Friday, November 18, 2011

For a Gastronomic Experience

Weekend is here, and I am sure by now you must have decided to take a break from your busy routine. Planning to dine out this Sat-Sun? Try the luxury with a great food...

My recent visit to this place 'Kainoosh' was quite a wonderful experience. Located in posh South Delhi, the restaurant owned by well know Chef Marut Sikka, Kainoosh  is a pleasant surprise- first for its beautiful blend of modern decor and Indian flavors (the Lakhanavi style, Awadhi culinary), and secondly the ambience which is perfect for any modern woman who is looking for ultimate relaxation!
Ambience at Keya Kainoosh
Guests can choose from their A La Carte Menu or the traditional Thali. If A La Carte portions are smaller than the normal ones', Thali is an absolute fulfilling experience. The ethnicity can be enjoyed the way it is served, rustic and lip smacking. I couldn't believe when I saw 'Karela & Baingan ki sabzi' offered in a plush restaurant. But the moment you have it, the surprise lies there.
For your Private Dining
If food comes with a surprise, the more you will get in their Drinks. Ever imagined a Vodka with Betel leaf along with gulkand? One sip is enough to take you to the era of Nawabs from Lucknow! The drinks are mesmerizing and make you crave for more to taste.
So if you are keen to try things that are different a concept that is out of the box, and food that is an experience not to be forgotten, Kainoosh is calling you this weekend...:)

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