Thursday, November 10, 2011

Make your Style Meet your Senses

Woman and fashion go hand in hand. She is always eager to know what can make her look beautiful. But amid the eagerness of looking beautiful, and what the fashion world is offering, it’s your sensibility that gets crushed. Following fashion blindly can be ridiculous at times. Not just for the common working women, college girl, but with celebrities as well.
That’s where style statement fits in. A stylish woman who knows how to gel the trends and fashion with her looks and personality can look beautiful anytime, any occasion. Some really have to work hard on it, but with some woman, it comes naturally!
From Designer Sonya Vazifdar's Evening Wear Collection

If you feel that your style statement is missing in your personality, ‘allwhatshewants’ will take you on a journey to the world of style, trend and fashion. Get inspired from the ‘Ramp’ and learn how to take it to ‘Road’ or your work place. That is what all you need for that captivating look. It is just the preview of the Style Section of ‘allwhatshewants'. Starting tomorrow, the features in every section will revive that ‘You’ which you left behind in life...:)

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