Thursday, November 17, 2011

Let your Bottoms Define your Style

If fashion for you has been a top-to-toe look, it is high time to give it a second thought...

Looking stylish or fashionable is not always meant to be accessorizing yourself right from your head to toe.Sometimes simply playing with your bottoms can bring a superb difference in your overall look. Now, when I say bottoms, I mean playing with trousers, capri, leggings, and skirts.
Kazo Collection
"What you wear on bottom, defines the style of a woman," says Meena Bindra, Chairperson, BIBA. she further adds," As Indian women have slightly bigger bottoms as compared to West, I feel they should keep changing their styles when it comes to bottoms. You can combine a tunic with a capri on Monday, and can repeat the same with some leggings, or harem style pants on Friday's. As Design Element is the USP of our brand, I would suggest women to come to BIBA to look stylish."
Accessorize to Accentuate, From BIBA
So true! For any college goer who loves her denim bottoms, can simply follow this rule. Repeat your tops with a denim short, a denim tight jeans, a boot cut, and the three-fourth. Observe the difference in the looks, as each bottom tends to change the overall appearance. If you are a working women, add a jacket to make it more domineering, or may be a bold bag, or long boots.
For a Domineering Look from Kazo
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