Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Thing of Beauty and a Work of Art.

The best of Delhi comes out in winter, and this Sunday some of that very glitzy, shiny, gleamy best rolled out of garages and on to the ring road all the way up to Gurgaon. Mechanical masterpieces and works of art from a time when cars did`nt actually roll out of assembly lines, but workshops of craftsmen and artisans cum mechanics.
It`s ironical that seventy years later, we drive design monstrosities with rag-zine(not leather) for interiors and Plastic(not Chrome) for Bumpers.. A Toy like creation who`s only USP is the miles it goes for a gallon.
But why should I be surprised, I`m not the Royalty that drove these oil fired horseless carriages of affluence.
I`m just a pauper, making do with my 65 horsepower, 4 cylinder, inline petrol hatchback. And I love it for scandalous 18kmpl on Delhi`s roads

Some of these beauties, like the one above sport a paint job that can put most of today`s car brands to shame, but then again, that is the stuff of assembly lines and robotic manufacturing, this one here is the the result of the Labour of Love. The owners of these cars continue to spend a fortune to keep these classics running, at the same time maintaining the originality of the entire product. And Originality is of essence here, cause You can`t create a vintage or a classic. What You have is what You`ll ever have, or I can wait another seventy years for my Zen to become an endangered species.
On a more serious note, this vintage collection represents the automotive history and heritage or our land, or roads rather, and the Heritage Motoring Club of India is doing a splendid job in preserving it.

Yes these ones above, with the Wretched-Toothless-Spectacled-Grumpy-Granny look are also Vintage machines, of War. The true ancestor of the modern SUV, these are the machines that the Allies rode to victory against Hitler.

This Event, organised by the 21 Gun Salute Restaurant, Gurgaon, had 45 odd vintage and classic cars of both American and European make cover a distance of 36kms. The other sponsor I could make out, was Deneb and Pollux. Feel free to convey your regards to both, cause sponsors do make the life of the enthusiast a lot easy by being  a patron, or let us just say "we appreciate!"
P.S. Check out this one above, with the Droopy Eyes Look!

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