Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ultimate Luxury to Stay in Touch!

Ultimate Luxury to Stay in Touch!
From the land of love, we are now taking to the land of super-duper luxury...

While technology like laptops, mobiles, tabs to name a few, has become the part and parcel of our lives, especially for women who travel frequently, or those women whose entrepreneurial skills come more polished with such possessions, this new luxury is enough to sweep you off your feet!
P'9981-Smart Phone from Porsche Design
P'9981, a new smartphone has recently been launched by Porsche Design, exclusively for BlackBerry.
The mobile (err! smartphone) is innovative in form and function both. Made in Europe, this Porsche Design smartphone is a must-have for women with a taste of class, and design-oriented approach(Although, its a unisex model). Whether at work, or at play - the phone has one of the most intuitive features. It exudes individualistic personal attitude, and no other piece has a match to this unique style for your chic statement. 

What's more? P'9981 transcends all trends; its state of the art features make it a cut above the rest. A keyboard with a 2.8 -inch touch screen adds to the aesthetics and the working dynamics include high-speed Internet and videos recording in HD quality. 
Luxury in your Hand!
This 'truly' high-end device is available in a steely silver grey hue which gives makes it a unisex variant. The elite new Porsche Design P’9981 smartphone from BlackBerry has been designed by Porsche Design, in collaboration with RIM. And guess what! This is the first smartphone from Porsche Design. Get assured as it is a guaranteed luxury that is here to deliver great aesthetics in terms of ...well, everything!!

Price: 1.5 Lakhs (Don't get shocked. Luxury comes at a cost of course!)

So, when are you going for it??

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