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As the title says, this section is all about the latest launch in lifestyle industry. The section will exclusively cover new fashion collections, footwear or accessory launches, latest gadget models, new Portals, exhibitions, designer line previews, and many more...

Fresh & Healthy, Go the Joost Way!

If you have a fondness for the freshness and healthy concept of juices, then you are at the right place and at the right time. Joost, one of the well-known chains of 100% fresh juice bars from Australia (known as Boost there) is now in India to offer you the yum flavours of fresh juices in the healthiest possible way.
One of the Joost Bars in India

The Women Behind the Healthy Concept...
We got a chance to try and taste the freshness of Joost during the recent event of the brand in the capital city. It was alovely afternoon of fruits, freshness and wellness. What made us take all the more interest in the brand was the fact that the brand is headed by women, be it the India venture, or the origina one in Austraia. Yes, both Joost and Boost are sphere-headedly taken care by a 'she' Director and Founder, and this fact is enough to explain why the brand is all about wellness and healthy concept.  So, while Joost is taken care by Rivoli Sinha Founder, Joost Juice Bars (India), Boost on the other hand is the brain-child of Janine Allis Founder, Boost Juice (Australia). We got to speak to both these lovely women on that occasion. " The juices are not just fresh and made right in front of the customers, they are without any sugar and served with the original sweetness of the fruit itself. If you will ask me whether Indias is ready for a concept like this, certainly women are wishing to opt for a healthy lifestyle and the families are following the same. Bringing fresh fruit juice to the consumers the healthiest way have it's own set of challenges, like getting the right seasonal; fruit at the right time, maintaining the consistency of the flavours, and selecting the right vendor who can offer fruits that are produced in the most natural environment and so on. We are glad that we have been now able to resource the organic fruits as well and consumers are ready to pay premium price for that," summed Rivoli.

she is undoubtly right! Women have been looking for heathy juices for long, and we liked the fact that Joost is also offering cold press and vegan juices for women who follow a wellness diet programme. 

It's time for our readers to jive it a try as healthy is the key to happy and long living. And yes, you are worth every bit of it!!

For the Fun-full Weekend: Smaaash is Now in Noida

The NCR is buzzing with many new recreational centres and the one that we recently experienced and enjoyed is Smaaash. Yes, the sports- centric entertainment and fun zone that had been in Gurgaon is now in Noida's Mall of India.

The Cool Interiors of the Cafe at Smaaash, Noida
This region of NCR had been screaming for attention for quite some time, and with the newest plush mall in Noida, many big players, be it the F&B , the lifestyle or the entertainment have opened their amazing outlets here now. Smaaash is one of them, and sure will take all your attention when you are inside the mall. Located on the top floor of the mall, this center offers some interesting, and off-beat recreational activities that will not just thrill you but will also keep you and your little one's engaged throughout. We decided to experience it with our little reviewer who was awestruck by the Virtual gaming zones in the center. Right from roller-coaster ride, to paraglidiing to carpet sailing, Smaaash is loaded with such crazy fun...

But that's not all, you see. The place, where you can easily spend 3-4 hours in simply enjoying different gaming zones, if not the virtual reality activities, also has a wonderful dining area (see pic above) where you can just sit and relax.

While our little reviewer was busy trying and enjoying the activities, we decided to check out the multi-cuisine caf√© Mighty Small. The brand claims it to be India’s first carnival themed restaurant, exclusively at Smaaash. The menu is certainly not too tacky or out-of-the-box but the basics are so well served and presented that you simply can't resist trying many.. From simple nachos, to paneer tikka, to pav bhaji and the typical India chaat, all the platters served in the most creative manner.
Smaaash is a rejuvenating change for the stressed families and busy school kids. While weekends are super-packed at this destination, you may like to try and experience it on a leisure weekday, if possible!

And yes, make sure not to miss the roller-coaster ride as you are in a different world... even if it's for a few minutes...

Icy- Icy & Irresistible for Summers

The only thing that brings respite in the scorching heat and a hot sunny day in summers is a lip-smacking ice cream. And, this season there's a good news for the ice cream lovers. Ice Pan Creamery, an all vegetarian Indian Ice cream brand, recently opened it's  3rd outlet in the capital city and we got a chance to try and experience it. 

Super-Yum Flavours of Ice Pan Creamery 

Ice cream in any form feels cool but when a brand brings some interesting innovation, then you sure get the urge to try it and see how's it different from others. With this thing in our minds, we reached the newely opened store of this new brand. The outlet looks quite soothing, and you just can't miss the pastel shades, and the friendly theme around.  We spoke to Abhishek Agrawal, one of the Co-Founders that day who shared details about the brand the theme of the store. " This one is Circus inspired, and thus goes well with both kinds and families.," he said.

Indeed it was as we could see many families kept coming just to see what sort of ice cream was this one...

Now, let's focus on the unique feature of this brand. As the name says, Ice pan, this ice cream is made on a flat frozen pan, where some interesting ingredients (in melted form) are mixed then flattened and with the help of a unique spatulla is scraped int he from of cutesy rolls, ready to eat (see pics).

Not just this, what's different about this brand is that you get to try some unique combinations of ice cream like the one we tried were, Cigar ice cream, tequilla shots, chocolate paan, mango berry sorbet just to name a few. The trick is to make the rolls as it's not easy to make the ice cream rolls. And, for consumers it's a different experience as no ice cream is offering you a live display of ice cream in the making. And, for women who belive in keeping a close watch on their calorie intake, the brand is taking care of it in the best possible way. These ice creams are dairy free  with flavors ranging from Strawberry Passion fruit, Hazelnut Oreo to the Avocado Peach and Cuban Cigar Godfather Chocolate....

Do we need to say more, NIAT!! It's time for our readers to give this brand a try as we assure, you just can't afford giving it a miss this season...

New Designers & Fresh Fashion

The recently concluded Indian Runnway Week 2016 that witnessed the participation of some debut designers , some new names with genuine innovation, and fresh lines of fashion brands with a different style and technique, may not have been an event that international media or brands look up to, but the event sure had some lovely names and new designer breed to look up to. And, one such name is the multi-faceted entrepreneur turned designer Mamta Gupta. This platform gave her a unique chance to showcase her very intricate and feminine collection called Crochet Tales by Mimathyma.

Mimathyma, is the botanical name for one of the most beautiful ul Butterfly found and is called the Indian Purple Emperor. We liked the very concept this collection portrays, and thus, you get to see beautiful colors such as yellow, orange, cream, ecru and pink in a very fashionable manner. We missed attending the show because of the delays during the event but did get a chance to check out the entire range at her stall at the venue.

When we asked her about the crochet technique, she shared that the focus is on the Indian heritage and therefore you get to see dresses, maxis, skirts and so in Kantha stitches and embroidery mixed with Crochet  technique.The dresses were paired with funky accessories and footwear using colorful pom-pom’s & flowers made up of crochet & felt. What is even more interesting is the fact that the brand works in collaboration with the women entrepreneurs across India and is an independently running micro manufacturing unit, each having 5­ to 20 workers. 
Not to forget the entrepreneur is already running her successful line of brand under Buzzaria ...

Technology on Your Wrist

We love our fancy wrist watches, and never fail to flaunt the chic Swiss timepieces if at all we have, or can afford going for. But now, here's a good news!  With Huawei, which is one of the top players in the smartphone category, you can get to flash not just a Swiss-inspired timepiece, but also a watch that's loaded with technology, at a pocket-friendly price point. Take a look!

