Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Glam up Your Gorgeous Curls

If a spotless skin is mandatory for a splendid beauty, great curls, with beautiful colour and sheen are a must have too! what are you waiting for when your have Matrix Dual Glam Collection around? This product offers two striking colours to your hair in one go.

This brand from the house of L'Oreal Professional has introduced its latest innovation in its hair colour range- the DualGlam Service. Meant to transform your hair, giving you two stunning looks. The service is a combination of hair cut as well as  Rich Red Brown global hair colour interspersed with alluring deep gold highlights so strategically merged with your hair that you can change your look every time you step out with!!

On days when you feel like having some fun with your look or going for a night on the town, transform yourself with a trendy outward style, showcasing the Gold highlights amidst the stunning red brown hair color. This gives you a completely enchanting look that is sure to make heads turn wherever you go!

The DualGlam look has been created using Matrix’s Socolor.beauty palette. Socolor.beauty is a permanent cream color designed with advanced lightweight Cera-oil Conditioning Complex. The Complex contains ceramide, polymers and natural jojoba oil to help protect and strengthen the hair inside, while nourishing and polishing the hair outside. Patented ColorGrip dyes deliver long-lasting, uniform rich color and glossy shine.

Go glamorous and gorgeous with your hair colour with the Matrix DualGlam Collection!

The New Force Behind Healthy Hair

Yes! Don't you know that hair does speak volumes about your personality. Beautiful curls look glamorous, and add poise. If you have been ogling over those healthy, bouncing, lustrous, silky hair in those TV commercials, it's time for you to know that you can have it too.
Step-by-step Solution
Women who expect to achieve more within the 24 hours available to them, working mothers, models, high end professionals and celebrity socialites,  need to spend  as much time on 'healthy hair' as on 'wow-looking hair,' to avoid long term consequences.The typical culprits are long exposure to air-conditioners, stress, inadequate nutrition, blow drying your hair too often, using poor quality colour for hair etc.

Kerastase brings to you the first in-salon solution to end all problems of brittle and dull hair- Kerastase Force Architecte: a set of life giving potions that will subtract age from your appearance and add a grace that others envy. Force Architecte is a set of 3 products: Bain Force Architecte, Masque Force Architecte and the Fibre Architecte. Together, they will take you through a journey of re-invention and discovery; that of a new healthy lifestyle that your lovable locks deserve.

How to Use
The  shampoo with new improved formula rebuilds and strengthens the hair fibre at all levels of hair erosion. The Masque replenishes brittle and damaged hair, strengthening them from root to tip. Fibre Architecte is a reparative dual-serum that seals and repairs split-ends.

At-home Use
Visit your nearby salon and ask them for the most suitable at-home programme that will help you ‘Bathe-Treat-Texturise’ your hair to experience the Kerastase luxury at home!

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