Monday, February 13, 2012

V-Day Celebration Series Part-7

Ok, we agree that we decided to skip Sunday in this series... For a simple reason, that even our editorial was enjoying the fun Sunday!!
It is the last feature of this beautiful V-Day series and we are surely not gonna disappoint you. If you still have kept your gifting options under wrap, check out this splendid Jewellery Guide. Whether you are celebrating V-Day and expecting a lovely jewellery from your dear one, or want to splurge on self, this exuberant collection will certainly surprise with its beauty..
Go Hearty with Chitih Sparkling Gems
This Valentine collection has everything hearty for your special day. Jewellery in semi precious stones studded in silver, this collection promises a pocket friendly gift for you.
While the editorial tried one of the pairs of their earring offering form this collection, what we suggest is to select the design according to your facecut. From dangling (which we tried and loved), to little hearts, to various colours, they have all.
What We Suggest: It is semi precious collection, so don't take it as an investment. This jewellery is pure fun!
Price: Rs 1200 onwards
GordanMax Valentine Collection
While girls love diamonds but not necessarily you need to have a solitaire to express your love. Why to break your bank when you have diamond stimulants? these are hand cut, had polished lab grown diamonds which will do the needful.
Beautiful Imitation
  the brand has an interesting variety of earrings, pandants, rings and neck pieces on offer. Other than solitaires, they also have gems to select from.
What we Suggest: We have checked their collection and it can real be a great gift when solid diamond pieces are beyond approach. and, it is certainly an investment too!
Price: on Request (Means its either expensive, or why don't you check it yourself?)
Reliance Jewellery
Ok, now that would certainly cost you! Real diamonds and gems with intricate design can be a great option if you are to be pleased and pampered which has not been happening for a while coz of your 'too' busy routine.
What We Suggest: Make sure to check the diamond quality, the verification and all those things that are needed before a heavy investement.
Price: Of course, on request!
Online Jewellery by
Yeah! that's another option if you simply can't leave your office cabin and Ipad. This is India's first dimond jewellery online portal. Select the design of your choice and place your order.
Time to Propose!
And what's additional? Customize your piece of jewellery as per your requirement. It is available in yellow and while gold both.
What We Suggest: Make sure the delivery details and payment mode to cross check on the portal.
Price: 2186 onwards

.... So here ends our Special V-Day Celebration Series.. Prepare your special Day with love and passion, but don't miss the Relation Special tomorrow.. on Valentine's Day!!

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