Chic Technology on Your Wrist... Huawei Watch

The Huawei watch that's powered by Android Wear will help you stay connected with your online needs like calls, texts, instant messages or emails, wherever you are. The brand launched the cool timepiece this week, which can be bought only at Flipkart at INR 22,999/-. While the category that was unveiled is men-centric with leather and metallic straps finish (see pic) , the women's range can be expected soon (no dates declared yet) .

What's Interesting

The watch has Bluetooth connectivity for wireless headphone usage, coupled with offline music download support, with users able to search for destinations and navigate their way there using the same voice actions. Additional, with fine my phone, you can now easilly llocate your missing phones. And now, with the latest version of Google’s Android Wear, both Android and iOS users will be able to connect to the Huawei Watch. Though, we use windos smartphone. Wonder what's the status with that?
We spoke to P. Sanjeev, Vice President -Sales for Huawei & Honor Consumer Business, Huawei India about the women's range of watches and also how much do focus on women tech users. " With this launch we are sort of warming up. The product is lifestyle and for women, we've Swarovski-studded timepieces that are already out internationally, so they would hit the market soon," summed Sanjeev.

So ladies, let's wait & watch! Meanwhile, we should be doing the review & style shoot of the product & sharing it with our readers this month... 

For the Fresh Beauty Rejuvenation

If you are one of those who loves everything fresh, when it comes to beauty and skincare then this new launch from SeaSoul Cosmeceuticals is exactly meant for you... The brand, which is a believer of goodness of Dead Sea & has some amazing active ingredients derived from the treasures of the dead sea, recently unveiled it's one-of-it's-kind Fruit Face-mask machine, rather beauty

Freshness in the Form of Beauty Mask... 

A Gift on International Women's Day, for Women, by a Woman...

SeaSoul Cosmeceuticals, headed by Manisha Chopra is offering this beautiful gift to women on the occasion of IWD 2016. We recently attended the launch event that happened in the capital, and check the product, and the live demo. While the beauty gadget is targetting the B2B segment to begin with as the product is a sheer luxury and comes at a price that may make women a little reluctant to go for it, may be initially!
But we spoke to Ms Chopra who did sound confident and shared some interesting details about the product. “Yes, the focus is on salons and spas as f now, but I know that a lot of women would love to have a product like this at their homes, for it's more like a me-time for them. You can see the fresh face-mask getting ready right in front of you, and there is nothing hidden. All you need are fresh fruits, a collagen boost tablet, and some water, and your mask is ready to use. So, it's like a DIY machine," she said.
No wonder, she was right. During the demo we saw how the machine operates. You'll be surprised to know that in no time (6 minutes from your cock), your mask comes out, fresh and hot. You let it settle down for a while, and can apply it on your skin for the perfect rejuvenation and radiance.

Manisha Chopra, Founder SeaSoul Cosmeceuticals

What's Interesting?

One can customize the mask-making recipes depending on your skin type and the need. So, from pigmentation, open pores, excess sebum, acne etc to blemishes, anti-ageing issue, this machine can offer you some good variety of masks to try for... exactly the way we did. 

Price Point: INR 40,000/-

For the Love of  Open -air Dining Experience

It's the season of bloom and some fresh fragrance around, and if you have any plans to dine out this spring season, we must tell you that this is the apt time to opt for an open-air dining, midst some plush settings. And, if you thought that we are indicating to some sort of a romantic date night, then you are probably wrong this time... Wondering why? Take a look...

The Beautiful Setting at Kylin SkyBar, New Delhi

Express Menu at Kylin SkyBar

There is no dearth of fine dine options in the capital city but when it comes to fine dine in open-air, one needs to think about it really hard to figure out the options available. And, that's exactly why you must be introduced to the beautiful Kylin Skybar at Kylin Premier, one of the fewest, rather best of open-air or terrace eating out options available in NCR.
From the Express Menu, Super-healthy & Yum!

So, it was during our recent fashion shoot in Feb, we gotta experience this plush gazebo style restaurant that's part of Kylin Premier, which offers Oriental cuisine with a live Tepanyaki Experience. The restaurant had recently launched the all new express menu. As the name suggests, it is meant to be a quick order menu that has a fixed set of courses or dishes to try for. Primarily, meant for people who are in a jiffy but still want to enjoy the authentic Oriental flavours. Called as lunch on the run, this menus sumptuous and is a perfect way to enjoy the warm hospitality of Kylin group. For us it was a perfect choice to go for, post a tiring fashion shoot.
The Interiors at Kylin Premier Restaurant...

We enjoyed the dishes like Som Tam from the live salad counter, and later Sichuan noodles, from the Wok menu. The serving was pretty quick, and the portion was satiatiatingly decent. For someone who has been in this business for more than a decade now, we certainly didn't review the platters as they were simply spot-on.

The roof-top restaurant makes a great choice for the present season, especially when you want to spend quality time with your family and friends. While we didn't try the bar and the cocktails, it's time for you to book your table and share your experience with us. Check out the Details here:

One-stop Destination for Fashion

When life is too busy to imagine a retail therapy offline, it's time to go online for your shopping dosage. Well, we know that even online is quite time-consuming, especially when a woman has to shop for her wardrobe, accessories, and even footwears. That's when brands like KISS come in to offer an all-in-one solution for your style needs. Take a look at Keep it Simple & Sexy (KISS) 

Some Beauties by KISS.. the Packaging is Simply Stunning!!
So, the brand KISS by Archana Vijaya, a woman who wears many hats, TV presenter, a VJ, and now an entrepreneur,  is an online space, an e-comm fashion portal that is going to bring to you the best of designers, brands, and styles from the newest collections. She recently organized a pop-up launch party in the capital that we attended, just to get some more details of the brand... " My brand is all about newest styles from the best of designers of this country. Names like Rohit Gandhi & Rahul Khanna, Kanika Goyal, Ritu Kumar, Dhruv Kapoor, Bling by Namrata, Zariin, Encrustd, Soutache, Rashi Mahendru, just to name a few is what you will find at KISS. Yes, the idea is to stick to the basics, but in the most stylish or quirky way possible. I guess that's exactly what women want." said Vijaya during the launch..

No wonder, she is right as we could see some really nice collection of these designers, and priced moderately to suit the online shopping culture and price point!

When are you heading to KISS? It's just a click away, you see!!

A New Wellness Clinic in the IT Hub

While the capital of India is flooded with some amazing wellness and beauty clinics that offer an absolute holistic approach and services when it comes to beauty & skincare, the NCR, especially Gurgaon that was yet too have one, has now a brand new Wellness address to boost and talk about...

Soham Wellness, one of the newest wellness clinics that opened it's doors to the men and women of Gurgaon is a centre that has all the reasons why you must visit it. We recommend so, as we got a chance to review one of it's aesthetic services recently that we are sharing with our lovely readers here!

Luxe Reception at Soham Wellness, Gurgaon

A Clinic With USFDA Wellness Gadgets

The clinic is in the midst of one of the plush locales of Gurgaon, and situated in a peacefully tucked-in corner of one of the busiest malls of the city.  The moment you step inside the clinic, you certainly know that this place is gonna treat you the way you want. And, why not? After all, the clinic is conceptualized by a pair of 'she' entrepreneurs, and we at Allwhatshewants know that when the brand behind a venture is of a woman, all you expect is perfection...

