Monday, December 5, 2016

Take a Veg & Vegan Break From Your Busy Day

When Busy Mondays start giving you MondayBlues, when a hectic day leaves you with little to crave for, and when an erratic work schedule takes a toll on your hunger pangs, it's time for you to take a vegan break as Vegan could mean a perfect 'Me-time'!

Yes, the month of celebrations and special days is already here, and this means you can simply take a break from your busy Mondays, just to divulge in an all-new Vegan and Vegetarian menu at this quirky restaurant, called The Hungry Monkey.

The Exclusive Veg & Vegan Floor at The Hungry Monkey, New Delhi

The Vegan & Veg Cuisine

With more and more women going the vegan way these days, seems like restaurants are leaving no stone unturned to woo the amazing diner this New Year season.And, it looks like The Hongry Monkey is the pioneer in this new trend. We visited this lovely restaurant one fine afternoon last month to check out the splendid veg and vegan menu that Chef Noah Barnes has conceptualized. While the menu is
 a gourmet European veg/vegan style, the whole idea is to offer a great variety to a vegetarian and calorie-conscious diner who love to dine out, post a busy day and yet can go back satiated and sans the fat-guilt.

We too visited this restaurant with this concept, and were utterly surprised to see that the restaurant has dedicated the entire floor for the Veg and vegan diner only. This comes as a pleasant surprise and one feels really special, you see..

Coming back to the menu part now, which is actually the best thing about this restaurant this season. Chef Noah is young and dynamic, and knows his F&B in and out. So, when we asked him about the food preferences of a lady diner he was candid and said, " Wel, they are always looking for low-cal cuisine, despite the fact that European cuisine is all bout cheese. That's where I felt the need of vegan menu as a lot of people these days are looking for an exclusive vegan option. Considering people are asking for veg variety, we have some amazing non-meat options like Shawarma Filo Rolls, Bok Chow Wrapped Cilantro & lime Mock Chicken Roulade," he summed.

True to his words, we realized after trying and tasting some of the delicacies that the chef has done a perfect justice to the veg food lovers as his menu is vast and you can select some cool dishes and platters, especially the VeganFlatbread Pizza, Sesame Crusted Spinach and tofu, The Vegan Gyro Wrap just to name a few. That afternoon, we tried some good 6-7 dishes (don't remember al the names now) and each one was unique in flavours, and presentation. What we particularly liked was the fact that despite being the European cuisine, you nowhere fee the need of dairy ingredients even if it's the pizza. The whole concept of animal and a dairy-free menu is quite appealing actually..

THM is otherwise one of the sought after restaurant chains in the NCR and with this new menu, we are quite sure that your busy days would sure end on something healthy and tasty at the same.

No doubt that we live in a city that's high on pollution and if a restaurant can offer you a menu that's curated keeping your health and lifestyle in mind, and is offering nutrient-rich food, we don't find any reason to not to try and experience this beautiful place this New Year.

What's Interesting?

The low-calorie options in the menu are a big yes for women, especially the working ones. Since you find lesser time to work out, you can simply go to THM for your hunger pangs and come back happy always!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Staying Fit With Super Foods & Fruits

Health is wealth and we all know that but imagine this wealth growing three times with just a few tweaks in your daily diet here and there. Well, the all-new concept of 'Super Foods & Fruits' is growing fast and it's high time for women to get the basic know-how of the best ones in this category.

Super Grains Like Chia & Quinoa are Perfect For Your Overall Well-being
Women in India today are going through a super-hectic lifestyle. That's not what we assume, but what the surveys reveal. And, the hectic lifestyle leads to illness like diabetes, blood pressure, lower hemoglobin and the unavoidable obesity. While we are extremely good at the multi-tasking life, our overall health is taking a toll somewhere.

Then, what's the solution? Should we simply sit at home and relax and take care of ourselves? Actually, you don't need to as you can still be the same super-woman, all you need to do is make a shift to the super eating habits that will ultimately help you get hold of the lost nutrients and nourishment that the hectic lifestyle left behind.

SuperFoods From CFTRI

Add The Right SuperFoods in Your Daily Diet

Superfood is not a new concept and we have been hearing about it for some time now. Though it has been part of our grandparents' lifestyle, we in the middle of the fast-food and junk-food fab lost it somewhere in between.

