Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Beauty Basics for a Super Busy Mom

When we say you are a super busy mom, we surely realize how important it is for you to know what is best available at the counter for your basic beauty regime. Well, as mentioned yesterday, allwhatshewants is here with an exclusive Beauty Review of the products that we tried and specially recommend to you..
Picture: Estee Lauder
Who doesn't know how important skincare is for any person? And, when the woman is busy, she certainly needs to know what can be best for her skin.
From Kiehl's
USP: Specially meant for skin that has uneven skin tone, uneven texture (coz of acne) and kind of dryness, Kiehl's Acai Damage Correcting Moisturizer is the perfect solution!
What We Liked: Slightly thicker in feel, it gets easily absorbed leaving a mild and pleasing fragrance (though, the brand is generally fragrance-free). Best about this product is that only 2-3 pumps, and it does the needful! Women who are looking for a skincare product that can last for a quarter (3 months), Kiehl's is a solution (Use in twice a day, and one bottle goes easily for more that a couple of months).
What we Suggest: It is certainly heavier on your pocket. Those who are looking for reasonable or low budget skincare, will have to go for some other option. Secondly, For too oily or sensitive skin, it might not work on damage repair (depends on your skin allergies). Go for a trial pouch first!
Priced At: Rs. 2,500 (75ml)
From Dermalogica
USP: For extremely sensitive, redness prone Skin. What can be the best solution that Dermalogica Redness Relief?
What We Liked: With specialized products, you will always notice that the quantity for application is always minimal. While the result is not visible right from the first application (no skincare product can work magic on first application), gradually what you start noticing is the fading red patches on your face even when you are outdoor. We tried the product till the patches went invisible. Believe us, its a product that will make you say adieu to you 'red beauty'!
What we Suggest: It is not an OTC brand, so before using the product, make sure to consult your dermatologist. Why not consult the brand itself which has excellent experts? Again, we recommend to try it first as it is a matter of extreme sensitivity!
Priced At: Rs. 2,995

If this is the most delicate are to try anything new, there are products that can offer you a great relief.
Eyecare from AQ Solutions
USP: AQ Solutions Eye Serum, use the product at night and notice the effect next day morning!
What we Liked: No product can match when it comes to the application. Just half pump and you are done. We bet the product can last for half a year with such superb quantity!
What we Suggest: Don't try it till the time you need it. Meant only for fatigue, puffy and dark circles eyes. This product is only to be used after expert's recommendation!
Price At: Rs 5,000

If eyes are important and delicate, equally tender are your lips..

Lipcare by L'Occitane
USP: Glossy finish with a magical suppleness right from first application..
What We Liked: Just one stroke on this balm, and apply it on your dried lips. If shine is the added benefit, the soft feel that is definitely not temporary can bring a smile on your face every morning along with its pleasing fragrance. Wake up with soft tender lips!
What we Suggest: those who have this habit of biting lips and eating the dry skin on lips, should better not try such wonderful products. As the result will be ZERO!
Priced At: Rs. 850

Yeah! They need a special care when women are busy!
Nailcare from Iraya
USP: Nail cuticals and nails both turn strong and soft in a fortnight!
What We Liked: It gives a good feel, specially the massage that you do using the product on your nails. Improves the blood circulation so there is flush pink colour on your nails after its application. Perfect for those who have poor cuticals rough skin around nails.
What we Suggest: For first time users, it might be slightly boring as the application is only on the nail areas. Those who believe in pampering, would love this product!
Priced At: Rs 195 (25gm)

We believe its enough of care for today.. This series will continue tomorrow again! With special reviews on... Keep Guessing!!:)

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