We had a candid chat with Divya Ohri, one of the founding partners of SW who briefed us about her journey from the US to India and how she finally decided to start SW, with her partner Shalini Shetty. " I have always believed in complete wellness, and I could see women in India getting more and more aware about the clinical treatments. In fact, men in Gurgaon are one of our major clientele, when it comes to Botox," shared Divya. Wow!
Post the discussion we took a brief tour of the property, which is nice and cozy, with each therapy or treatment room decent enough to make you feel comfortable. While the experts were not around, especially of the treatments like CoolSculpt or Bio-Harmone Replacement therapy, we thought of trying Exilis Elite, but finally went ahead with the safest best, which is Hydra Facial...

The Review

The therapist knew her job well, and the machine used for the facial was the one that hardly a few derma experts in the city have (most go for the smaller version of it) This facial has been doing the rounds off late, and be assured Soham certainly doesn't disappoint you. The before and after pics are a valid proof of what your skin got transformed into. We stepped out of the treatment room, post 45 mins, revived and refreshed... like never before!! 
SW is not just for clinical or aesthetic treatments, the place also offers services like counseling on diet, nutrition, and exercises to treatments like anti-ageing, pigmentation, weight management program, acne, skin tightening and stretch marks. 

How about kick-starting your New Year with Soham this time!! 

Softer Outside & Stronger Inside: NU's Feather Touch Denims Review

For a style-conscious woman to ask if she has a pair of denims in her must-have fashion wardrobe will be an utterly foolish question, but to tell her that there's is something super-cool in Denims that she is yet to try, will be a smart strategy. And, that's exactly what we are doing, as this cool denim brand Numero Uno has unveiled it's new line of denims called as Feather Touch. Take a look...

It was one nice morning early this month (Nov 15) when we reached NU's plush store in Gurgaon, just to check out the collection and what exact;y feather light jeans are all about. Like any curious denim lover, we too were looking for that pair, and were soon introduced to FT section. The unique tag, with a delicate feather on the back of the jeans is a first indication that tells you that, oh! This is the one. You try to feel it, and that's when the miracle happens. This NU jeans is awesomely soft, like softness that's never been associated with denims. And, what surprises you further is the fact that the jeans line is launched with men's wear first, and will gradually have a variety for women as well. Now, what can be a best International Men's Day gift.. Not to forget, it's movember too...

We spoke to the team to know more about it. " This is a new finish that NU has done on it''s fresh line of jeans that comes in basics, stone washed, wrinkled and even bleached. You can fee the softness the moment you touch it. Men had been looking for such options, where the denims are still sturdy but the texture is soft and delicate," told Manjula Gandhi, Head Planning & Supply Chain.

FT makes a lovely choice this winters, and you will be surprised that while we picked a piece from the men's section, we loved trying it out. And, you must watch our Insta for the exclusive OOTD that we will be doing soon.

Till that time, how about checking out the closest store of NU for your pair of Feather touch pair?Price Point: 2999/- Onwards

For a Comfy Super-busy Day: Crocs Busy Day Collection Review

Rare are the days when women are not multi-tasking, or sitting at leisure. Women are always on a super-busy mode, be it a working woman or a woman who's looking after the household chores. Well, this certainly means that most of you are always on your toes, which might start aching if the footwear that you are wearing is not meant for a busy day. Don't fee surprised as most of us don't even know that it's the right pair of footwear, and above all the brand that makes a huge difference when it comes to providing comfort to your feet. 

Busy Day Skimmer Range...

Busy Day Satya A-line...

Look what is Crocs India offering you this season? Busy Day collection of footwear is the newest from the brand this winters. The collection is designed to provide women go places in a super-comfy, easy-on sneaker style pairs.

The pairs are available in two chic styles: Busy Day 2.0 Satya A-Line and Busy Day Skimmer . We received a lovely pair of Skimmers from the brand sometime back when we visited their head office to know more about this collection. We tried the pair for almost a month before featuring it as we wanted to be sure of the comfort factor that the brand otherwise claims...

Well, needless to say that the pair is super-comfortable. Best to wear it with a pair of socks, the Skimmers are a sheer delight. You can stay on in them for the entire day, and you simply won't feel any aching, which you usually fee in a pair of normal leather footwear, or of course, heels...

This festival season, when women are gonna be super-busy, this pair makes a perfect choice, as you can do your running around, shopping rounds in this comfy pair.

What We Observed: 

While the pair is a complete relaxation, the size could be a little concern as what your normal footwear size is for any other pair of shoes, this one is a little over-sized and thus, a pair of sicks is mandatory. Also, it looks a little bulky compared to other sneakers, but then it's all about comfort, you see...

Price Point: 3,999/- Onwards (For some it might pinch, but then it's Crocs after all!)

Go Spanish This Season, With Beer

The season of festivals and get-togetherness is right here, and so is the all new Spanish Beer Mahou Clasica... Yes, when it's celebrations, women are moving on from Wines & cocktails to the manly drinks like beer, and looks like brands are realizing this changing trend and so the oldest brands of beer like Mahou, from European continents are coming right here in India. We tried one of the range from this brand over a beer tasting this month... take a look!

It was a warm , sunny afternoon and Erik d’Auchamp, CEO, Mahou India  & Jose Julio, Mahou’s Master Brewer were present to tel us more about the brand, and of course about the beer and it's tasting.

Glass Full of Happiness...
Mahou Clasica!
" Mahou is one of the oldest beer brands, and the brand is know for it's quality beer along with it's various range of beer. The secret lies in the yeast ingredient that we use, which is no wonder, a secret. This one is Clasica, the beginners level beer, which tastes mild and yet has a unique flavour to suit your Asian taste-buds," briefed Erik. 

Indeed, he was right. Women are usually not beer lovers, the reason being simple.. they are calorie conscious, and the myth around beer that it adds those extra bulges around is more than enough to keep women away from this unique drink. Well, this may be true but Clasica is simply amazing, it tastes sweet and yet has the subtle bitterness that envelopes the overall flavour. Women may not want to go for a pitcher full of it, but you won't mind finishing a couple of bottles over a candid conversation, or some light bites. Erik further told us that in Spain there is no gender ratio when it comes to beer consumption, but here in India the brand's sure targeting women as well.
Later, Jose Julio, the Master Brewer displayed the perfect way of pouring beer and then enjoying it .. just like that!

So, for those who are still warming up to a masculine drink like Beer, Mahou Clasica can be a nice option to kick-start with...

For a Shimmering Festive Look

Festive fever is already rising and so is the need of that perfect festive look. And, why not? After all, it's exactly the time when super-selfies & sexy pouts start trending. When we talk about pouts & selfies, it's the lipcolour that instantly comes to our minds. So, if you have been looking for the right shimmering shade for your festive lips, Oriflame India has recently launched The ONE Range...

The Right Shine on Your Lips by Oriflame India

The ONE Power Shine Lipstick by Oriflame India

We received these two shades (see pic) from the brand last week to try & experience the newest from the brand.

No wonder, the shine is simply amazing & make a perfect choice for your evening celebrations. What's even more interesting is the price point, which is INR 449/-. This actually makes it a steal deal product, however, the lipstick has a couple of concerns like the gliding stick is a little rough, and has a very plastic feel. The colour stick is quite thin compared to the other brands of the same category, but other wise is smooth on lips..

As the brand says, the ONE Range has been tested & ensures 50% shinier lips than the regular lipsticks. And, what helping it doing that? The intensely reflective MetaShine Pearls! additional, this range has SPF 12 & helps keeping your lips hydrated all-day long. 

If you are looking for a pocket-friendly lipstick for your occasional wear, this is decent bet as it comes is 8 vivacious shades of pinks, reds, mauves and browns... Time to make your lips shine high this Diwali!