Well, it's still there and institutions like CFTRI are working hard to bring the best of the superfood to the Indian families in the best possible ways. Central Food Technology Research Institute, during the Trade Fair in the capital this month shared the details on how the experts at this institute have developed the agro-technology for growing superfoods like Chia and Quinoa in Indian conditions. We are quite sure that you are pretty familiar with these terms, thanks to the MasterChefs around, Chia and Quinoa are the fave ingredients in the modern cuisine. 

Combine Dryfruits With Chia & Quinoa For Yum Recipes
While Chia is the richest source of omega-3 fats from a vegetarian source and Quinoa has excellent protein quality and low glycemic load carbohydrates. Many celebrity chef dishes revolve around these two superfood ingredients in combination with another superfood, i.e. Dryfruits, and we will talk about it in the later part of this feature. 
What's interesting to know is that CFTRI in a global first, has collaborated with Oleome and developed a 100% vegetarian, Omega-3-enriched Ice cream called “Nutriice” using Chia oil, apart from the other product developments like Nutri Chikki with spirulina,  Multi-grain Banana bar, Chia chocolate bar, Roasted Quinoa munchies and so on... " Women today need healthier options not just for themselves but for their families too. We wanted to focus these products and their development and production right here in India. Both Chia and Quinoa are proven to improve heath and wellness overall," said Prof. Ram Rajasekharan, Director, CFTRI during the seminar. 

The Superfruits for Your Well-being

We all love fruits, and there are some amazing fruits that are known for the wellness feature apart from the beautiful colours they have, naturally. Yes, you guess right, berries are one of the essential superfruits that women must have in their daily diet. We all have been hearing about the benefits of berries, especially for women but we don't essentially end up eating these berries on a regular basis.

Cranberries Are Rich Source of Anti-Oxidants, Vitamin C & Fiber
Well, the reason is simple. In India, we don't find the berries so easily. They are either available during the season time, or are sun-dried available from the brands that are not trustworthy enough. But with many international brands focusing more on the India brands, we can get to find these berries more often. The SCG Group, which is a pioneer in the nutrition-based marketing of superfood and fruits, has been promoting the US Cranberries in India for some time now, and we got a chance to experience and taste these berries recently at an event in the capital city.

US Cranberries, unlike any other berries are high on antibiotic compounds and thus, can prevent UTI infection, something extremely common among women. Berries overall have ellagic acid as one of the key compounds in them which can help in cancer and tumor prevention. And here again, you can combine those amazing dry fruits like walnuts, fig, almond with these berries to create some yum recipe. Dry fruits are again low on calories and high on antioxidants, especially the walnuts, these superfruits make perfect munchies for your hunger pangs in the hectic lifestyle.

You have been shifting gears and work has been keeping you on your toes, but its never to late to shift to neutral and grab your superfood... just to head on with a bang!!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

High up in the Sky; Hot-air Balloon Ride At Taj Balloon Festival

Going up in the sky in a beautiful and safe hot-air balloon sounds so foreign to many of you but if we tell you that this adventure has been very much in India for quite some time, and you can get to experience the thrill and the excitement at the very scenic locales of India, don't be surprised!

Amazing Hot-air Balloons At the  Wonderful Agra City

Yes, Hot-air balloon rides are one of the newest adventure and leisure experiences that people are going for, and we got a chance to enjoy the same excitement at the second edition of Taj Balloon Festival, held at Agra. Sky Waltz, one of the government approved balloon adventure companies had invited us to experience the festival that is primarily about the hot-air adventure and an exciting ride over Agra, especially the iconic Taj Mahal...

No wonder, we simply couldn't say no to this invite and headed for Agra last weekend. It was a perfect TGIF moment as the ride was scheduled for the weekend and we knew that it would be one amazing experience.

OOTD With the Balloon that
 was Getting Ready to Fly!

 More About Taj Balloon Festival

The festival that is in the second season since it's inception last year, is all about the bird-eye view experience, via hot-air balloons, of Agra, one of the spectacular cities of Uttar Pradesh, that's globally known for it's wonder, the Taj Mahal. Unlike last year, this season was for good 6 days and the organizers had a good number of flights throughout. Conceptualized and well-curated by SkyWaltz, a fully licensed balloon safari company, TBF this season had around 15 participating countries that had the most amazing and beautiful balloons up for the specially curated rides, exclusively for media.

Yes, the event is not a consumer-centric event and thus, one doesn't get to avail it via tickets but by invites and some lucky draw. " The idea is to promote tourism and adventure. Hot-air Balloon experience is still quite new in India, though SkyWaltz has been organizing it since 2008. Right from Maharashtra, Karnataka, Rajasthan and now Uttar Pradesh, we have been doing balloon rides and people are gradually warming up to the idea of hot-air balloon adventure. You see, it's one of the safest mode of air transport," said Samit Garg, Director, SkyWaltz.

