Tuesday, February 28, 2012

When Sound Sleep Goes Superbly Luxurious

How often you hear from people that they had a blissful night with a sound sleep of good 8 hrs? Well, chances are that one in five will be this lucky. A goodnight's sleep, as now even the law says is mandatory and a legal right of all human beings, is a real boon. But, in some cases, it is gifted, and with some, they figure out the solutions to work it out well.
Frette, A Perfect Italian Comfort!
After a super busy schedule in office, you go back home and want to relax. But, wait! Not necessarily the support that you are using at home, on your bed is the right one. Frette, the luxurious Italian brand is now in India,. The brand, which has been an epitome of luxury and comfort, is available in the leading stores in Milan, New York, Hong Kong, and now India.
Comfort & Elegance
The brand provides a varied taste in comforters, duvets, pillows, quilts to name a few. Frette also has beach collection, bath collection and baby essentials.Its fascinating accessories can seduce your senses, and astonish your peepers. It is time to treat yourself well with this soothing luxury!
Hasten Beds for Super Sound Sleep!
Now this is one bed that one needs to try to understand the importance of science behind its creation. Hastens beds are designed in such a way that they assure deep sleep and total relaxation. And, whats interesting? The bed is ideal for pregnant woman providing their growing baby bump an extra support throughout the night.
With Special All-Natural Upholstery 
Hasten beds are made of naturally processed horse hair, finest wood, and a spring system that provides ergonomic support to your body. They have three different collection as per different sleep needs. Frame beds, which are perfect for North India's temp, Continental beds for those who have neck and back problems, and Adjustable beds for sheer relaxation for gadget savvy and more screen time lover people.
Day Bed by Poonam Kalra
Now this concept is truly unusual. A day bed concept has nothing to do with 8 hrs sound sleep, but complete relaxation for a while. Come out of your bean bag posture, and simply lay flat on this bed. Looking for a quick nap? Poonam Kalra's Day bed will do the needful. Done on hard wood rock-Wenge Wood, the piece has vibrant   textile adornment. This can be a perfect piece to relax on, the moment you step in your home after a day's long hard work!

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