Thursday, May 19, 2016

For a Soothingly Intimate Care This Summers

The season of summers, rising temps, and the crazy humidity in the atmosphere gives way to a lot of fungal infections, itchy skin and skin hygiene concerns. And, for women, this is even a bigger concern considering their physical anatomy. We are quite sure that many of you out there must have faced skin concerns in the private areas, especially in this season of humid summers. No matter which all best of the bathing soaps, or body wash you may try, your nether regions is aways a concern.

Well, not anymore as Cholayil Pvt Ltd now have a new product Medimix Ayurvedic Intimate Hygiene Wash that is here to assure a gentle care of your vaginal area. We bring to you its first-hand experience as Team #Allwhatshewants had been trying this product for more than a week now...

Say Goodbye to Itchy & Foul Skin.. 
Medimix Ayurvedic Intimate Hygiene Wash

Soothing & Subtly Gentle

A woman's nether regions, to be precise, vaginal area needs a product that's not only gentle when it comes to cleansing but also need to be free from all the hard chemicals that usually are there in any regular soap or a body wash. That's exactly why #Medimix Ayurvedic Intimate Hygiene Wash makes a perfect choice for women who believe in maintaining a personal hygiene on a daily basis. Also, one must not forget that vaginal discharge leads to a bad odour and this foul smell gets aggravated during the peak summer season when humidity & dryness both play havoc on our bodies and fluids. 
We tried this product during the regular morning and evening bath for good seven days. The best part about this hygiene wash is that it's quite liquidy and thus, the application of just a drop or two in (yes we did try there too) and around the vagina brings a good lather (not foamy at all) and you can clean it juts like that!

Right from day three, you would notice a sudden fall in that foul smell of your regular discharge, and the area stays dry and skin feels much better. The additional feature of this wash from Medimix is that it helps in maintaining the natural Ph balance of your body, and why not, the brand believes in using the ayurvedic ingredients. So, it has Orange oil, Rosemary, Neem, Aloe vera and many such natural ingredients that can magically take care of your sensitive and delicate skin there...

It's never too late to pamper and care for your nether regions, as products like these only tell you .. "You are Worth It"

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Express Beauty for Your Travel Time

The season of vacations is right here, and if you are travelling to the hills, or to the super scenic beach, you would want a perfect selfie on that exotic locale which you are travelling to. How about going for some quick beauty enhancements before you go on your dream holidays?
Yes, when holidaying, it's best to take a beauty break much in advance so as to get the best of clicks and fresh-looking skin during the vacations. One of the top luxury clinics on the capital, Aayna by Dr. Simal Soin knows what exactly women traveller want, and that's one of the reasons this beautiful clinic offers some fabulous beauty treatments that you can vouch for once tried and experienced! We decided to share some of the express rituals that a traveller must go for this summer season...

Travel With Your Fab Feet...

Quickie Pedi-& Mani-Cure!

Be it the hills or the beaches, well-groomed feet and softened hands bring the perfect beauty out of you. At Aayna, the experts make sure to take care of your ignored feets or hands in the clinically advanced way. And, that's why they have Margaret Dabbs foot clinical treatments available. You may not necessarily wish to go for the elaborate form of the pedicure, and thus, the foot lotion, or the anti-fungus gels work wonders during your travel. Go for the express pedi at the clinic before your travel, and carry the Margaret Dabbs's products with you to keep your feet soft and hygienic during your travel.

Say Goodbye to the Unwanted Wrinkles!

Be the Botox Beauty

If the feet and hands are sorted, let's now shift our focus to the skincare part. No wonder, the best of beach selfies that you see on social media make you feel envious of the flawless skin those women flaunt. Be it tanned, or radiant, the skin is sans any wrinkles. Thanks to the Botox treatments that Aayna has an experte in. Dr Simal Soin has done end number of Botox, and she is one of the veterans in the industry who can make you look youthful and radiant both in a go with her magic wand. Of course, the magic lies in the painless syringe that's used in the affected area, and in no time your skin is back to where it was in your 20s. 
So, this travel season, make sure to take your botox break!!