Up in The Sky & Other Balloons Queuing Up...

Right Under The Balloon,
Selfie With GioneeS6s

Well, there is no doubt and you realize it only when you are off to this surreal journey!

The Experience

If you haven't been in any hot-air balloon, we must tell you that you should sure not miss the chance if you get any, in future. The pictures around are giving you a clear idea of the thrilling experience it gives. Thanks to the Gionee S6s that we were carrying up in the sky to get the best aerial view of not just the city but of Taj Mahal in particular. Unfortunately, the morning was windy and the direction was the opposite of Taj and we ultimately ended up getting a hazy yet a beautiful glimpse of this historic marvel! 

So, what's the actual beauty of this flight, which is so unlike an airplane? Well, here too you have a pilot who gives you a brief about the flight, the duration, the direction, and the dos and don't during the flight. We were lucky to have Richard, one of the veteran hot-air balloon pilots from Sri Lanka who had been flying for last eight years to almost all the continents. He was happy to see that we were going to do all the photography with a smartphone." It's good actually, one should be as light as possible on a hot-air balloon. If you can get the best of shots with a smartphone, why to carry the bulky cameras as you want to enjoy the scenic view rather than keep taking care of your cumbersome equipments," summed Richard.

Balloon View, Others gearing up to Fly High...
The Burners Getting Ready to Blow Hot Air...

And, that's exactly what we did. We had this amazing Decathlon India's Sporty outfit(ootd feature coming soon) that had so many inner pockets that we could fit it our Gionee S6s easily in one of them when the flight took off. You hop in the sturdy basket, which has the capacity of around 5-6 people (including the pilot and the gas cylinders). The basket has enough space to stand comfortable, sit down during the landing and handles to grab strongly when the landing is a little bumpy.

 It was one amazing flight and we got the best of the view of Agra, be it the iconic Taj, the city, or the farms with greens. Once you are up in the air, all you experience is the silence and the surrounding. It's one splendid combination, and you feel like time has stopped for a while and you are hanging in the air... in the middle of nowhere...

Aerial View of the City With Gionee S6s
 We flew roughly for around 20 mins (it was a bit shorter than we expected) as the weather was windy and our pilot decided to land at one of the safest farms. And, it turned out to be really good...

Agra City From the Hot-air Balloon...
Taj Balloon Festival is sure creating a niche for travellers and tourism when it comes to adventure in UP. While a city like Agra is already on the heritage map, internationally, the balloon flights, offering the aerial view of Taj will stand out for sure if not today, in future for sure!

Hazy View of Taj Mahal With S6s
Beautiful Sky & the Hot-air Balloons in Agra!

And, that's how Taj looked up from the balloon. Despite the haze and the distance, we could get this clearer shot as we had S6s, from the S-series of Gionee with us that offers 13MP quality. The picture that you see in this feature have no additional filters but just the colour corrections.

We know that women love adventure, and hot-air balloon is one that they would certainly not to miss, especially when SkyWaltz is arranging flights for the newly married couples, the date flights, proposal flights, and so on.

The festival is over but the spirit is not. It's time for you to book your fight to enjoy one-lifetime experience of being up in the sky, and get carried away with the flow!

Fact File:

Taj Ballon Festival is an annual festival that witnessed it's second edition this year. The festival had two women Pilots this year, one from Malaysia and the other one from Poland. Hot-air Balloon adventure is a luxury, and the flights offered by SkyWaltz in India start from 15,000/- per person for an hour-long flight. The brand offers flights around Bengaluru, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Lonavla, and Agra.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wake Up With Make up; All You Need to Know About SPM!

When philosophers said there's nothing permanent in this word and on this earth, little did they know that 21st-century beauty experts will have something called 'Semi Permanent Makeup' for women who believe in being their best 24X7...

Well, no offense to the deeper meaning of this famous quote, the feature is more about the new trend of semi-permanent makeup, SPM in short. The lovely red lips, the beautifully arched eyebrows, the deep coloured liner that you notice on a woman's eyes, chances are that you might envy the perfection with which a woman is seen carrying it, but nowhere it occurred to you that it is something permanent and, the woman in picture must have been carrying the look sans any effort each day...

Get the Desired Look Now at Aayna by Dr. Simal Soin

That's what SPM is all about. And, India is not far behind in this trend as this new aesthetics in beauty is now very much in India, and Aayna by Dr. Simal Soin is the first beauty clinic to introduce this amazing new treatment at it's beautiful clinic in the capital city, Delhi.

