiling is good, you see but then styling doesn't spoil your hair quality," Partick summed.

Beauty Bloggers With Patrick Cameron

Fact File:

During this visit to India, Patrick Cameron is going to showcase his Modern Vintage collection with state of the art styling products from the Wella Professionals portfolio. Modern vintage takes its inspiration from the 1960’s because this era has an enduring influence in fashion, in the balance and the proportions of the way hair is dressed. Wella Global Ambassador Patrick Cameron had devised the collection to showcase step-by-step looks and demonstrations to the hairdressers that struggle with styling long hair. These hair shows were held across three major cities in India - Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore where there was a live demonstration of these looks. 

*Bloggers in the Picture: Surbhi Suri & Ruchika Das