Get the Glow in a Jiffy...

Exfoliation & Facials

There's no sense leaving for your vacations with the pigmentation  and freckles around, that are making your skin look dull. And, that's why at Aayna the express treatment facials and massages make sure to improve the blood circulation, remove the dead and dull skin, or even boost the moisture that's much needed for the cool clicks. Not just the selfies, a healthy skin brings loads of happiness around, and you tend to enjoy your holidays more, without worrying much about your skin.

Quick beauty treatments are always a boon before you go on a vacation. And, this is certainly not a substitute of your regular skincare. So, when travelling, your CTTM is a must at that assures to take care of a skin that's already pampered by the experts at the beautiful and plush Aayna in Delhi...

Friday, May 13, 2016

Specialized Cuisine for a Leisure Weekend: JW Café Review

In this era of super-speciality, look what we found for our readers. A super specialised food festival - "kokanastha brahmin food festival" that's getting featured to make your Weekend all the more special.
So, if you're living in Mumbai, this is a great treat for you as JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar is running this specialized food fest at JW Café, till the 15th of this month, and our Mumbai Contributor Amruta Kendurkar Sapre with her partner (see pics courtesy) got a chance to experience the same...

Glimpse of the On-going Kokanastha Brahmin Food Festival at
JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar
The fest this time is celebrating recipes of Kokanastha brahmins. Kokanastha literally means one who is living in Konkan, a narrow and long strip of land between Western Ghats and Arabian sea. On asking "Why such a specialised cuisine" Vishal Atreya, Executive Chef JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar, tells us a story. He heard word "Kobra" some time back and just like any non-marathi Indian, he could not imagine even in his wildest dreams that "Kobra" in addition to snake, which is what it actually is, also meant "Kokanastha Brahmin". One thing led to other and finally about a month ago Atreya and his team found themselves living with a "kobra" family in Kokan and learning their kitchen secrets. Armed with this knowledge and encouraged by Marriott Group's policy to focus on local foods, Atreya came up with this novel food festival. "It's sad that people in Mumbai consider only vada pav and pav bhaji as local food. Mumbai, being a part of Konkan, can offer much more than imagined by people. I will feel successful if I could aware people about the simple yet elegant taste of Konkan" Said Chef Atreya. 

One can imagine the richness of food variety by the fact that team Atreya will serve total 60 dishes in the main course during 10 days, approximately 6 dishes per day. And mind you, this is from the kitchen of just Kokanastha Brahmins. We visited JW Café on the very first day of festival. Its setup is grand and elegant. Café offers north Indian, south Indian, Thai and Japanese cuisines with buffet and a la carte options. It’s advisable to book a table before visiting the café. 

Chef Atreya described the concept of this food fest over welcome drink – kokam sherbet. As we approached the buffet counters, chef's words echoed in our mind - "simple yet elegant". First counter served snacks, pickles and papads of many varieties. Amba poli and phanas poli (dried Mango and jackfruit sheets) were stars of this group. These sheets are dried using fruit pulp in season and used throughout the year, just like jam or pickle.

Plate Full OF Konkan Flavours... 
On the next counter, delicious main course preparation were being served. Kaju chi usal (fresh Cashew Nuts Curry), dalimbi usal (sprouted butter beans curry), phanasachi bhaji (jackfruit dry vegetable) and bharleli vangi (stuffed brinjal) had many common ingredients like coconut, coriander, and curry leaves, but each has a distinct taste and aroma. The most astonishing feature was the use of minimal oil and spices, thus retaining original taste and texture of main content and team Atreya deserves full marks on this. Bread for the evening was Ghavan (special type of rice chapati). This is special recipe which might seem close to dosa, but tastes very different. Bhaji and usal also leaves different feel and taste with Ghavan as compared to eating with roti (wheat chapatti), which was also available.

