Welcome to ‘The Thar Pavillion’

Here begins the Journey of ‘allwhatshewants’! Starting with my Travel Section which most women miss ‘coz of the busy schedule 24×7…
The weekend is upon us, and if Travel is on Your mind, then here I suggest a quiet corner of Rajasthan, 90 kilometers from my hometown, Jodhpur, to be Your weekend hideout! I call it ‘The Thar Pavillion’ because this is where I keep shuttling to, and believe me once when You`re there, You will keep coming back.
Pool With a View

Khimsar is a small town near the lovely Suncity Jodhpur. Known for `Khimsar Fort and Sand dune village` to be precise, what you get there is a beautiful 16th century Fort, with 21st century affluence and the quintessential Marwari Food and Hosptality. A Royal pampering bordering on the sinful is what the place is all about, and there`s just no better time to be in Khimsar than now.

The Royal Feel

Stay like a king in the tastefully done spacious rooms in an even more beautifully restored Medieval Fort, handcrafted to offer nothing but the best. Handcrafted, because the reigning Royalty of Khimsar brought this place up from the ruins (literally) to a level where it won the `National grand Heritage Award for Excellence` . The Maharaja lives in another section of the fort, so feel free to convey your appreciation to him personally, that is, if you can get to (I was fortunate to dine with his family during my short stay). Believe me You`d  want to.

Lantern Lit Bar

I won`t bore you with the details, just suffice to say that `expect nothing but the best`. The rooms, the Pool, the Food, the service and hospitality and  the Bar(Oh Yes! the Bar, just look at the picture, what more can You ask). You are after all the King`s guest. “HUKUM!“ is how you`re responded to, by the servers around!

But… But .. that`s just the fort. The best part of Khimsar is located outside the fort walls. Take a 15minute drive to a virtual oasis in the desert, it`s called the Sand Dune Village..

The Thar Pavilion- Ultimate Leisure

An almost surreal sight, straight out of a tourist picture postcard. Just look at the picture.
Yes the pictures, for they are the ones that we clicked, with our doughty SLR. This is what You`ll get for real. And mind You this is no Photoshop, but is real.

Rustic & Romantic

Here again, great rooms, great service but a little more rustic and a lot more romantic. Roll in the sand or ask for a camel ride.  Do you know that desert in the winter can be fantastic! And it just can’t get better than this time of the year.

So what are you waiting for? Remember the name. Khimsar!