Monday, February 6, 2012

V-Day Celebration Series-Part 1

Week Long Velentine's Day Celebration
Many out there may or may not agree with our 7 day series of showering offers, special celebrations, gifting options, best of places for a candlelit dinner, best of beauty for your glam look... This list is endless. Whether you believe in this special day or not, what is important is- Go ahead, and give yourself a reason to celebrate, take time out from your family life, leave your kids homework aside and, your important office meetings for some other day. Find the 'you' this V-Day !
How? Check 'Part 1' of this series...
Cocktail Wear from Yell
This new collection from Yell has elements of layering, shift dresses, modern knits, slouchy jackets, satin printed dresses and a lot more. To sum it up it is modern and trendy collection.
Red Boots from YEll

Word of Advice: If you are plus size, a mommy of a teen- We would recommend you to try something else as the silhouettes are on a slimmer side even if they say 'XL'! Select from the accessories if you can carry it confidently.
Lingerie Collection by Suman Nathwani
Can't flaunt a bright red outdoor? Why not indoor then? Try this sexy Valentine Lingerie collection which has intricate lace, cut work, and amazing sensual colours- from rose pink, to orange, deep blue, kohl black and of course tempting Red!
Word of Advice: don't try too hard if you have never worn a lingerie like this before. Give it a try to an extent that you are not losing 'you' in you!
Scarves by Bhavna Bhardawaj
Not so keen on going ultra modern? Subdue your evening look with this beautiful accessory. Scarves on any occasion can enhance your look with any comfy dress. Whats best? You don't need to play with jewellery.
Word of Advice: Don't cover yourself up, or hang it like a stole. It will result in a boring look!
Valentine Vogue Eyewear
Well, if not fashion or style, then why not a smart accessory? This special collection is 80's inspired, has romantic heart pattern and comes with a special red packaging.
Word of Advice: Petite is your frame? Don't go for bigger frames as it will overdo your face. Also, experiment only if you have tried different frame earlier in your life!

... to be contd. tom.....

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