 Masale bhat (a variation of pulao) and varan (yellow dal) complete the typical Indian thali of dal-chawal-sabji-roti. Here also a distinct touch of Konkan is present. While masale bhat has scores of spices, varan is plain arhar dal with tadka of heeng (asafoetida). These two complement each other very well. No Indian meal is complete without sweets. There were three sweet preparations for the evening. First one is ukadiche modak (steamed modak). Its cover is made up from rice flour and filling is rich in tender coconut. Next sweet is ambe-bhat (mango rice). Rice traditionally cooked and mixed with fresh mango pulp. Final dish is presented with sparkled dry fruits.

Most famous food item of Konkan is probably mango - Hapus or Alphanso. Without its presence, no summer food fest can be considered complete in India. Last and best in our plate was Hapus mango juice as well as fruit itself. It is served cool. Overall, this buffet is a unique opportunity to taste homemade food, prepared under the guidance of Mrs. Kelkar, A resident of Diveagar, and an expert cook herself; she made this banquet possible first by training Atreya and his team at her house in Konkan and then by agreeing to monitor preparations for entire duration of food fest. 

Amruta Poses With Executive Chef Vishal Atreya 
If we had to write two words about this festival it surely will be – “don’t miss”. 
Authentic cuisine of Kokanastha Brahmin kitchen is waiting for you till 15th of this month. It’s for both – who know this taste and those who keep hunting for newer taste. Ambiance and food both worth per head cost INR 1999/- (plus taxes). If you get a chance, do interact with Chef and/or Mrs. Kelkar. This will be a memorable conversation for sure...

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Healthy & Refreshing Dine out: Café-Hyatt Regency Review

Summer season is at it's peak, and for many of you out there who's weekend dining out plans depend a lot on the scorching heat and the choice of food offered at your fave restaurants, the season is sure a reason for not letting you step out of your comfort zones.

Well, not anymore as some of the best dining out options in the NCR are offering a special Summer menu that's more towards wellness, is super-hydrating, and yummilicious to it's core. And, Café at Hyatt Regency Delhi is one of them.

Mango And Papaya Carpacio, Super-Yum & Healthy...
We visited the beautiful all-day dining restaurant of this iconic hotel last week to experience the new Summer menu and the exotic brunch that can make you forget the summer woes, for a while at least!!
It was more like a Chef's table with fellow bloggers joining over the trials and tasting, but we decided to sit right next to the glass window that was giving a beautiful green view of the hotel. Of course, the reason was simple, we wanted to capture the best of the food that was such a fab creation of Abhishek SinghChef de Cuisine- Café, whom we met for the first time.

Assorted Salad Platter That we Opted From the Buffet

Singh comes with a great experience of working with many other five-star chains of the hotels, and it was very well reflected in the food courses that we tried that fine afternoon...

The experience kick-started with a super-soothing cocktail called Italian Berry Fizz. Though, the restaurant had a mocktail (Cafe Summer Cooler) too for trial but the fizz was just amazing. It gave a certain high but thanks to the yum courses, which followed later and the alcohol effect got diluted in no time.

The Cheese & Greens Here Make a Perfect Summer Choice...
Summer season is all about light food that can keep you hydrated all day long. Also, during summers we get such amazing variety of fruits that we were sure that some of the dishes will have that influence too. Seemed like Singh knew exactly what a health-conscious foodie would be looking for in a summer menu, and we had Mango And Papaya Carpacio right on our table. Oh, what a beauty it was, tasted equally delicious. The subtle flavour of the seasonal mango, hidden somewhere under that soft papaya was surreal. We knew that the chef would keep surprising us, and therefore, in the meantime, we decided to check out the healthy salads (See pics above). Right from cucumber salad, carrot salad, sprout salad, cous cous salad, we tried most of them. You see, that's the beauty of summer menu, and how perfectly it goes with a women's taste buds, and needs. We like to eat low-cal food, and that's what Café at Hyatt Regency is offering this season...

