Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Let Green Speak in your Home Decor

If you are busy and feel that your home decor is going laid back, add green to shoot up the freshness around...
Busy women rarely get time to pamper their lovely homes the way they want. Sometimes it results in the laid back look, and often the way which you never desired.
Luxury Home Linen by Sarita Handa
Stuck in your busy schedule? Simply add natural greenery to enliven the mood of your dull looking home. It is not the colour that adds the effect, but it the whole idea of bringing nature inside your house that completes the look. If your room windows give a nice outside view, you can simply place some lush green plants to enhance the view further.
A Flower-Vase for a Cozy Feel!
And, if it is your bedroom, what can be a better way to make it cozy and beautiful than adding a simple flower vase right next to your bed. You sleep amid the beauty of flowers and their refreshing r=fragrance, and when you wake up, they are again right next to you to cheer you up!

The more the green, the better the look! Decor is not always about splurging on luxurious products, crafts, and artifacts. At times, keeping your linens simple, muted and very basic like what we see here from Sarita Handa's collection, and then dolling it up with the green effect all around can be your perfect abode! Now that's a perfect relaxation once you are back home...:)

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