Wednesday, February 8, 2012

V-Day Celebration Series Part-3

When spring is around and romance is on full bloom, why not go aromatic? Select your fragrance for your Valentine Day celebration. Once again we suggest, even if you are not a V-Day woman, or believer of special days, spreading a great fragrance can never harm BTW!
Italian Feel!
Starting with this lovely fragrance ATTIMO, from the iconic brand Salvatore Ferragamo, shower yourself with the bouquet of flowers this season. IT opens with juicy note, settles the sensual gardenia scent on you, and leaves behind the mushy musky elegance.

Fragrance for a Cause!
For those who believe in indulgence for some valuable cause, here is what Acqua for Life by Giorgio Armani is offering. As aqua is the theme, it plans to provide millions of litres of drinking water to population without any access to it. Every bottle sold will generate the same globally. check out their portal to know more, if you believe in this cause and want to take an initiative.
For your Sensuality
This limited edition aroma has a touch of mystery with it. Jasmine Noir L'Essence by Bvlgari explores the various aspects of Jasmine and leave it for more interpretations. The velvety notes aiming the fascinating women will leave behind a beautiful seduction.
Go by Popularity
Don't wan't to try the new blossoming aromas? Try The Body Shop White Musk Libertine which is three decade old. Absolutely feminine and easy to wear, try this one for any time of the day celebration!
Bring him Back!
No, we don't mean celebrate V-Day with your Ex and pour this fragrance to bring him back. Kick him off and love this Loverdose by Diesel aroma, as it will sure shot bring your new love of life. One will love the 'You'. While the base is Vanilla, yet the impact is quite intensifying. Try to believe it..
Go Mushy-Mushy with Rose
Yeah! Bloom without Rose in the month of love is just not possible. Tresor Midnight Rose from Lancome is a 'candied love of Rose' and has a sweet nectar feel. From Jasmine, to Peony to blackcurrant, it has everything.
Classic can Never go Wrong..
This woody and sensual fragrance Ralph Lauren Romance can never make you go wrong. While it is a sexy scent, yet it is soft in feel. Those who believe in fine aroma around that doesn't bang you on your head, should for sure try this one!

All Price: On Request (Well, a great fragrance does come at a cost, go out and explore yourself)

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