 Balsamic Marinated Vegetables, This was Spot-on!
little later arrived some of the creative delicacies that were more like a visual treat. Be it the Balsamic Marinated Vegetables, Californication or Shirmp And Avacado Salad (didn't try this one being a veg), each one had some great flavours, some nutrient-full ingredients (especially for skin & tummy). We liked the way Chef Singh said Californication as the salad had some hints of American style ingredients, like peach, and walnuts. We particularly loved Balsamic marinated vegetables, what a creative presentation it was!

Californication,as the Chef Called it Tasted Nice!

Well, these were just the starters, and we knew that the main course is going to be on a heavier side. So, for a foodie the Indian counter at this restaurant is a heaven definitely. From soups, grill starters, spicy marinated paneer, to some amazing variety of breads (like, methi, multi-grain, besan, mirchi, etc) you are spoilt for choices. And, what a day be spoilt on - A Weekend!!

Cous-Cous Salad With Caponata 
We opted for some basic breads, and tried the five-pulse mix dal, some okra, corn paneer sabzi and some snacks. On wonder, it was a heavy and tasty course, but then worth each bite of it.

No food experiential in India is complete till you try the desserts, and we simply followed this rule. While Café offers you some international desserts to the basic all-time Indian favourites, we decided to try just the chocolate ice cream to balance the palate post such a heavy yet cool meal.

Dining out with friends and family is an affair that's more about fun time spent together than the actual food tried and tasted. But this season, since restaurants like Café are offering such a hydrating, and healthy menu, then make sure to dine out not just for fun, but for an amazing food experience as well!!

Price for Meal for Two: On Request

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Bring Out The Golfer in You: Lemon Tree Hotels Resort Review

NCR is a hub of active hospitality and best of hotels, and it seems like the region has one more star attraction in it's kitty. One of the fastest growing hospitality chains, Lemon Tree Hotels (LTH) has got it's first resort venture in the secluded & scenic Manesar. Branded as Lemon Tree Hotel, Tarudhan Valley, considering it's a joint venture,  we got a chance to visit this beautiful Golf property this month over a candid luncheon and some fun activities just for us to experience the facilities there...

Lemon Tree Hotel, Tarudhan Valley, Manesar

While reaching the resort is one heck of a ride, we reached this resort on a sunny afternoon post a long 2 hrs (almost) long drive from Noida. It's just the distance that troubles you, but once you are there, you know you are at the right place. The resort is simply amazing and is super-sized when it comes to space. And why not, after all, it's a Golf resort that envelopes a 9-Hole Golf Course, designed by Graham Cooke, known to be one of the most respected golf course architects in North America, and Canada’s legendary amateur player. Considering our own naive status, we still did try some putting (see pic in right) and it was fun nevertheless!!

What we truly enjoyed was the sumptuous buffet, well-crafted and curated by the Executive Chef there (we missed checking on his name though)

It was a pleasant afternoon, and the restaurant of the resort gave a beautiful golf view. The food offered is multi-cuisine, but the chef briefed us that the menu is also customized considering this resort is more like a wedding destination for many inbound travellers. We tried some of the signature delicacies of the chef, like the healthy salads, especially the Beetroot & cheese one...

For the mains, the restaurant offered both Indian and Continental courses, and we made sure to try both (see pic in left). Seemed like the chef's signature style is more towards the Indian cuisine, as he nailed each one perfectly! The desserts were equally interesting, though a little too sweet for our tastebuds. But since the resort is catering to both the domestic and travellers, the chocies in the desserts are more than enough to select from. The contemporary version of Rice Kheer tasted really cool!

It was too short a visit to know the resort, and experience it's hospitality, but the visit was worth it, no doubt. Team Allwhatshewants plans to do an exclusive Style & Travel-centric shoot at this beautiful property. Probably then, we might be able to share our elaborate experience with the readers who are looking to venture out & take a quick break to a tucked-in location like this one...