Go Online For Your Daily Grocery Needs

We are busy-bees of today's super-busy world, and when it comes to stepping out just to fill those empty jars and fridge in the kitchen, it looks like one big task, especially when there are loads of other assignments pending. But then, the basic needs are the ones that can't be ignored and probably that's the key reason why you must go online to shop these day-today requirements of home!
We are talking about the grocery items that are the need of every home, and with life going busy, and traffic going mad, to shop for these basics online is a convenient option. We are here to share our first-hand experience with the readers as we recently tired, a newest entrant in the virtual world for grocery...

Online Grocery Shopping with 

An Amazing Variety

Let's talk about first thing first. For a woman who does her grocery shopping, all she looks for is a decent variety of products to choose from, and if an online store is offering something like that it's like cloud nine. We too had the similar feeling when we tried SRSG. The brand has an ample variety, be it the regular or the organic food, be it the Indian brands, or the imported ones. You can actually select according to your needs and budget. The picture above is showing what all we ordered for. Since it was a review, we simply tried to check out each and every section of the online store to write more about it!

What We Observed?

SRSG is a good options, and you can skip stepping out for grocery shopping, if you have other important engagements at home or work. However, we also noticed that with online grocery shopping, you don't have a control on selecting products with fresh manufacturing dates, and chances are that you might get items delivered that are not that fresh what you had wished for...
The organic range at SRSG is really cool, and even the imported one too. But since it's a new player, we are quite sure that with some experience and consumer feedback, the brand will add some more variety and brands in their kitty, along with delivering products that are fresh only!

Till then, you go online and check out the portal. It's Rakhi time, don't you forget...

When a Smartphone Replaces a DSLR 

The title may sound a little too much, but yes there is this new smartphone in the market that claims to be a replacement to your DSLR!

LG India recently unveiled LGG4, and it's with us for the exclusive review. While the review feature will soon be flashed on Allwhatshewants, this one is just a brief to what unique feature LGG4 comes loaded with...

The Camera Does all the Talking

LGG4 is a visual delight, be it the physical appearance or the camera in action. As the brand says that it's the first to introduce G Flex2,  which actually bumps up a Full HD display on a 5.5 inch screen. The other new add-ons are Gesture View and Glance View, which we are yet to explore during the review period. The display’s resolution has also been boosted up to 1080p Full HD, which makes every UI detail appear crisp and alive. Additional, this smartphone has fast laser auto focus camera that helps to capture your beauty, even in low light, sans any grains... The camera actually measures your distance using a laser beam, combined with dual LED flash & the brand's OIS+ technology, just to deliver a picture that can challenge any shoot-based cameras...

Hmm, we are yet to try our hands on this unique feature, till that time who don't you go out and choose your smartphone? Need we say LGG4... 

Go Online for Quirky Jewellery

No fashion look is complete till it's not complimented with a nice and elegant jewellery. But do you think that today's women actually go for those heritage pieces that are passed on from one generation to the other for a day-today look? Of course not! Thanks to this surge in online shopping, more and more women are going for quirky, easy-on-pocket jewellery that's only available online, especially with brand's like!

Danglers From 
Yes, we say so as we recently tried (see pics) a couple of jewellery from Voylla, paired them with designer & festive wear saree just to see how the pocket-friendly jewellery look...

Pairing Ethnic Danglers with Designer Sari

The first that we tried was this beautiful pair of beaded danglers, like really long and chunky with a summery chiffon sari from designer Anu PD. While the backless blouse was enough to compliment the whole party look, the earrings from this online brand proved wonders in the top-to-to look.
Wondering how? Well, the danglers simply looked stunning, especially for the tiny little beads, woven so intricately, along with the golden bell-shaped design towards the end of the earrings.

The closeup picture will give you a fair idea or the size of the earrings. You might find it a little heavy initially, but the pair is just enough to accentuate the whole look.

Price Point: Quite an easy buy, we must say!

Go Chunky On Wrist

Yeah, who has the time to wear those tiny, slim bangles one after the other, unless it's a serious leisure look. It's time to replace your bracelets and bangles with a chunky, yet classic wristband like the one that we tried. We simply loved it. All you need to do is slip-in your wrist in this clutch, and you are done like  a pro...

The finishing of this clutch is perfect, with the metallic finish being the key highlight of this beauty. Voylla has many more options to choose from when it comes to bold jewellery!

Wondering about the price point? Well, this one is a little higher compared to the first one, but then it's totally worth it...

What We Liked?

Voylla is one cool online destination for women who are looking for indo-western variety, in a set budget. You will be surprised to see their on-going sale, which is like a must-have buy.

How about letting your men about your new secret craving.. Hmm, online jewellery shopping we mean!!

Get Hooked to 'The Taste', Season 2

Food is the very essence of our life, literally we mean. And why not, be it in the form of cooking, learning new recipes, some healthy DIYs, or for that matter getting inspired from a new food programme on your fave channel, like TLC?

Well, yes! The channel is back with 'The Taste' season 2, and decided to announce it formally with some lovely bloggers in the capital, over some food-tasting, and candid chat...

Some Splendid Innovation at Olive Bar&Kitchen

 What's The Taste All About?

Like us, many of you out there must have missed the previous season of this interesting series, which kick-started from 11th May. It's a cooking competition-based programme, with 4 cooking mentors, rather culinary masterminds (Chef Marcus Samuelsson joins Nigella Lawson, Anthony Bourdain and Ludo Lefebvre)
A Casual Eve Over Food-Tasting

judging, fighting, sharing, and of course evaluating to select the best cook of UK!

Unlike any cooking competition on TV channels, this one has some amazing mysteries to reveal with each passing episode. For, it has these celebrity judges who will select their own teams (of 4), then do some blindfolded tasting & sampling. Now, how cool is that! You never know, it could be someone from your own team getting eliminated...

We were shown the glimpse of the episodes that will be aired soon on the channel, and each of us sure enjoyed, especially the blindfolding. And, team TLC made sure to make us experience this blind-folding during the food-tasting at the beautiful Olive Bar&Kitchen, under the supervision of our very own Chef Dhruv!

So, don't forget to switch on TLC each Mon & Tues at 9 for The Taste...

The Perfect SUV for Women, is Here!

Sturdy Exteriors & Elegant Interiors is What
Creta by Hyundai India is all About...
If you are one of those who had been looking for that 'right' SUV for yourself, there is a happy news for you...

The wait is over as Hyundai India recently unveiled it's latest SUV, Creta, which the brand claims to the Perfect car, in the SUV segment!

Sturdy Yet Elegant

So, what exactly makes this SUV a perfect SUV? Well, for women there are many things that they look for in a car. Right from it's overall look, to a smooth drive, to the essential add-ons, and finally to the best of surprise elements that are there to woo them instantly. And, that's exactly what Creta is offering. The design is pretty fluid in nature and gives a modern & chic feel. But at the same, it looks strong and has a domineering feel. Which means, when women are driving a Creta, all that's assured is safety and strength, keeping men at bay.. result? No honking, at least we can guess so...

With an easy push button to start, & power steering to manoeuvre, Creta has power-packed engines. The body is made with Advanced high strength steel (AHSS) and Ultra High Strength steel
(UHSS) to create a structure that's light for better mileage and enhanced collision durability. Apart from that it has both 6 speed auto & manual transmission, 6 air-bags for total protection, rear parking system, height adjustable belts, auto video navigation, adjustable front & rear head-rests, fully automatic temp control, luggage lamp & net to keep it intact, front & rear power outlets... just to name a few! 

Looks like the key features are unending! Well, we have simply shared the fact file with you, it's time for you to take a test drive & go for this perfect SUV!!

