Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Is Perfect Dining a new Jargon in your Life?

When I am back home from my work place, I find preparing my dinner the most tedious job. Not that I am no foody, or dislike cooking, but once in a while even a Cook of your home needs that lip-smacking dinner to be offered with ultimate pampering. Hold your thoughts for a while, if you are thinking 'lets Dine out Honey' is what my suggestion would be!

Dining out is Passé- Today, the whole food experience while we are dining out needs to be exotic. Let your palette enjoy and explore the beautiful cuisines offered around, let yourself open to the idea of food that can be fun than just being a formal dining out experience. 

                            SmokeHouseRoom, Where food Can be a Pleasant Surprise!

Come this 11.11.11, and 'allwhatshewants' will bring to you the best of flavours from far east, to amazing west, to down south, and my favorite north. Till then, plan and share with me how would you like your dining out food experience to be- Filling your Empty Stomach, or a gastronomic journey to be cherished...:)

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