Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Working Woman & Fitness

Of late, we have seen many socialite and celebrity dietitians, nutritionists (Like Shonali Sabberwal, Rujuta Diwekar), and even woman entrepreneurs (Like Kali Puri)  have come out with their fitness tips and expert gyan in their newly released books. Whether its 'Confessions of a Serial Dieter' by Kali, or 'Beauty Diet' by Shonali, all have just one thing to say - By making little and sometimes big changes, you can achieve the look, the skin, the shape, that you desire and dream.
Going Tough on Yourself!

While it may feel really impossible, especially when you are a super busy woman whose mornings are all about briefing her maid about the meals of the day, for some its cooking, getting kiddos ready for school and of course handling their morning mood swings, and lastly flipping  through the newspaper while gobbling the breakfast, or sometimes even skipping this important course of the day. 
 How easy it may sound, or how precisely the experts share their own experiences and offer trim-to-your- routine fitness schedule, it is nevertheless a tough task to stick to. Result? Woman with desk-job profile face bloating and swelling in body (on ankles specially), woman with travelling profile with no fix meal time experience acidity and gastric problems, woman in corporate world where meetings take a toll on body face a major spinal pain problems. 
Make Exercise a Mandatory Rule!
 It is time to ponder and find a solution for yourself. Look into the mirror and see how your skin is changing. Weight yourself and see what the arrow indicates. We know how embarrassing it can be, but that one step might lead to some disciplinary action. Flip through some of your old albums and get yourself clicked now. If you can't recognize yourself, it is a clear indication that you have given too much of liberty to yourself. 
 Certainly for a woman whose priorities are work, family and a good sleep, the fitness schedule falls nowhere. But what is important is to take a pledge and start with something in your day-today routine that can help your body get rid of the 'unwanted'.

Share with us if you know any little change or discipline that you have added in your life to get your body back in shape, muscles fit, and skin... glowing of course!

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