For the Spiritual You

There are rare occasions when we cover something that is related to spirituality, but with the moth being May, and Mothers Day the biggest day of this month, we decided to bring to this novel gifting concept, which many of you may find appealing.

Feel Blessed This Mother's Day!

Feel Blissful in Sterling Silver 

While silver is one of the purest metal, be it for jewellery, fine dine or even ailments, deities in silver is one of the oldest trends. But with sterling silver coming up in a big way, brands are leaving no stone unturned in offering you something different and unique. That's where  this panchmukhi hanuman from D'Mart Exclusif comes in! Part of the brand's World Limited Edition Collection, this is a piece worth gifting the ones who truly believe in the essence of spirituality...

Powerful in look, and edgy in style, the latest collection from the brand is quite innovative and unique. Though, as a woman, you tend to connect with products that have an aesthetic appeal, like the tableware, or decorative pieces. 

What's Interesting?

Embellished with Swarovski and jewellery glided in 24K gold, the sterling silver used in the piece is 92.5 % pure. And, we believe so as the previous pressies that we have received from the brand till date is shining with that brand new sheen, even after 2 years...

Price Point:  INR 2.18 lacs

For the Love of Denims...

If you thought that Girls love diamonds than anything else, then it's high time for you to redefine this old saying.. It's Denims that is the new-found love of women today, and not just any Tom, Dick & Harry denims, but the latest super-comfy & yet skinny jeans 711 from Levis Strauss & Co. India. 

The brand recently launched the 711 range of jeans in the dream city Mumbai, and Allwhatshewants editorial was part of this lovely launch this month (May 6th ). The Levi's history of denims is quite a know fact to the denim lovers and believers, but not many of us are aware that the brand has been successful in preserving this amazing history, and we were lucky to witness 'it' during the launch... Wondering how? Read further here...

Some Splendid Moments With Levi History,
With Tracey Panek

Before the formal launch of 711 series, the brand's Historian & Custodian Tracey Panek briefed the history of Levi, how it originated, what was the first denim jeans like, and who all have been the inspirations for the last 60 years in the making of newest styles of denims. 

The 711 Jeans...

She had also brought the original first few pairs of Levi jeans from the various periods of the denim history. Be it the classic 60s or the hip-hop 80s, we got the glimpse of the original and rarest pairs of jeans from the brand...
And, then came the moment that we all were waiting for! The unveiling of 711 jeans. This new style of jeans from the brand is super-sexy, and of course skinny. But, if you are thinking that the jeans is only meant for the slim and model-figures, then you sure must give it a try. As the 711 jeans is amazingly comfortable, and we say so as we reviewed this jeans that we got as a goodie from the brand, during the launch for more than a fortnight. 

711, a Must-have in Your Denim Wardrobe

Yeah, no exaggeration! The fit of the jeans is the key highlight of this style. Fits well on your waist (yes exactly, it's not low-waist), end on the ankle (exactly again) and the hits of rip effect here and there simply make it chic and hot. What'\s interesting? You don't need to be in your 20s to wear this lovely style of jeans, which is what a common myth is. All you need is the right attitude... and of course, a super-duper love for denims! Levi 711, to be precise!!

Make Your Travel-time Check-in Safe & Restful

For today's busy working woman, her job comes with some cool incentives, and quick & short travel is one of them. While she may be enjoying it and finds such travel a great way  to break out of the rut, but where is she gonna stay is still matters her the most. After all, check-in a hotel that can offer safety and relaxation is the key to a fab travel.
Formule 1, the ultra-budget hotels from Accor Hotels, is what we recently visited, in Gurgaon, which is their newly opened chains in the NCR, apart from the one in NOIDA! We spent a night at this compact & cozy hotel just to see how rest and safety can come at a pocket-friendly price...

What's an Ultra-budget Hotel?

Now, before we tell you more about Formule 1, let's first have a clear understanding of what is an ultra-budget hotel is? Such hotels come with the minimum basic facility provided in your rooms and are primarily meant for working travellers or sometimes families who travel to busy destinations for some leisure travel. The cost of staying at such hotels is pretty basic, and yet the stay is super relaxing...

And, this is something that we noticed when we reached this interesting property in the busy tech city, Gurgaon. 

What's Interesting? 

Formule 1, is a no frill hotel, which means that you get the basic luxury of any hotel at a price point that suits your travel plans. So, the moment you step in your room (see pic) all you see is an area that's like  a miniature of a luxury hotel, with a TV mounted on the corner of the white-washed wall, a cute little work desk right under the TV, and a mini version of wardrobe for your 2-3 night stay...
Now, if you are wondering if there is any toilet or a bating room attached to your room, well, you can sure relax as the room sure have both, very neatly designed indeed...
While Formule 1 in Europe follows a concept of communal washrooms, for other continents, they are offering a private area in your room itself! Well, makes sense as that's exactly what a 'she'traveller wants!
The Reception & the Rooms of Formule 1, Gurgaon
Additional is the WiFi, which was quite impressive... 
We post the check-in decided to explore further and headed to the reception area (in pic). The reception is beautiful, and quite peaceful. For a simple reason, it's a hotel fro working audience, so by afternoon the buzz has already left for their workplaces!
The Gurgaon property is right next to a mall, which is what we were briefed ( by Philip Logan, Vice President,Formule1 Group of Hotels India) . that the brand is making sure to bring in the chain of hotels at places that have busy markets around. Wondering what's the reason? 
The hotel doesn't offer you a room service for lunches or dinners, rather you can place order at the reception for the choice of your food, and the same is arranged from the nearby restaurants, like in this case the restaurants running in the mall offer the quick services. Believe it, the food is good and matches your taste-buds...
And yes, if you want to try the hotel food, the morning breakfast buffet is something which sure not to be missed. From SouthIndian delicacies, to some European breads & healthy fruit options, you can actually step out of the hotel satiated...

What We Observed

Some of the key things that immediately get your attention is the safety feature. While you can't access any floor using the elevator without the keys, you can't even access the lobby on a floor without your keys, as each floor has a glass door right opposite the lift , so you will have to unlock t to access your room on that particular floor. 
Somewhere as a traveller, you may not be convinced with the size of the room, as for an Indian traveller, such a cute little room in a hotel, during her travel is still a very new concept, but when you hit the bed post a busy way, all you notice is the text written on the bedside wall, which is all about relaxation & tranquility...
We checked out this mini luxury the other day.. do we need to say fresh and happy? 

Rates per Night: On Request

Fresh Luxury for Your Fine Dine

Women who love food are always on the look-out of the best of dining places around, and if you are one of those, then feature will sure not disappoint you...

The All New Tamra at Shangri La Eros, New Delhi

Tamra, a New Fine Dine in the Capital...

Shangri La Eros Hotel, located right in the centre of the capital is inviting you for many different reasons these days, and why not? They have launched Tamra, a multi-cusine, all-day dining restaurant on it's first level. This is exactly the place where they had their previous restaurant. Tamra, as the name says, is a beautlfully done, one of the finest restaurants' that we reviewd and experienced in the recent time.

Beautiful Copper Vessels on Infinity Tables, in Tamra!
So, we reached this place one afternoon just to check out what's new, and how thisfreshly revamped restaurant is different from the previous one?

Tamra is class apart, the moment you step in, you see a huge dining space, with tucked-in luxe tables here and there. The restaurant looks pretty lively in a go, you instantly like the vibes that such a beautiful space-division gives...
The kitchens are quite interaction, and are visible and open for the diners to experience the culniary delight! We soon selected one such elegant dining corner that had a woderful daylight to offer. After all, it's Spring, you know!
Welcome Drink at Tamra

The Special Chocolate Dessert at Tamra...