What Does it Mean?

Like any other women who's not aware of this new treatment in the world of aesthetics, the first thing that comes to your minds is what exactly SPM means? Well, let us simplify it for you. SPM is similar to any tattoo treatments and involves the usage of fine needles that place the colored granules under the upper layer of your skin. Don't get scared, as this is done under the expert supervision globally, and now in India under the expert guidance of veteran beauty expert Dr. Simal Soin who knows the in and out of the science of beauty. While Aayna is the pioneer in India when it comes to SPM, this trend has been going around globally for quite some time.

This is considered to be micro pigmentation, wherein the right colours are added to the desired areas like lips, eyes, and in some cases cheeks as well to enhance the looks that usually is done with the help of make up products.

For the Perfect Eye-liner Effect...

Is SPM Safe?

Oh, yes! That's one common query that any woman would have, considering it's a treatment and not like a facial or skincare regime. Well, when done under the expert guidance, it is one of the painless and safest beauty treatments that Aayna clinic is offering at their lovely clinic. The clinic, which has a well-trained experts have been doing it successfully for some time now and, the results are absolutely fantastic.

For women, who don't want to go through the daily routine of make up application can sure consider going for semi-permanent make up. Since it lasts for good 10 month to a year, you know that you don't need to bother for your looks for a year at least.

What's Interesting?

You can still apply the choice of your lip-colour, the eyeliner or the rouge that you want to go for on the special occasions...


SPM is one of the safest new treatments offered in the beauty industry. But one must do a detailed research to know about it's side effects, downtime and the clinic they plan to go for. Book your appointment with Dr. Simal Soin before you actually plan to go for it!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Going the French Way: Patissier Neha Lakhani

It's been a while and we realized that we haven't featured an interesting and innovative 'She' profile with our readers in the series "Women at Their Confectionery Best". And, what better than a Tuesday to bring this Tuesday treat to you all? Yes, not often you get to meet such talents, and not too often you not just meet but relish the creations at the same time...

She's young, she's passionate, and she takes no nonsense when it comes to her work. That's the first impression that you get of patisserie Chef Neha Lakhani, Founder & Owner of Patisserie Royale, whom we met some time back in the capital city to know more about the creative side of this young artist. Don't be surprised, as chefs are artists in their own way, and we love their yummilicious artwork each time we visit them. And, that's how we met Chef Neha one fine afternoon, with our little reviewer who was more interested in the yum part of this candid interaction.

Chef Neha Lakhani
Orange Cake, Glazed With 
Dark Chocolate

So before we tell you more about Neha, let us know the basics first. So, Neha is a pastry chef, who has been associated with many brands of repute in past, and started her own venture
Patisserie Royale a couple of years back.

She's a pro when it comes to baking, and has a strong French influence. Now you might like to know what exactly is 'that' influence and does it differ from the Indian one? Well, the word dessert itself is a French origin, and the French desserts are typically custard, cream and fruit based as far as our understanding has. But then we had Chef Neha who shared more about it and her journey...

" I come from a finance background and getting into patisserie was not like a planned move but yes, was certainly my area of interest," told Neha during out candid interaction with her at Lavaash by Sabi, where she was working for a brief period. " A lot of people find it easy to associate women with pastries, desserts and cakes but not many know that this field is equally challenging and has it's own hurdles and struggles. I have been in the industry for a while now and the trend of international desserts and it's demand has grown over the past few years. I find French desserts to be balanced and more towards wellness as you have ingredients to experiment with and low-calorie options to go for. But honestly, one can't imagine a dessert without the high-ca ingredients, and most of the desserts are loaded with calories and thus, a guilty indulgence;" added Neha.

This one Tasted Delicious Like Anything...

One of the Creations of Chef Neha

No wonder, as each picture around can tell you that whatever is the influence, the cream, the butter, the egg, and the chocolate is not going anywhere when we talk about French desserts.

When we were busy doing the interactions, the little reviewer was observing this beautiful chef in a hope that she will be offered the yum creations just to feel a bit pampered. But in no time, even the little one could feel the sincere chef's dedication and domineering skills in her kitchen where she's the mentor to many other clefs. " Yes, I m a strict boss, you can say that. You see, women as bosses need to be like that. Especially in an industry like hospitality where everything is based on flavors, tastes and freshness. People either like you or don't like you," she summed.

