Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lakme India Fashion Week 2012....

Today, the second important fashion weeks of India, Lakme India Fashion Week 2012 kickstarted in Mumbai. While, we not be bringing the entire ramp collection here, lets see some of the interesting pieces and designs from established to new comer fashion designers.
Model in Debarun Mukherjee Collection
Debarun Mukherjee's collection:
It relies on pure white to depict the moods of an era which thrived on simplicity and purity.  Colours are used in layers seen through the predominantly white base to define the diffusion of the moods of that era. White is simple and full bodied, while the colours add a halo of emotions to the memories of those times.
Intense cutwork & creative technique
The silhouettes are simple and inspired from the 50’S and the 60’s. For the women there are kaftans with churi pants, flared trousers with short tops, A- line skirts with blouses, fitted suits, sarees  and saree inspired fish tale ghargra. For the men there are kurtas, suits, draw string flared pants and shirt kurtas. The designs are heavily laden with Debarun’s trademark for simplicity with exuberance.

Joie de Vivre Collection by Komal sood
Komal Sood's Collection:
The inspiration for the Joie de Vivre collection comes from the vibrant colors and carefree spirit of the Indian spring festival Holi, which takes place in the airy and beautiful springtime. Saying good bye to the dry boring winter days, we welcome the gorgeous Spring days with a collection inspired by the same feeling of merriment. 
Sexy Sequin Embellishment
The woman who drapes herself in these pieces is in love with life and indulgent in finesse and only requires the finest of materials to wrap her body.  Sticking to contrasting colors and fusing them together in a graphic free-form, each piece comes together with either a sexy neckline or a sequin and stone embellishment. 
The Wanderer by Payal Kapoor
Payal Kapoor's Collection:
It will take you back to the ancient days of the Moghul era with each piece. Inspired by the architecture and design of the domes from the Mediterranean and South Asian countries, each garment is made from four different patterns mixed around in a contemporary manner.
Gypsy  Feel!
There is a gipsy feel and easy to wear feeling in the collection. Along with contemporary items such as skirts, halters, tanks, and shorts, there are also traditional Indian outfits with a modern twist.

The Women in Blue Checks-Cauvery Tales by Deepika Govind
Deepika Govind's Collection: 
Her inspiration for this collection - the fascinating weaves of Ilkal in Karnataka. It’s an ode to the weavers of this town in Karnataka who continue to uphold a 1,400-year-old craft. Her focus is to promote handloom and the dying cottage industries and to provide a fresh impetus to the traditional weaves of India through a more contemporary interpretation. Fabrics used are primarily Cotton, and Silk, in checks and stripes, the bolder patterns specially woven by the designer from Ilkal.
Nomadic Bohemian 'Shamal collection' by Pia Pauro
Pia Pauro's Collection:
The name of the collection, Shamal, translates into a northwesterly wind that blows over the deserts of the Middle East. The storm is powerful, mysterious and exotic – which this collection expresses, especially during the time that Ibn Batuta was travelling. The colors used include bursts of neon’s merged with electric blues, indigo blues, oranges, naturals, and pinks. The prints have been created on jerseys, chiffons, georgettes, cotton, and silk. The range includes sundresses, tunics, swimwear, beach bags, hand made accessories, kaftans, saris, and evening wear.

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