Fact File:

LTH resort in Manesar is this one-of-its-kind property is nestled in the Aravalis, with some water bodies around along with farm fields. When it comes to distance, it's 40-minutes drive from the Ambience Mall, Gurugram, and 25-minutes from IFFCO Chowk respectively. Spread around 72 acres, this landscaped getaway offers 70 contemporary well-appointed rooms including 18 studio apartments. And, not to forget, it has a rejuvenating Spa- Tattva, a Fitness center, an Archery Range, a Billiards room, Kids zone and numerous games courts and outdoor activities along with a lap-size swimming pool.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Where Travel is Wellness: IHG Rewards Club Experiential

When the temps are rising, and the vacations are kick-starting, a you need is all break to travel to your fave destination. But for women, it's always icing on the cake if the destination is not just about exotic locales, and scenic beauty, but also about wellness and some pampering. So, if you are one of those who plans to take a wellness break this summer season, then scrolling down till the end of this article is a must, and the next few paras will tell you exactly why!!

Think of the coolest wellness destinations and the first state that comes to our minds is Kerala of course. And, Kochi in Kerala turns our to be that perfect destination to go for, considering it's the hub of all the major activities down south India. But what makes your trip all the more interesting is when you are travelling to this beautiful destination with IHG Rewards Club...

Sohum Spa at Crowne Plaza, Kochi
Yes, we had a chance to explore the wellness aspect of Kochi when we recently travelled with IG to experience it's two lovely hotels- Crowne Plaza Kochi, and HolidayInn Kochi (*the IHG Experiential Series). While the latter was a fun & leisure property that amazed us with its warm hospitality, Crowne Plaza made sure to take care of the wellness aspect in the perfect way possible. Check out how!

When Allwhatshewants Experienced
Sohum Spa at Crowne P
laza Kochi
Refreshing Tea Post the Spa
If you are travelling to Kochi, or Kerala to be more precise, it is hard to not to explore the famous Spa treatments of this place and just focus on the backwaters, or the spice markets, or the famous churches. And, that's exactly what we decided to try and experience with IHG Rewards Club. The fact that club membership entitles to such amazing rewards that this international hotel chain offers is  quite a surprise. And, to see such a well-known chain of Spa, which is Sohum Spa at Crowne Plaza Kochi certainly feels like a reward.

We reached this plush hotel one sunny noon this March, and had a smooth check-in. Post a sumptuous luncheon, we did a property tour, and that's when we were shown the spa that already had booked the evening slot for us to try and experience the famous spa treatments of Kerala. when you are travelling with IHG, especially as a Rewards Club member, you know that many such pamperings can come complimentary as each and every travel & stay at their comfy hotels give you reward points that can be used for stay, for food, for airfare, for shopping... and, in our case, for wellness!

The Treatment Rooms at Sohum Spa

The spa at the hotel is located on the second floor, unlike the tucked-in concepts of most of the spas. But the moment you step inside, the whole ambience, the dark tone wooden interiors, and the typical wellness aroma relaxes you in a go.

We checked out the entire spa, and it's reviving therapy rooms. So be it the authentic Shirodhara, the Swedish-style treatments, or the aromatherapy, Sohum at CP knows what exactly a traveller wants, and that's how they recommend the treatment. Since we were keen to experience the stress-relieving massage with the authentic Kerala spice oils, we opted for a 60 mins muscle relaxing massage, followed by the super-reviving steam, and a shower.

The next 60 mins were like a different world all together. The therapist knew her job pretty well, and focused on the problematic areas, like the shoulders the neck, and the lower back. The oils were different for sure, and there was a certain warmth, which probably was because of the spices used in the making of the same...

Post the massage, it was the steam that did the needful. It opens the pores for the oils to penetrate in. Usually, a basic shower is recommended, which means one must let the oil stay overnight on the skin. And that's what we did! Don't even ask how did it feel the next morning.. It's been two months already, and the rejuvenation effect is still very much around.

Kochi is a beautiful city, but if you haven't tried the wellness part of this city, you definitely have missed on something that even the international travellers vouch for. Well, there's always a next time, and let that be this season itself with IHG Rewards Club...

(This was the last feature in the IHG Rewards Club Experiential series...)

Monday, May 2, 2016

Impromptu Travel for a Perfect Rejuvenation!