True it is, as even the world of desserts works on discipline,  strategic planning and inclination to learn more.. the little reviewer by now knew that this chef is 'hat ke'  and 'special' indeed, while relishing her orange cake and veg pizza that fine afternoon...


Neha has been wearing many hats for a while now, as she not just runs her own venture, but is also an avid You-Tuber who showcases quick and easy  DIY recipes that can be tried at home too. Additional, she's on an expert panelist of a couple of news channels in India. She has recently been awarded by the Indian Federation of Culinary Association for excellence in her career and contribution to the industry.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Let Your Nails Speak About Beauty: Polish The Nail Boutique Review

The season of grooming and preening is never out, and if you have been thinking of getting a good nail-art done on your lovely hands then we are right here to tell you about the newest and the latest in this wonderful art!

Polish, the Nail Boutique is one of the newest launches in the capital city and we recently got a chance to visit and experience this beautiful nail art boutique this month. Nail art has been around for quite some time but you don't get to see many exclusive and stand-alone boutiques that offer chic, stylish and latest in this art. Also, the primary techniques of nail art involves a lot of chemical-based ingredients be it the gels or the colours used. They leave toxin substance in the environment that could be hazardous to health. That's where we found Polish to be a little hatt ke...

Nail Art Experiential at Polish The Nail Boutique
The picture above is of the nail-art that we decided to go for. This one is non-toxic and that's what the beauty of it is. Polish, which is run by four lovely women entrepreneurs we call them Shepreneurs) has products that are non-toxic even the gels used for the art purpose. And, that's something that you get to know when you interact with these Shepreneurs.

The Art Zones at Polish, The Nail Boutique 
We reached this plush boutique one fine afternoon to experience* the signature service of this place. The boutique for a nail art is big enough and you wonder if it's a salon or nail art? The whole boutique is extremely tastefully done and you know you are at the right place, and in the right hands...

Post the briefing by one of the partners, we straight away went for a nice pedicure for relaxation and rejuvenation. This one was badly needed, especially when you are a working woman and work keeps you on your toes.. Always!!

The Pedicure Zone at Polish
The staff is quite a pro and the technician knew his job well. He introduced the Aloe Vera pack for the massage and the mask for skin relaxation after the rigorous pedicure (scrubbing, cleaning nails and cuticles). The pedicure went on for close to 45 minutes and the feet post the aloe vera pampering felt super. It was time now to head straight to the nail art station where the technician was ready with the styles, patterns and the nail colours. Now, this is the trickiest and toughest part, to select the right colour, pattern and the style for your nails. If you have a party lined up, or an occasion round the corner, then a nail art with extension is the perfect way to enhance the beauty of your hands. But for a working woman, getting the art done on her actual nails is the safest bet and that's exactly what we decided to go for..

Polish is the Only Nail Boutique That Offers Personalized Prints on Nail Art!

Trends in Nail-art

Well, the world of style and trends is seeing some whacky and weird fashion in nail art and one has ample scope to play with crazy imagination to get te whaciest styles on nails. But we wanted to try the elegant styles that can go wel with any occasion and environment. After some brainstorming, we decided to go for nail art with 3D effect and chrome finish on one of the nails on both the hands. This looked quite a challenge, considering the floral motif but the technician was a pro once again.
After close to an hour or so, the nails (see the top pic) were ready to be flaunted. We simply loved the whole non-toxic nail art concept. Surprisingly, this is the only boutique that offers a personalized digital print on nail art. Since we didn't go for it, we can't talk about it's results. But the picture here is the example of how you can get a personalized style for your nails.

Well, whatever is your preference, all we can say is that this is one cool nail art place that should be your call for this New Year celebrations!

Price Point: On Request

(Team Allwhatshewants was invited for this experience...)

Monday, November 7, 2016

Forget Smog & Take a Refreshing Break: The Farmer's Home Review

When the weather in NCR takes a toll on your mood-swings and your Monday work-mode, and you feel like taking a break for some fresh air, then this feature will delight you for sure....

Remember the interesting feature on TheWhitePeaks that we did some time back? Here's the second one in that series. We really loved the way our readers appreciated that post, and it's time for you to check out the second beautiful homestay that the Founder of The White Peaks has added to her bouquet of private homestays... Oh yes, as we told you that the Founder happens to be a woman and it's time to introduce her to our sincere readers.

