Saturday, March 24, 2012

Classic Jewellery in Gold, Kundan, Polki & Ruby!!

The first auspicious days of this year are already here, and if you still haven't decided on what jewellery you are going to invest in, no need to worry as Allwhatshewants is adding a touch of luxury to your weekend. check out these stunning pieces of jewellery in gold, polki, kundan, and ruby. Select the piece of your choice and buy it before these auspicious days slip of your hands!

Be the Stunner this Summer Season..

Red Jewellery from Amrapali

Any coloured stone can add a new meaning to a design. It is one such ingredient that has won every woman’s the heart for years, especially when that coloured stone is none other than Red!

When it comes to styles and trends in jewellery, The bright-colour trend is always reflected in all those beautiful pieces. When it comes in terms of Red, we associate the colour with the universal feelings of love and passion, so it`s no wonder that ruby jewelry has always been in demand.Red combined with emeralds,sapphires & diamonds with unusual cuts and finishes  in traditional setting of the polki reminds of the jewellery worn by Indian Maharajas. 

A True Luxury

Whether these stones appear on necklaces or rings, earrings or brooches, they are sheer eye-catching, and tend to look opulent.

Choose from this beautiful collection from Amrapali, and please yourself this summer!

Traditional Kundan & Polki Jewellery from Zoya

Zoya, the exquisite diamond boutique, from Tata has brought in this spectacular collection of rich and customary, Kundan and Polki jewellery pieces. This collection uses uncut diamonds, precious and semi precious stones set in gold. This Kundan & Polki range has beautiful uncut diamond necklaces, dangling earrings, rings, and bracelets.

Beautify your Wrists...
It can be your Daywear too!

Each piece of this range seems to be a recreation of the Indian traditional charm. Whether these bangles of the earrings (right side), they all have been crafted in with delicately designed jewellery. No wonder it is meant to enhance every look of yours, and light up every occasion.

Classic Bauble!
Glam Gold Collection by Tanishq

Inspired by traditional nakkashi technique of Tamil Nadu & elaborate Rajasthani kundan & enameling, Tanishq, India’s largest jewellery brand recently released their exclusive range of gold collection “Glam Gold”. 

Neck Pieces in gold & Meenakari!
Made especially for the modern-day woman who is firmly rooted to her Indian values, this range attempts to break the believed notion of gold jewellery being an accessory for traditional ceremonies only. Fused in the old classic patterns, but in the contemporary manner, the collection comprises of wide range of products including earrings, ear studs, bangles, pendant-earring sets and necklace sets.

The fusion of these age old techniques in highly contemporary and chic forms, which are geometrical in nature, challenges the conservative approach taken traditionally towards handcrafted jewelry.

Earrings to can Enhance your Beauty

The designs attempt sophistication in style, with traditional Nakkashi technique of Tamil Nadu, elaborate Rajasthani kundan & enameling engraved on gold surface in intricate floral designs.

Prices: All Product Prices, on Request!


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