Monday, March 5, 2012

International Women's Day Celebration Series.. Part-1

When Multi-Tasking Takes a Toll on Relationship

It might be that time the year when the entire world is celebrating International Women's Day. Some, awarding this talented gender for her extra ordinary achievement, some appreciating her versatile persona. And, there might be some who must be eyeing such women as their future life partners. 
Success Hasn't Come Easy to them!
While we all can go gaga about how women all over the world have charmed us with their 360 degree talent. If, some have done this by stripping (names like Pamela Andreson, and why to forget our own Poonam Pandey), some, of course have by being the boss of the entire male fraternity (names like Chanda Kochhar & Nirupama Rao, or even Hillary Rodham Clinton) whether, at home, or at work place. If you are one of those for whom the former role is much more valuable, this article is definitely not meant for you. Please sign off! 

On the occasion of International Women's day, 'Allwhatshewants', like always, thought of bringing a week-long celebration series. Don't wonder if we begin with this serious issue. Yeah! she is a multi-tasker and doesn't need to prove it once again. But, how many of us consider her to be a real success when it comes to Relationships?
Let Her Be What She Is in Relationship!
A very simple example to begin with. She is dating but comes late on a date coz of her important meeting, who gets angry- her Boyfriend? She is a mom and has promised an outing to her kiddo, she comes late coz of her work commitments, who gets angry- her child? She comes home, turns a home-maker, does all household chores, and wants to rest tonight, but hubby is keen on something else, who gets angry-hubby dear?These examples are endless as we all feel that a woman who is busy 24X7, cannot give her hundred percent into a relationship. How often others try to make changes in their own behaviour or simply routine? Offering your woman a bouquet of Roses, or a nice diamond jewellery, or a trip to a romantic destination, or even shopping from Zara or Prada is not what she wants. 

Celebrate International Women's Day this 8th of March with your girl, with your woman, not just taking her out for dinner, becoming a chef for a day, splurging your bank balance blindly, or even going intimate at midnight!Its time for you to make some changes in your opinion, in your way of living, in your approach to women who are really trying hard to balance their professional and personal lives.

 Its high time guys- Chauvinism is not the trend anymore... Wonder if you don't know that Chivalry is the in thing!! 

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