Aparupa Ray Ganguly,
 the Woman Behind The White Peaks

Meet Aparupa Ray Ganguly, the lady behind The White Peaks, a beautiful homestay situated in Uttarakhand that we experienced this Autumn season. Aparupa, who happens to be from the world of hospitality and is currently working as a Corporate Communication Head for The Imperial Hotel, one of the most luxurious hotels of the country, runs this venture with her husband (see pic). We did a candid interaction with her about her idea behind this venture, and how she sees the homestay trend coming up in India but before that we must now take you to her second property, which is The Farmer's Home, an hour-long drive from The White Peaks, and is on way to Mukteshwar in Uttarakhand.

Dining Area Outside the Cottage...

The pictures in this article will give you the feel of this simple yet rustic homestay that's bang in the middle of Peach Orchard, or rather surrounded by peach orchards around. Unlike TWP that pampers you with it's amazing hospitality, this one is a bit different. The Farmer's Home is like a farmers home actually, there's this gentleman caretaker who's villager-like appearance and good cooking skills impress you, there's this one bedroom simple cottage that has all the basic, yet elegant amenities that surprise you when you step inside your room, and there's this lovely stretch of road just outside the homestay that invites you for a long walk, down towards a stream of water, passing through a village that may not even be on the Google maps, probably...

We reached this homestay after spending a wonderful time at TWP for two days, and the final day was all about enjoying the simplicity of this leisure travel!

View From the Farmer's Home, Uttarakhand 
Food at The Farmer's Home... Delicious and Yum!

The Rustic Experience

The Cottage From Inside.. It has a Private Kitchen as Well!
So, if you are one of those women who do not wish to do anything when travelling to a village, or wish to experience a village life in the hilly region of India, then TFH is aptly suited for you. Just sit inside your hut, spend time reading books, listening to some good music, step out for a good home-food, to be enjoyed in the peach orchard, served on a wooden table and logs as your dining chairs, and then going out to take a long walk and enjoy the scenic beauty as you see in the picture above.

Well, actually that's exactly what we did and felt revived and rejuvenated before we left for the capital city the next day.

We later connected with Aparupa to know more about her venture, women travellers and trends, and of course, the new shift to homestays  from hotels and resorts. " and she shared some really amazing facts about her venture. "I have seen a steadily growing number of single women travellers who are either coming to enjoy some quiet, me-time or have an intellectual quest where they want to just be by themselves and probably write a book. The warmth and informality of a secure, home-like environment makes them feel at ease where they can eat what they like, sleep as long as they wish and generally be themselves without worrying about anything or anyone. The White Peaks was always meant to be a summer home and getaway for my family and our two dogs who never had a place to holiday with us. It was only later that we realised that we wanted to share the place and the experience with other like-minded people," she said.

Well, that's probably the only reason why you find this amazing homestay such a personal and bespoke experience that has it's growing organic fan-following, purely through word-of-mouth and first-hand experience, like ours. To which Aparupa adds and sums, " For us, commerce comes later. We want guests to treat our home like a home and not a commercial establishment. We want guests who respect nature and understand that the mountains are pristine and cannot be littered.  The White Peaks is not a place for those who like busy, activity based, noisy holidays."

Friday, November 4, 2016

Let Green Be Your Colour-code for Home Sweet Home!

We all have preferences for this or that colour and never miss a chance to flaunt it in some way or the other. Be it your wardrobe, your accessories, your beauty basics and even the smartphone cover, everything reflects your colour preferences.

But ever wondered if your home sweet home can be soaked in just one colour, the beautiful and fresh GREEN, how cool will it be? Oh, don't feel shocked as we are not talking about the paints here but the amazing shades of nature in the form of plants and trees. And, some women not just colour their beautiful abodes GREEN but also have a splendid collection and creation to offer and beautify others as well.

Earthly Creations & It's Stunning Collection
We call them Green Shepreneurs and recently got a chance to meet one. Harpreet Ahluwalia, Founder and Principal Designer of Earthly Creations, s She's into an unusual profession, her world is all about gardens and gardening, plants and planters, pots and potters, and above all creations and creators.

Yes, Earthly Creations, Which is a Noida-based venture is run from her amazingly beautiful and lavish home. A home that's more about her creations and less about the living space. The pictures around will give you an idea about what Harpreet does what a sweet little heaven she has created for herself and her super-happy clients. We were truly impressed with her 'out-of-the-box' venture when we visited her place one fine afternoon last month over a candid chat.

"I'm not a born artist but gardening and having some good plants in my home garden was a hobby. In this process of finding good stuff for my garden, some 10 years back, I somehow realized that not much variety was available around. Gardening was all about some basic plants in the very basic pots, grass and the hedges and if you were well-travelled, then some exotic add-ons here and there. I felt that gardens should have a personality and there is a scope of creative pots, accessories, tools, wall planters and pots, hanging garden, kitchen window planters and cute decor items, balcony garden and what not..."

