Tuesday, March 6, 2012

International Women's Day Celebration Series...Part-2

Working Women & Wellness

You might wonder why we are raising all the serious issues despite saying that it’s International Women’s Day Celebration series. Well, the answer is simple- Celebration is not always about discussing the goody part of a D Day, but also about what lays beneath this special Day.

You all are working women and no denying, super busy, juggling your career and family life. Don’t you think that all this is playing too hard on your physical health? Allwhatshewants is here to highlight your health issues in our Wellness feature today, and what can be the easy ways to curtail them.
Eye Make up from Make Up For Ever

Eye Care for Women

The picture above shows how beautiful your eyes can look with a nice eye make-up, but if those lovely peepers have a poor vision, what’s the point? While everyone is susceptible to eye diseases, working women are at a higher risk than men. And why not? Most of you are staring at the screens in your office for good 7-8 hours.

Eye-Q Women’s Eyecare Scheme

Eye-Q, is offering an exclusive department for Women's Eye Care. Any woman above the age of 18 can register with the department and be eligible for a host of special care schemes exclusively for women. Apart from that, she can also avail some interesting discounts as per the programme she is opting for.
Easy to Use, CGMS

Newer Glucose Monitoring Devices for Diabetes

Diabetes is another big concern for women who are too busy to keep a check on their diet, proportion, and above schedule. While, going to a doc’s clinic is certainly needed for a regular check up, this interesting device will prove a boon for a working woman.

No more finger prick readings now. CGMS monitors and records blood glucose levels 288 times in a day for 3 continuous days, unlike standard monitoring of blood glucose level up to a maximum four times a day.
Continuous Glucose Monitoring System is FDA Approved! 

This device is very convenient to use. It is typically worn by the patient three days as they go about their normal activities like exercise, swimming etc. These devices are particularly useful pregnant women with diabetes and for patient with long standing diabetes who do not get warning symptoms of low blood glucose. Why are we saying that it is particular useful for people like you? As it can exactly tell you at what time of the day your glucose level is on the rise, or what is that element of your diet because of which glucose level rise.

Isn't that a boon, lovely ladies out there?

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