Monday, November 7, 2011

When Guilt Dominates your Relationship...

I am a mom, and share a 'Distance Relationship' with my Daughter. Well, for many it will be a surprise but for me it is unfortunate, yet a fact. While this single fact is enough to mar the relationship which I share with my beautiful daughter as the Guilt of not living with her can dominate easily. But with experience, I have learned how to make it work without the interference of 'Guilt'!
This is just one example to share. Guilt can be between a couple who had past relationship, about how their is a lack of passion in the bond they share, and how it is not working out, still to live together is a Guilt. Between siblings, about rivalry which at times goes to this extent that when you look back, the Guilt factor goes per-dominant all of a sudden.

In our Relationship Section, 'allwhatshewants' will bring issues that talk about relationships, deal with relationship. Women and relationship are both sensitive and complicated issues. It is time to make our lives simpler and fuss-free as this is all what a woman wants in her life...
Do share your views on what relationship means to you and if you ever experienced guilt playing a dominant role in it!!

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