And, that's how Earthly Creations came into picture. She's so right, as she has re-defined gardening, planting, and decor in such a way that today you visit her heaven and will be truly mesmerized by the endlessly creative collection. From garden accessories, teeny-weeny cutesy decor pieces, pots in wildlife, domestic and fairy-world themes, to plants that are exotic, seasonal and evergreen. Once you step-in, chances are that you won't leave empty-handed!

Surreal World of Greens

Harpreet's world of greens is surreal and you can never have enough of it in a go. She took us on a tour and we knew that we will have to come back again to check out the entire collection once again. The interesting element is a private collection (not in pics) that we took the glimpse of. This was the newest collection of planters that by now must be out for you to go for. We were curious to know more about the design team and the potters. "Well, I don't have a design team as such as I myself design these pieces that you get to see all around. Some of them have been classic and some I keep adding taking inspirations from my travel and the trends of course. But if you ask my personal favourite, it's the Frog. I love to see different forms and sizes of frog in planters and you will find toads to frogs in all my creations," she adds.

Greens Everywhere... Founder's Home Garden!
A Candid Selfie With Harpreet Ahluwalia (in Blue)

Queen of One-of-it's-kind Profession

Towards to end of the interaction, we wanted to know more about the potters who work with her, how the industry is and if there's any competition or gender struggle in convincing the clients. " You will be surprised to know that there's no competition in this industry as there are not many players around. In fact, there's not a single one in the entire NCR to compete with so there is no gender struggle too. I love the freedom that I have here. Coming to the potters, well I work with 35-40 potters from different states and yes many of them are women. But in this industry, they don't take it seriously and pursue it as a career but are around just to support their partners, financially, which is actually sad," sums Harpreet.

Well, we are quite sure that whether those women understand the creative side of this art or not, our readers will sure go for Green from now on. After all, a beautiful home with loads of greens and beautiful plants is what you would like to come back to & rejuvenate... forever!!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Rulers of The Culinary World & the 'She' Chef @TheWhiteHouse

There's no dearth of talent in the amazing culinary world and we keep bringing to you some such talents every now and then. But rare are the occasions when you get to meet the personal Chefs of the Head of States across the world, under one platform in your own city on a fine Oct gathering...

And guess what? We got this opportunity recently in the capital city of India, where Club des Chefs des Chefs (CCC) members held the 40th General Assembly at The Imperial Hotel, New Delhi. It was an experience of a lifetime to meet and greet the faces that take care of not just the entire well-being of the Head of the States but also curate the extravagant state dinners and dishes that reflect the cuisine culture of their respective country.

State Head Chefs During the Club des Chefs des Chefs 40th General Assembly
We  had yet another reason to attend this prestigious event and the following para will tell you more about it, of course! the event was commenced by Venu Rajamony, Press Secretary to the President of India, along with Montu Saini, Chef to the President of the Republic of India. Saini introduced Gilles Bragard, the Founder of CCC, and briefed about the annual meeting and how the superb talents will help in raising funds to support the Kailash Satyarthi Foundation-India, a charity headed by Nobel Peace Laureate Kailash Satyarthi, and Princess Diya Kumari Foundation, Jaipur.

Now, if you want to know more about these chefs, then take a deep breath as there were seventeen State Chefs, including Montu Saini, Chef to the President of the Republic of India, who had come to India for this meet and candidly interact with the media and the guests during the press briefing at the Imperial Hotel. From Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Spain, Germany, Gabon, Iceland, Italy, Sweden, Great Britain (chef to Her Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom), and America (the only woman chef Cristeta Comerford Chef to the President of the United States of America).  Post the briefing, they all participated in the cake-mixing ceremony of the hotel, and that's when we decided to greet and meet Cristeta Comerford, Chef to the President of the United States of America, and the only 'She' chef at the CCC's meet.

A Candid Selfie With Cristeta Comerford,
Chef to the President of the United States of America

First 'She' Chef at The White House

You will be surprised to know that Cristeta Comerford happens to be the first woman chef of the Head of States of USA. In fact, she's the first Asian to hold a position like this in the American history. A Filipino by origin, Cristeta was quite candid during the interaction and shared some interesting details about her White House journey. " It's been 21 years now, I joined the White House during the Clintons in 1995 but was appointed as the Executive Chef in 2005 by the First Lady Laura Bush. It has been an amazing journey and I thoroughly enjoy work," she said during the interaction.