World Cuisine Under One Roof

Yes, that's exactly what Tamra is all about. From Indian, Japanese, & Asian counters, you have any other flavours to offer. Before we could decide on what to go for, we were served this welcome drink (see pic). While the drink was ok, the presentation was simply surreal...

The restaurants screams loud when it comes to various design elements that it combines. As a diner, you find it a visual delight. From where we were sitting, the wheat grass planter boxes, used as backdrops looks stunning, and equally splendid was the leather strapped rolling pin canopy. Be it the leather colours used for the furniture, or the way food platters are served on your table,  there is a different sort of warmth at Tamra!

we tried many different vegetarian platter options, apart from trying a few dishes from the regular menu.

The food flavours are perfectly up to the mark (of course it's ShangriLa Eros after all), and the hints of chef's innovation is pretty visible here and there. The dishes kept coming one after the other, and we literally lost the track on the names. But then this one, which sure came towards the end was simply unforgettable...

Wooing Women With Chocolate

Looks like the restaurant has left no stone unturned when it comes to impressing their women audience. That's probably the reason why there special dessert has to be chocolate, and that too with such a fabalous innovation...

It did taste yum, and you might feel like going for another table-booking... just for this beautifdul dessert!

It's time for you to get the feel fo world cousine, only at Tamra this season...

Fact File:

The restaurant is all set to elevate the dining experience under the Executive Chef Martin Bracker, You will soon see stations are Asian, Indian and regional, Japanese and Teppanyaki, homemade gelatos and a Dessert Bar, Cold Cuts, Cheeses, Breads and a Salad Bar.

Set Your Kitchen for Some Brilliant Recipes

If you thought that trying the recipes of some of the well-known European restaurants, serving Indian cuisine will go heavy on your pocket, than you sure need to read this...
The Brilliant Restaurant is one of the iconic north Indian restaurant of London, and has been run by this Indian family for three generations. Surprisingly, the woman from this third 21st century generation, is the first one from the family to be part of this famous restaurant. Yes, Dipna Anand, a celebrity chef, entrepreneur and a food educationist was recently in India for her first book launch Beyond Brilliant!

Try The Brilliant Dishes in Your Kitchen With This!
Beyond Brilliant, as the name says is all about the journey of 'The Brilliant Restaurant'. But that's not all, the book primarily focuses on the best-seller dishes of the restaurant, the new add-ons to their menu, and some new healthy options that Dipna has tweaked as per the present day need.

It was interesting to know about the restaurant journey from her during her short visit to Delhi. "Yes, that's true that I'm the first woman from the family who has joined this legacy, and it feels great. I have been associated with University of West London. It's fun to teach about food and cooking techniques and see students getting inspired from Indian cuisine. I wanted to curate the Brilliant dishes, and that's when I thought of writing a book. We wanted readers to try what we have been serving for more that four decades,"said Dipna.

The book is fun for sure, as the dishes are Indian and so many of you out there would instantly feel like tying it out at home. We liked the fact that the book has some healthy options as well, despite being north Indian food. The recipes are easy, and the ingredients are something that any Indian kitchen is familiar with...

About The Author:

Dipna Anand, is a chef lecturer, restaurateur, and now a cook-book author based in London, UK. She has won the much coveted British Curry Award. Her award was announced by the British Prime Minister David Cameron. She will soon be seen in some of the episodes of Master Chef India 2015!
Apart from this she runs an Indian cookery school, does concept food demos and pop-up chef events, and has been featured in many newspapers, magazines and TV channels of UK.

Get the Best Star-rating AC in Pocket-friendly Price, This Summer

Spring is here and so will be summers soon. So, if you have already started looking for the right air conditioner for your home space, you sure won't like to miss this new launch. We all want the ideal 5-star rating when it comes to spending on a split AC, but more the star rating, more is the price point. But this new launch from Kenstar comes as a soothing breeze, for it's priced at a point, which is hard to believe...

Kenstar's New 5-star Rating Split AC, Available Only With
Kenstar, a brand that has been into consumer durables for quite some time has finally forayed in AC segment. Despite a late entrant, the brand is going to bring a bright smile on your sweaty faces this summer. The all new 5-star, 1.5 ton split AC from the brand priced at INR25,990 /- ..
Hard to believe, right? What's more interesting is that the brand has tied up with none other than, for it's exclusive launch. That means this amazing deal is available online only and that too on Amazon!
Let's come to the features of this new product, which comes almost half the price of it's rival brands out there in market...

Exclusive Features

The product comes with a year-long warranty, and the compressor with 5 years. Apart from the turbo cool, on/off timers, night glow buttons on the remote & digital display (there are the regular features), this AC has blue fin evaporator that automatically keeps the air clean. Also, it has anti bacteria filters with a 4-way air direction...
Seems like a lot in such a moderate price. Time for you to go for a Kenstar AC this summer!!

Celebrity Brand Campaign for The Season

IndiaMART, India’s largest online marketplace, rolled out its new brand campaign this week. The campaign that features Irrfan Khan, has an interesting core message as ‘Kaam Yahin Banta Hai’. The objective is to create extensive awareness among masses on the wide opportunities that the platform offers to the buyers across the globe, who could easily find sellers across different product categories, by simply logging on to IndiaMART.

Conceptualized by McCann, the 360 degree initiative is set to integrate Print, TV, Radio, Outdoor and a digital mix of social media – Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. It primarily focuses on the new age buyer, who demands hassle-free buying, either to fulfill his business or personal requirements.

The TVC provides an illustration behind the key communication ‘Kaam Yahin Banta Hai’. It showcases the award winning actor Irrfan Khan as a well informed, smart and new-age employee of a manufacturing house, who is pretty confident that all his key requirements could be fulfilled through IndiaMART effortlessly, whether it involves ordering of fabric, office furniture, buttons used in manufacturing of shirts, or air conditioners, etc. Each time Irrfan needs to order something, he merely plays a tune and accomplishes his task before one may even know, thereby implying that finding the relevant suppliers/ sellers is as quick and easy on IndiaMART as playing your favourite tune. The film signs off with the brand thought “ – Kaam yahn banta hai”..

Go Green With Saree

Huma Qureshi Walking the 
Ramp, Wearing Sorona Saree!

If you thought that the traditional ethnic attire of Indian women, which is saree is all about heavy braids, silk, weaving, or embroidery work, then you sure need to take a look at this. DuPont, Reliance Industries and Vipul Sarees recently collaborated to launch an interesting & innovative collection of “green”sarees. And, the beautiful Huma Qureshi was present at the launch fashion show, wearing one of the creations...

Wondering what exactly is the innovation, and howz the saree green, when we can see such lovely colours in the pictures? Well, these Georgette & chiffon sarees have been made using Sorona, which is a renew ably sourced fibre. As the brand briefs that this fibre is developed with less impact to the environment yet offers premium performance as well as comfort and the feel of fabrics like silk. In a simple language, the fibre has been developed from renewable plant-based sources, rather than the traditional synthetic fibres which are sourced from fossil fuels. This green fibre is then spun into a high-fashion collection that is inspired by the four seasons of spring, summer, monsoon and winter. 
What's interesting? The sarees are have been made in chiffon, crepe and satin material. They are light weight, super-soft, flattering to the figure, and can be worn in a jiffy, literally!! Makes a perfect choice for a busy women, which is what our readers are...

