Thursday, February 9, 2012

V-Day Celebration Series Part-4

Tea for a Tequila Effect
Don't wonder if we are taking you on another high- from chocolate to tea. The next question in your mind will be what has tea to do with V-Day celebration series? Well, won't you like to start your special day with a sip of healthy drink?
For your Hair Loss
If a tequila shot which is alcoholic and gives an instant high is what you have planned for your V-Day, why not make your special day healthy? Check out the new range from Tetley Tea which has cinnamon and honey. If green is the trend, the special blend of these two will help you keep hair loss at bay!
For a Healthy you!
Another interesting flavour is a blend of citrus and spice. What better your Tequila would be to this? Begin your morning each day sipping a cuppa of this and protect your immune system from any weather change attack, especially when V-day is falling on a changing season!
Pledge & Improve your Digestion 
We personally recommend this particular flavour as we tried it for a fortnight and experienced its benifits. with active ingredient aloe vera (ya we know how fashionable aloe vera has become these day), this flavour helps in improving your digestive system. When you are partying these days, why not step out each morning preparing your tender tummy with this special drink.
All Price: Rs 50 (10s Bag)

Choose your high for the day and enjoy the romantic season!


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