Travel is fun and we all know that but for many it's not just fun, but a splendid way of rejuvenation & exploration. It's time to make you meet one such personality via this candid travelogue..
Kamna Baweja,Vice President & Head, Corporate Business, Payback India took this impromptu vacations after a long time. In fact, in her words, "Something that started as a joke, and went on seriously, and thus turned into a vacation to remember for years to come." So, if you are one of the busy bees who's looking to take a break from the day-to-day rut, this travelogue* will inspire you for sure...

Kamna Baweja, During Her Travel... 

" I had a few places in my bucket list, for years, and celebrating Christmas in London was one of the things on that list. I had worked with British airways in past, so got many chances to visit Europe, but I wanted to explore the city during Christmas, I wanted to see how beautiful the infrastructure looks when ann donned up..", shares Kamna.

As I approached dusk, of a long and hard but very successful year, I wondered what my soul might need to feel that I had done everything I wanted to in the year. Most of my friends had already planned, booked, and packed in preparation for their vacation plans. As I sat in my office room wondering which of my friends didn’t yet have a plan, I was struck with the thought of beautiful snow clad mountains surrounded by crisp and fresh air! What then started as an idea in my mind turned out to be the most memorable and fun trip I took. The next 100 hours were a frenzy of text messages, phone calls, planning, shopping and booking. Planning late necessitates spontaneity! And there we were, on a 14 day crazy trip across the British Isles from London to Belfast to Dublin to Glasgow & Edinburgh!

There’s so much that happened and so much that was fun, but the highlight I have to say was Glasgow in the sun! Glasgow with its enchanting history; unusual and nouveau architecture; and vibrant and cosmopolitan culture, was unanimously chosen as the place where we’d drink down the current year and ring in the new one. And it turned out to be everything we imagined and more! On the 10th day, as I got off the ferry, on the shores of Scotland, I was not sure if it was the wind, the cold or the raw beauty that swept me away. Planning New Year eve with friends from different parts of the world went on to become one my most cherished memories of the trip.

Glasgow is famous for its Hogmanay parties. Hogmanay starts on New Year’s Eve and goes on till January 2nd! A three day continuous party, need I say more! And it didn’t disappoint. I can wax eloquent about the party cheer, out of the world Single Malts, the fun on the streets, the history but what was most exciting about Glasgow was its people. The love and excitement with which they greet visitors radiates warmth, the pride that they have in their history is admirable and the sense of fun they exude in every breath is infectious. As a weary traveler, I expected to pass out early, but surprised myself in my own enthusiasm that continued till 5am. Of course, the food and company helped, aided further by the quality of the malts – spicy, woody with peaty tones (now that could be a lot of different ones, but I wasn’t paying attention !), bagpiper music, men in check skirts (oops, kilts), beautiful ladies shimmering & glittering and a lovely starry cold night. The trip from then was a blur of airports, flights and bags until I reached back saying goodbyes along the way. I don’t know if there will be another magical night as that but I know I will go back searching…’ for auld lang syne, my dear, for auld lang syne.’

All this sounds like a picture, ain't it, but for someone who's busy 24X7 with her work, this break refreshed her like anything. In her words, " I strongly feel that once a year a vacation is a must. For women especially, even if you give 7 days to yourself, your next 10 month are sorted. After all, nobody wants a sulking person around, you see. During this travel, I explored a lot, I indulged in some shopping, boxing trail, coffee shops and many more." she adds.
And, if you thought that there's no check list from her end, then here's what you need to take care of-
a pair of comfortable shoes, as there's a lot of walking, sunscreen & cold cream is a must, ear warmers & thermal, one good down jacket, a local number, a tissue as you never know when you will get cold...
What a practical and apt list of things to not to forget. It's time for you to get revived, and plan your impromptu vacations.. just like that!!

(*The article is written by the traveller herself, Team Allwhatshewants spoke to her later for further inputs...)

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

H&M 's Grand Opening @ DLF Mall of India

In the world of fashion, there are some brands that take that world by storm. And, that's exactly what we experienced during the recent launch of H&M's first exclusive store in DLF Mall of India, Noida...

