Thursday, December 8, 2011

For your Lovely Locks and Supple Skin!

If beauty is just about looking beautiful, think again as there is no 'looking good' if your skin and hair lack nourishment!

If work keeps you busy, what goes terribly ignored is your outer appearance. Fatigue skin, dull and dry hair are the signs that must be taken as high-alert symptom. Trying to figure out the ways? Allwhatshewants brings some fabulous solutions to your unending troubles..
Candle Cure!
Well, if you thought candles are only for candle-light dinners, make a shift from this archaic version. Sun Kandles have recently launched body massage candles. The wax not just helps you getting rid of the aches, but also makes your skin silky smooth. What more? They are available in different sizes. Try it at home, or hit a spa for a soothing session of 'Candle Cure'!
Sheen & Shine
Skin is smooth but what about your locks? The season, the work pressure and frequent travels can leave the side effects like dullness, limp and dry look. Try this new wonder from Schwarzkopf. Osis Magic, a new anti-frizz sparkler instantly adds the lusture that your tress have lost. Spray it around while combing or styling or even during blow dry and see the result! I tried it and so do I recommend. It may turn out to be your daily grooming product!
For your Curl Care!
Well, it is for those who don't believe in treating hair with products. Go for a nice hair spa for a while! Matrix offers a professional Hair spa (Oil Therapie) from their Biolage range. A step-by-step treatment will help you getting rid of open cuticals, add shine and softness and allow you to style your hair the way you desire. Add-on? It nourishes and makes the roots strong! Try this out and check the result yourself..
Skin Solutions from Estee Lauder
Why to try your luck with with different products when Estee Lauder Skin Solution Range can offer you results as per your skin problem? If you are using wrong foundation, get it corrected by their imatch system. Don't know what colour to choose for your make up, try it with their imatch expert. The line is all here, just go and get your skin solutions!

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