Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Surprise your Skin with Wine Therapy

Women and wine, needless to mention make a perfect combo. But wine for a lovely skin is a must try! We strongly don't recommend you to splurge because the Month of Romance is around. Get rid of that fatigue which your busy routine is making your beautiful skin go through. Check out this luxurious Wine Range from Prague brought to you by Saint Pure.
Sensual Wine Bath Oil 
Feel the tranquility amid intensifying fragrance while bathing. This oil cleanses your skin, improves the tone and adds a lush glow. What more? It gives you the feel of a traditional Roman Spa done at home!
Wine Shower Peeling
With ingredients like apricot shells, grapevine and pure red wine, the scrub softly removes the impurities like dirt, or rough skin and has a nice anti cellulite effect because of its myrtle resin and mint root vegetable complex. Make your skin feel overwhelmed, once at least!
Divine Wine Shampoo
 Wanna try something on your tresses too? This shampoo will specially add that sheen which your hair have lost in the course of years. Additional, it is regenerative, hydrating and nourishing. Let your locks feel the wine!
Wine Body Lotion
Done with your superbly pampering bathing ritual? Lock the moisture with this lotion which offers nothing else but pouring nourishment. Feel the satin soft skin at the end of day and you will be surprised that your fatigue-looking dull skin has eventually disappeared.

All Products: By Saint Pure (buy online on www.saintpure.com )
Price: Rs. 990 Onwards

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