Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Biological Clock, you are not the Only One!

If you thought that you are the only one whose so called Biological clock is ticking, here is an eye opener, even men have biological clock and their ticking clock can be a serious concern!
You are not the Only One!
While it is not a state of relief for women, but often they are reminded about their ticking biological clock. Specially, when she is a super busy alpha woman and is not giving a serious thought on settling down. Mind you the concern is similar for men too. So if you are dating a mature man, chances are that he is running out of time too..
Aging has its own side effects. Women generally are seen worried about wrinkles, men about they grey hair and baldness. This new study carried in the field of Medical adds one more reason of worry in men's court - Their fertility is diminishing with age!
This survey held in Sydney proves that aging in men results in fragmented sperms which have lesser chances to fertile an egg. This ultimately diminishes 25-50% chances for women to conceive.  And whats worst? If your partner is 40+, chances of genetic abnormalities in the child are quite strong.
If you are thinking that it is a sign of relief for you (women), better give it a second thought. Wellness section of allwhatshewants is not just about giving you tips for your health, it is also about making you aware of your partners..

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