Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Let your Lips Speak

Party season is on, and if you still are planning to go nude on your lips, it's time to let them speak..
I won't start with the cliche that your lips like your eyes speak a lot about you. Blah! its the archaic saying!
While this is the season of celebration, and most of us will doll up the looks with some nice colour lipstick or a gloss. But whats is most important is to know what suits you. Are you a gloss type or lipstick girl?
Party Look from L'Oreal Paris
IF you believe in brightening up your look, a lipstick with a tempting shade is the right choice for the evening parties. And, if it is your office party, and you being the head, try to emphasis your eyes and keep your lips muted with some earthy shade! For those who wear lipstick occasionally can consider Red as a classic option to try. Remember, there is no substitute to Red, but at the same it doesn't suit everyone...
From Estee Lauder
Lipgloss can really add that zing to your beauty. So, girls who plan to hang out with friends and colleagues can try the brighter pinks this season. Deborah has recently come out with their Euphoric Shine which in a single application can beautify your lips instantly. Thats my recent Tried and Tested!
For Girls who Love Pink!
Your lip colour and the product that you use has a lot to do with your age as well. Not necessarily all mature and working women are suited for Lipstick but if you are looking for a longer stay of the colour, a lipstick with great moisturizing is perfect for you. and, if you are a young girl who won't mind the touch up of her favorite gloss after every few hours, you are certainly the Lip-Gloss person!

(For more Details, check out my feature in BEAUTY&Style December Issue)

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