The brand celebrated the grand opening of it's 4000th store across 61 countries. The brand sure is leading and has some huge fan-following as over 500 fashion lovers queued up early in the morning to be the first to shop the latest collections and meet and greet the renowned bubbly actor Parineeti Chopra. And, if that wasn't enough, the first 10 fashionistas in line also received H&M gift cards worth INR 4000 from the vivacious celebrity. 

Pareeniti Chopra Checking out the Fresh Collection at the Newly Opened H&M,
DLF Mall of India, Noida

And, That's How the Store Looks Like...
The all new DLF Mall of India is one of the largest malls of the country, and has seen the best of names from the world of fashion, beauty and accessories opening their respective stores in this well-designed mall. The size of the new H&M store is a sheer example of how the mall values it's dear brands that rule the world of fashion. Perhaps, that's the reason why Ms Chopra looked so ecstatic at the launch. "The opening of H&M’s 4,000th store at DLF Mall of India was incredibly fun! I’ve always liked H&M’s exciting and affordable fashion- there is plenty of inspiration in store to create your personal style.” said Parineeti Chopra during the launch..

Janne Einola, Country Manager, H&M  was more than happy to have got such a wonderful space at this fantastic mall by DLF.Kick starting the launch day were DJ spin offs and exciting giveaways for those in queue. The energy took to another level when fashion lovers spotted Parineeti Chopra joining in the celebrations. Having queued up almost a day prior to the launch, the first 10 customers in line received an H&M gift card worthINR 4000 each from the actor, while the next 200 fashionistas in line received a limited edition H&M goodie bag and a gift card valued at INR500. 

Fact File 
Spread over 37,000 sq. ft, the new location has 4 floors, with each floor dedicated to apparel and accessories for ladies, men, teenagers and children respectively. The flagship will also feature sections for lingerie, H&M Sport, H&M Mama for expecting mothers and a plus size collection, H&M+

Preventative Wellness through Genome Patri

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, is what we had been hearing all these years, but if we tell you that it's not the eyes but the genes & your DNA that hold the key to both beauty and wellness, we are quite sure that you won't be surprised...
Yes, it's a known fact that the way we look, and the way our bodies function & physical health shapes up depends majorly on the genes that we carry forward. Well, but there's something more interesting, and lesser known than the facts,and that's exactly what the feature is going to through light on! Now you can get to know more about your body functioning, skin allergies, and the diseases that have a genetic connection as Aayna by Dr. Simal Soin introduces Genome Patri, a personalized and predictive genetic testing introduced by a molecular diagnostic company " Map my genome” !

Wellness Through Genome Mapping 

We always thought that beauty clinics like Aayna must be all about some luxurious skincare and haircare services, but when the clinic decides to take wellness to a different level all together, that's when you are curious to know more about this innovative, accurate and advanced way of knowing your own health and beauty better.

Genome Mapping is basically a personalized and predictive genetic testing introduced by one of India’s finest molecular diagnostic company. In today's lifestyle, which is not just hectic but also is crazy when it comes to eating habits, skincare routines, and the environment we live in, it's good to get a Genomeparti made by experts. Of course, it is our genes that play the major role in our lives, deciding our physical appearance, personality traits and most importantly our health. We have an inherited genetic predisposition to certain diseases, and they are carriers for some others and have our own sets of peculiar drug and food allergies. What makes one relatively immune to stomach infections but extremely susceptible to throat infections? What makes one sibling out of three to develop a seafood allergy? What is the reason behind one person beating the odds against the fight with cancer and another person with the same condition and treatment not being able to? The answers lie in our DNA- the unique protein complexes that make up our genes.

Genome Mapping for a Better Understanding of Your DNA...

Now at Aayna, with the help of Genomeparti, or the Genome Mapping, you can unlock the secrets of your health and all other traits that are hidden within your DNA. Genome Patri is a pioneer in personal genomics. Wondering what is the procedure like? pretty easy and quick actually. It uses a very simple noninvasive saliva-based test to give you insights into your genetic and acquired health risks, thereby giving you the power or sort of control to modify or prevent (to a large extent), a full-blown medical condition by changing your behavior, lifestyle, diet and periodic screening. You can opt for this test at any given time in your busy schedule. The test leads to a very detailed report, which is then followed by genetic counseling and expert advice at Aayna.

