Monday, November 14, 2011

Diabetes, a Savage Killer for Mom-to-be...

While my Wellness section is all about women's health and healing, this special Day which is 'World Diabetes Day', I thought of featuring this serious issue..
Diabetes is a big concern, specially when a woman is pregnant, and working as well. She is busy and chances are she might push her wellness concerns to an extent resulting diseases which tend to make her health vulnerable.Diabetes needs to be taken with utmost seriousness, as their is not just one but two lives at a great risk!
For your Wellness
Dr. Archana Dhavan Bajaj Consultant/ Gyne, Fertility & IVF Expert, Nurture says, " Diabetes as known to all is a lifestyle disease and it can worsen when it happens in pregnant women. If you have established Diabetes, then chances of conceiving are vague. As pregnancy itself worsens Diabetic control, maternal diabetes can have serious complications for the fetus or for mother at times resulting in fetal loss or major congenital malformations."
For your Regular Check-up
So how does a woman keep a check if she is suffering form Diabetes during her pregnancy? Few symptoms are increased thirst, fatigue, frequent urination to name a few. If there are symptoms and ways to know and keep a check on this scary disease, women also need to make some changes in their lifestyle to keep Dibetes at bay.
The Right Diet
In most of the cases the cause is extreme imbalance of the food that we consume. Diet & Wellness go hand in hand. So if you consume diet which is rich in fat, sugar and calories, have lack of physical activity, and above all a sedentary lifestyle, Diabetes is soon going to knock your Door. It is high time for us (women) to take our well-being seriously as this is 'allwhatshewants' is all about; taking you on a journey which you missed somewhere down the line.

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