Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Accessorize and Jazz Up

While we were going to bring in the review series, but decided to take a break for a while..
You might like to know why? Well, The season of celebration is never over for busy women. They are always in search of interesting products that can enliven their life. So, we decided to pick some nice Decor stuff for you.
Crystal Holder from EVOK
If decorating your home is an important thing, it is equally important to bring in products that are utility special. Evok, a specialty home interior store caters to all your needs. Like this candle holder, as the name says can lighten the corner of your home, and can also be used as storage like your kid's candies and likewise..
If crystal can jazz up the corner, it can also be a centre of attraction on your dining table. A perfect fruit basket or container, this piece from EVOK is attractive and has great utility.
Lamp for your Decor
If a round shaped holder is good for the corner, this lamp or candle holder is perfect for a dim lit dinner with family or friends. Crystals will add a fun texture to the light coming out and that can jazz up your mood in one go!

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