We attended the event to interact with Huma Qureshi, who has been inspiring many Indian women with her 'be comfortable with your body' approach. "I liked the collection as it's not heavy, and very breezy. I guess that's the way I like to be dressed. With actors, most of the time you dress as per the movie requirement, but then saree is like a must-have even for us. Also, with this range of saree, you don't have to do too much of makeup, just the basics are enough. For Indian women, whose day-today attire is saree, this lightweight, and comfy saree is sure a bliss. Even for working women,they can easily carry it during their official meetings,"said Qureshi...

Well, we sure don't disagree, as we too got one of the Sorona pieces as a goodie from the brand, which we soon are going to try (during spring) for the OOTD... 

Guess what? It already looks like a must in our wardrobethis Spring!
More About Sorona Fibre: 
SF is made in part from annually renewable plant-based ingredients and used primarily in fibre applications, including fibre for textiles used in apparel and home, office and automotive interiors, and fibre for carpet including residential, commercial and automotive carpets and mats.

Add Some Fun With Leather

Leather is one of the key essentials of any style-conscious woman's wardrobe, be it in the form of a coat, a bet, or a chic bag. So, if you have been missing out on the leather trends, especially in bags & clutches, just sit relaxed this winters, as there is anew brand WaterlilyLA that has come all the way form the US , just to mark it's entry in the Indian market.

The Lovely & Spacious Store of WaterLily LA in Gurgaon!
The brand, which got launched this month in India, opened it's first store in the NCR. We visited this beautifully done store (see pic above) just to get the glimpse of their collection, and what exactly the brand is all about. Leather, is what you see all around, and smell if you have the feel of the genuine leather. But hang on, it's not just 'the leather' but fashionably done, soaked in some fabulous colours, and styled in some intricate weaves giving each and every piece a splendid texture.

What We Liked

We liked the fact that the brand is headed by a woman, who literally is at the helms of all the affairs, be it the brand's concept, the designing, brand's website update just to name a few! Also, the store of this size is hardly anywhere in the capital. From the recently launched international brand's plush store in the upmarket Saket, to rest other biggies, the space impresses you in one go. Additional? The bags are sheer fun, from metallic to the blacks, from a sleek clutch, to laptop bag, from a party handbag, to casual slings, you will sure get everything here...

Waterlily LA is here to offer you some really cool choices this season, though leather comes at a cost, but women out there, we know that you never shy away when it comes to such luxe shopping!!

Get The Right Sparkle This Winter

While the winter festival season has already kick-started on a celebration mode, we are here to share with you an interesting way of adding some sparkle to your fashion wardrobe during this celebration season. If you have love for crystals, then Swarovski India and 's recent association will sure delight you... Take a look!
Glimpse of "Create Your Style"Collection, Available Only at!

So, for the first time Swarovski, which is well-known for it's fine crystals has tied up with the largest e-com of India, Jabong to launch it's limited edition collection 'Çreate Your Style' . Wondering what exactly it is? Well, it comes in the form of a jewellery kit, where in you can style your own jewellery in the way you want. You can tweak the pieces in different forms creating different styles every time you wear it.

What We Liked

During the launch event in the capital, we actually tried some of the pieces from their newest range and liked the fact that with every usage of the pieces, you feel that it's a new piece of jewellery. Also, it's the first for the e-com which wasn't into the premium jewellery before so what you notice is the price point for this jewellery which is quite affordable for any working woman!

What's Interesting?

The brand is offering you three separate theme to try and go for.
These are Vivid Moments, which is bolder in choice, Evening Elegance, which is all about multiple hues and effects for ethnic outfits, and Classic Simplicity, which as the name says is a palette of whites, clear cuts for an elegant appeal!

‘Create Your Style’ Kits are priced between 1,500/- INR to 6,000/- INR

Indulge in the E-world of Organics

With more and more women opting for a healthier lifestyle, be it in terms of beauty, food or even fashion, the digital world is leaving no stone unturned to pamper these women with an array of not just healthy but organic choices as well. And, we got a chance to review one such lovely website, which recently got launched in India.

Special Offers  Running on OrganicShop...
The brand that primarily hails from Jaipur, off late spread it's wings in the capital. As the name says, the products be it the food, the fashion, the wellness, the beauty, the key ingredient of each one is organic. And, we noticed the same when we reviewed some of their products from different segments just to get the feel of this organic portal!

What We Liked

The service of the website is super fast, we ordered in the evening, and most products got delivered the very next day. The other thing that most women would actually like about this website is the endless choices of the brands. and thus the options of selecting any budget. Be it a moderate, or the premium, the site doesn't disappoint you. You truly get what you look for. So like the beauty section, which is flooded with amazing skincare and haircare choices, same goes for the food section. You can select from Indian to the International food choices.

What We Observed

The apparel section of the portal still needs to come up in a big way as the choices offered are limited. But we understand, as organic fashion is not like a ramp fashion where you get all the cuts and styles as per your taste...

Organic Shop is an ideal choice for busy women who rarely find such organic variety offline. And the best part is that you don't have to step out of your comfort zone, as health is just a click away!

Warm Up in a Designer Stole

The winters are here and it's time to pep up your winter wardrobe with some fun element, and what can be a better way that a chic, colourful scarf, or a stole around your neck & shoulders?
Add a Dash of Colour to Your Winter Wear
With Shingora Stoles...

Well, if you thought that we will be talking about the regular stuff that's going around, then take a look at the newest collection from Shingora, which is conceptualized by none other that India's best designer Rajesh Pratap Singh...

The brand recently unveiled the designer's limited edition collection in the capital, just before the festival season. We got a chance to try and experience not just the collection but also a casual chat with the designer himself. " Women today are look for stoles and scarves that narrate a story and they feel a connect with the piece instantly. That was the whole idea of doing this collection. Someone who likes to experiment with newest textures, patterns, and has a taste for luxury fabric, she is my muse for this collection," said Singh!

Guests Trying  Stoles During the Event...

Now that we know about 'that' woman, let us talk about the new range. From animal pattern, to intricate borders and overall motifs, you will find some interesting element in each piece. Even the basic one, which is plain in lovely winter hues, has the brand's metallic logo  right at the corner, which you will admire for sure...

We tried draping the stole during the event, which you can check here at our Instagram Pic
And yes, the brand gifted a beautiful piece of stole in some vibrant shades and fabulous traditional motifs, though not from the designer's limited edition range, but we would soon be doing an #OOTD using it for our she readers...

It's time for you to check out the pieces, and find your personality in one of them...

Where Textiles Take a Chic Twist

Indian textiles and printing techniques have been talk of the town for the longest time, but with a concept store that screams printing and dyeing styles is something unique. And that's what the all new Bandhej store int he capital that opened it's doors for the women who love the Indian ethnicity, with a modern tweak...
Fine Bandhej Pattern From on of the Collections!

The store is located in the plush market of Delhi and is in collaboration with FabIndia, which is one of the finest Indian & western apparel brands of India. We visited the store during it's formal launch and got to know that it's been there for almost three decades now, and started with Gujarat. Probably, that's one of the reasons that you get to see those bright, vivid folk colours and printing patterns. We liked the store for it's sombre, unlike any Delhi fashion stores. Also, the collection is different, be it knitted, cotton, silk or fine embroidered attires or saris, you'll find something interesting for yourself... Like the way we did, we selected a fine knitted flared skirt for the review and experiential. The piece has become an essential element for our winter season's wardrobe now!

Fact File:

Bandhej is one of the first 'designer' labels in the country, that offered clothing for both men and women.
All textiles are designed at it's design studio and produced by skilled traditional craftspeople from all over the country including in Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Kutch, Rajasthan and Benaras.