What's Interesting?

Via Genome Mapping, one is spared unnecessary worries about imaginary conditions (like, what if I too get the same disease as my mum has it, or what if this is passed on to my daughter too) and has a certain control over their health with an in-depth understanding of their own unique genetic makeup. And yes, if you thought that this is applicable only to your health or wellness, then you sure need to know more about it as the beauty of your skin lies very much in your DNA, so looking beautiful is not just about makeup every time... better get your beauty Genomeparti this season!!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Quick Trip to Beat the Heat; Aamod Bhimtal Review

When the scorching heat in the NCR is hard to handle, it's exactly the time when hills and chill breeze of the mountains is fondly remembered and we start planning a vacation to the hills. Is this what your state of mind is right now considering the temp in the capital city is soaring high, then this feature will interest you for sure...

We were recently (last month) invited to Aamod Resort, Bhimtal for an experiential, and no wonder came back fresh and rejuvenated, in an apt way. How about you taking a look at our experience, and then plan your quick trip to this beautiful resort, aka hills which is so close to the NCR...

Aamod Bhimtal is Tucked-in & Gives a Great View of the Hills

Pathway that Goes to our Suite....

Where Comfort & Greens Welcome You!

If you have been to any of the Aamod properties earlier, then you certainly have a fair idea of the lovely concept, which Aamod resorts are based on. The resorts are usually tucked-in, and are a revamped version of the already existing properties in that particular area. And, that's exactly what the Bhimtal resort is all about. We reached this property on a fine afternoon, from Delhi. While the summers had all set-in in the capital city, reaching this hilly destination turned out to be a soothing respite from the rising temps. The moment you enter the resort, you are greeted by some cool greens around, with pines trees posing high midst the modern-day construction. We in no time headed straight to our suite, which was super-comforting and cozy. The picture in your right is just the glimpse of the trail that lead us all the way to our suite...

It was time for lunch now, and we simply couldn't wait to check out the chef's creations for the day and thus, headed straight to the dining area, which turned out to be an impressive size!

The lavish luncheon on Day One...

Bhimtal is a laid-back town, and pretty close to the famous tourist spot Nainital. So, if came as a surprise to find such a great size dining area. The food served was amazingly fresh, and why not, after all, it was prepared post our check-in. It was a perfect Indian cuisine that we enjoyed that afternoon, post a tiring road journey.
Some local Flavours....

When you are at Aamod Bhimtal, it's hard to ignore the food that
they serve. Be it the typical Indian cuisine, or the regional one (see pic in right), the sources are local, and so is the team of chef. That's one of the USPs of Aamod resorts that they make sure to hire local staff, and we did check with two of the women employees who hailed from Haldwani.
The day later was all about relaxation and exploring the property. We simply loved the view that each and every room of the resort offers. Not just rooms, the pool-side was fun, though the dip in the temps didn't allow us to take a splash...

The resort had arranged some fun activities for the next day, the glimpse of which we are sharing right next to this text. That's one of the best things about such travel destinations as the town apart from the historic places, like Bhimtal lake, Nal Damayanti Tal, or a couple of old temples doesn't have much to offer, and that's when you enjoy Aamod all the more. The resort has perfectionists when it comes to activity trainers, be it Rappelling, rope climbing etc. The package comes at a pocket-friendly prce, and you can't afford giving it a miss.

The Spa With a View!!
It's not easy to say goodbye to this amazingly comfortabe resort, especially when you realize that they resort also has this cutesy spa area, and some decent services to offer. While we decided to give it a miss as the food kept us busy throughout, the spa experiential is a must when you are in hills, as the view that you get from your therapy hut is just surreal!!

We may be back to the scorching head of the capital city, but if you are set with your next travel, then make sure to check out this paradise in the hills...