Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Monumental Guide to BedRock

First things first, let`s juice up the tagline for the Post. How bout "The Monumental Guide to BedRock, by Wet and Erect"!
And now that we`ve got Your attention up, let`s thrust deep into the source of it ALL, Khajuraho.
I know You`ve heard the name before in trivial bouts and jousts between virtue and vice, sanskriti and modernity, but what is Khajuraho all about?

More than just an 1100 year old Temple complex it is an honest depiction of a way of life and a guidebook on erotica and love, cast in stone. Something for the likes of You and me to just Look at and Learn. And what do we learn!! 
stress your eyeBalls to the pic on the left for LEVEL1
The Feel of Skin over Skin amongst two warm blooded beings though very basic in nature is a huge turn on. Foreplay is on.
 One more thing from the pic, it`s less about strength and stamina. Agilty is the key. Tucking in those bulges would surely help! But keep those curves intact for a smooth ride, like the one below. Need I explain this one??          


Your body is God`s greatest gift, use it in every possible way, with a generous dose of imagnation, this is the LEVEL whenceforth there`ll be more and more Fun points.
Khajuraho celebrates erotica in ways we find difficult to accept even in 2012AD. For instance Group acts and sex with multiple partners appears to have been nothing extraordinary, with the ethical perimeters wound around the actors in the play. This is the LEVEL when sex becomes recreation, and enlarging the group must have only added the fun. So go for it, if You can handle it.

Khajuraho is the one and only Original Porn site, all others are counterfeit. If You wish to check it out yourself, then there are three flights to Khajuraho from Delhi alone. Onwards from the airport the temples of Love and Lust are just 4Km away. And on this 4Km stretch are some of the best in Hospitality, Taj and Radisson to name just a few.
This place is in Madhya Pradesh, straddling along Panna tiger reserve. So, we have another item on Your itinerary, with the really wild stuff. Be there any time of the year but summer, cause inside the temple with your shoes off, Your sole will turn toast.
 coming back.. the figures here like the ones above remind us of the value of being young and having a good physical form. A beautiful body is a matter of pride, not shame.We learnt all this a millennia ago, so love  Your body while you`re still Young.

One thing however intrigues, did women then, really have such perfect bodies with near spherical breasts?Are we yet to discover an ancient form of breast augmentation. Check out the chicks on the left.

Below is our Temple from the Pink Age...

Moving to some kinky stuff, please look carefully at the pics below,
Bestiality is`nt a recent concept. You can try any of the levels above, and believe us, You`ll not be the first one doing so.

This elephant has been laughing for the last 1100years at the spectacle around him. 
Come to this place and see it for yourself. It will be the learning experience of a lifetime

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