We wanted to know more about the life of a 'She' chef at The White House and even otherwise at home, to which she smiled and said," Well I cook not just at The White House but at home as well. No doubt, I have a team of chefs and we are a team of eight who take care of the State dinners. It's a very very responsible job and we do many rehearsals to avoid any faux pas." When asked about what does the present First Lady prefers in her meals, she added," You see, she's a mum and thus wants a balanced and wellness diet not just for herself but for her daughters too. I am a mother too and I can relate to wellness diet. As personal chefs to Head of States, it's our responsibility to represent the best of our country and the culinary culture today is all about going back to the roots, going back to the basics, something that our grandmothers have been telling us time and again," she summed.

State Head Chefs in Candid Moments
at The Imperial Hotel, New Delhi
Well, that sums what exactly women want even if that's the First Lady of a country. Wellness is the key when it comes to a great cuisine, and perfection is what these top chefs assure, as always!

More About CCC

The club, whose members comprise chefs to Presidents, Prime Ministers and royals across the world, including US President Barack Obama, the British Queen and the German Chancellor, was conceptualizeded i the year 1977 by Gilles Bragard. The club is exclusive and has around 20 select chefs from all around the world today. Some of the veteran members are Chef Mark Flanagan who has served as the Royal chef of Britain for the last 40 years, Chef Jose Roca, who has been serving the Prime Minister of Spain for the last 40 year, Chef Bernard Vaussion who has worked for six Presidents in France, and Chef Christian Garcia who has been chef to the Prince of Monaco for the last 30 years.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Breathe Easy This Season With Air-purifier

If you ask anyone about the hottest topic of the day post-Diwali, it's gonna be the level of pollution and the alarming poor quality of the air that the citizens of India are breathing in, especially the capital of the country. Well, it's not the festival or the festivities that adds to the chaos of the people but the sheer shamelessness of the arrogant citizens who neither have qualms about their imbalanced use of crackers nor have an apathy towards the ones who make sure to respect environment not just during festivals, otherwise as well!

We know you can't do much about it but there's one thing that you sure can consider doing and that's getting an apt air purifier for your sweet home that can save you from inhaling the hazardous air and can be pocket-friendly as well... We are talking about Mi air Purifier 2!

A Super-chic Air Purifier from Xiaomi 

 Elegant & Effective

Xiaomi India recently launched it's second generation Mi air purifier 2 in the capital city, and we got a chance to check out the product and review* it exclusively. We have been using it for more than a month now, and we must tell you that this air purifier is simply amazing!

While on a regular day when you feel that the air quality is perfectly fine, it's exactly then when you need to turn your purifier on at home to find out if what you feel is true or not. Chances are, you will be surprised that the purifier gets into action and soon you see the indicator (the green light at the bottom centre) goes orange and sometimes red. This is a clear indication that the air is polluted (mild if orange and alarming if red). The second generation model is 40% smaller to the previous one and offers 310m3/h clean air delivery rate. From PM2.5 particles, dust germs, indoor plant pollen and pet hair or the unpleasant, the purifier removes everything from the air inno time.

The Filter is Easy to Clean & Replace...
 The fan on the top sends a strong gust of air and the base pulls in , a mechanism that's inspired from the aero engines. This is further supported by the cylindrical filter that basically does all the magic.

Because of the round shape, it takes in the polluted air more efficiently unlike the other conventional purifiers, thus, sending out the cleaner version of air in a better frequency and duration. The brand claims that it purifies the air in 10 mins, which we are not quite sure about, especially in the post-festival atmosphere (the purifier has been running on Orange for last three days, shifting from green to red time and again).

The Green Light is the Indication of Pure Air...

Silent & Splendid

Mi purifier is absolutely silent, especially when you turn on the night mode. The auto mode is good too but you can feel the noise, not disturbing though. We don't know the exact decibel level but if you compare it with the other rival brands, it's really low.

What we particularly liked about it is the fact that you can control this cool appliance from the touch of your smartphone. Yes, the Mi Home app helps you keep a check on your gadget. You can turn it off and on from your phone, conveniently. You can also check the quality of the air and the time needed by the purifier to control the pollution.

It's high time that we start considering purifiers as a necessity and not a luxury as the environmental conditions will be erratic each season, and when brands like Mi are offering a product that does the needful at a pocket-friendly price, then there's no reason to not to go for this splendid one!

* (The brand offered us a non-returnable purifier for an exclusive review)