For a One-stop Travel Stay Guide

Travelling is fun, but sometime this fun gets spoilt when one has to spend physical & mental energy is just zeroing on not just the place, even the stay. But with, you can save your energy only for the travel, as the website assures to take care of your stay by offering you the best of stay and packages this season...
Glimpse of One of the Travel-time Stays...

With a bouquet of more than 50 properties to choose from, this newest travel portal that got launched recently features retreats spanning geographies, cultures, price-points, experiences and vintages. Be it heritage homestays, eco-lodges, suites in metropolitan cities, luxury forts, nature retreats, cottages and just about every genre of interest, Vuniquehotels is a one stop guide to your choice of stay...

What's Interesting?

The website is built-in with an interactive selection feature which allows the online user to filter properties by area, price-point or desired experience. Additional, you get to choose International getaways like Nepal & Sri Lanka too!  So, plan your New Year travel by just clicking the portal where the prices are starting at 2280 INR (per night)...

Organic & Healthy Indulgence 

If work keeps you super busy, and all you need are those little healthy 'sip of life' breaks at your workstations, then there is an all new international tea brand in India to take care of your healthy yet rejuvenating needs. Pukka Tea from the UK recently got launched in India, and we got a chance to try and review some of it's women-friendly flavours that have wooed the global audience worldwide...

Flavours that Women Would Love to Sip...

The brand is primarily into the exotic teas, which means that you get to try some lovely flavours and blends of teas that have 100% organic ingredients, making your tea time an experience to remember! While the brand has launched it's varieties like the black, green and fruit teas in the Indian market, we decided to try all those flavours that we felt women would love. And guess what? The brand spoilt us for choices. From three mint tea, to peppermint and licorice, to lavender and chamomile, to marshmallows, and fennel just to name a few, Pukka has some fabulous and unusual combinations that make you crave for the sip every now and then...
We got a chance to interact with one of the co-founders of the brand, Tim Westwell over an email interview (we rarely do that). "Pukka has a range of teas that cater to both men and women but we understand that in most families, it is the women who are in charge of decisions pertaining to health. All our teas are women-friendly. But, if I had to recommend a few flavours, my top picks would be: Love- an abundance of flora and spices to warm your heart; Detox - a naturally sweet tea with aniseed, cardamom and liquorice to settle the tummy; Cleanse -full of herbs that purify the skin; Revitalise -to naturally energise and invigorate, and Relax - to induce peace and calm no matter the time of day or stressful situation,"said Westwell.

And, we tried all the flavours that he recommended. The orange chamomile in Relax tea was a spot, and we equally loved sipping organic rose in Love. The brand is present both online and offline with select stock in limited cities (mainly metros). But with the response from the Indian consumers, it will spread it's wings accordingly!

Fact File: 

The teas will fall under the premium price bracket of Rs. 375 to Rs. 400 per box comprising 20 tea bags each.

Make Your Selfies Fun with LGG3

If you are one of those who love clicking selfies, be it your OOTD (outfit of the day), makeup look, or the new hairdo, the all new LGG3 smart phone from LG India is a phone to look for this festive season. Allwhatshewants reviewed this latest model from the brand recently, and this is what we have to share about the product..

G3 seems to be the second and upgraded edition of G2, which the brand launched last year. The regular features of the product still remain the same, be it the panoramic picture, TV remote feature, or the app icons. But G3 sure looks like a premium category model, especially with it's overall look and feel. It's light, smooth in texture and of course elegant in appeal, something that women users are always looking for in a smart phone.
Let's move to it's photo features now that we primarily reviewed and conveniently ignored the technical aspects of the product. For obvious reasons of course! As a woman, we prefer to know if the phone can click good selfies or not...

Chic, Light, & Fab Display

When G3 Captured the Morning Bloom in Our Office
From nature, to selfies, to closeups, to some small videos, we tried everything with this new model, and surprisingly we were quite satisfied with the quality of the pictures and it's auto focus quality that helped us take selfies quickly. What you will simply love is the use of words like cheese, smile that make the phone camera click on it's own.  Check out the picture (in left) that was clicked early morning. The phone sure captures the mood perfectly, and the display shows the exact colours in a good MB size. 
Wondering about the price? Well, with smart phone prices touching the sky, G3 comes at a very very decent price. 25K for a  5.0-inch thin-bezel display, isn't this cool?

Bags for Your Style Statement

Gone are the days of flaunting a fashion piece that goes with every attire, especially a woman's bag. With more and more export brand venturing into the domestic market with their trendy sub-brands, and selling purely online, the women today are much at ease in choosing as per their budget.

NYK, a newly launched woman's bag brand sure falls in this fabulous category that we shot, tried and tested this month. While the offline fashion accessory market in India is flooded with many premium, mid-segment brands and therefore women have ample choices to select from, NYK seems to have made a clever decision by starting with the online market that still have limited domestic players as direct rivals.

What We Liked

The bags have some nice design elements that immediately grab your attention. Be it the buckle placement, the shapes and the pockets inside, or the texture of the material, they all look balanced and well in place. We especially liked the colour blocking pattern bags that we actuality reviewed. NYK has all the latest styles like slings, shoulder bags or even the clutches, which is an indication that the brand is taking care of a working woman's need.
My Bag Speaks About
my Personality...

We later spoke Nikyta Modi, Founder Partner, Nyk to know more about her venture. "We had been in the export business for quite some time and had a fair idea of international trends. That's when this idea of starting a domestic brand came in mind. NYK is a pocket-friendly brand that assures the modern styles in bags. The material used is certainly not leather but man-made and so the price point is moderate. Also, as a woman I realize that we want different occasions and so it's good to have something that's trendy, and can be replaced with changing seasons,"said Modi.

The Bags That we Shot!
Well, we couldn't agree less actually. Our overall experience with the brand was goo, it's just the material that can be made a little finer.
Our bag is an important accessory that jazzes up any outfit, be it a sophisticated look for the office or a look to wear for fun weekend, bag sets up a style quotient of one’s personality.

Fact File

Wondering where is the brand available? Check out the sort after portals like Myntra, Jabong, Flipkart to place your order or check the festival offers. Offline, it's there in the Central Chains of stores in B'luru, Ahmedabad etc.

Fitness Fashion for Winters

If your morning walks, the indoor exercise routine, and the aggressive gym sessions have always been about fitness agenda, sans any glam quotient, then it's time for you to get updated with the latest in fitness fashion. Reebok India recently launched their AW14 collection named, Studio range. We got a chance to review their new range, which is comfy, colourful and in sync with the latest sporty trends...

Denim Looking Sportswear by Reebok India

Denim's Sporty Look

Check out this training gear, made in light denims. The lower makes a great choice for brisk or regular walk. But that's not all, the autumn winter Studio collection has some elegant varieties for dance, jog, gym, and some aggressive fitness trainings.

Wondering what matches such fashion wears? 
Then check this out...
The latest fitness shoes from Reebok India are absolutely feminine. The brand has experimented with different textures and fabrics, be it the mesh that breathes & pumps air, or the lingerie (padded bra) material, that is ultra light. Surprisingly, some of these shoes are women's only shoes and the men's range doesn't have those styles!

Now that's something super-cool. We overall found the new collection consumer friendly, though many other top sports brands have already been there in the market with the similar range for quite some time. But, when it comes to price point, which undoubtedly is targeting a niche is still pretty reasonable, compared to Adidas or Nike...

What We Liked

The black leggings from the Spartan collection, meant for regular brisk walk. This is the one that we picked for the review, and it's actually comfortable quick dry. Seems like, fitness is the new chic mantra!!