Saturday, April 7, 2012

Go Organic for your Wellness

Yes, we know that this is no new trend globally, but how many of us are really following an organic diet regularly? Well, today on World Health Day, Allwhatshewants decided to bring to you the complete variety of organic food by this new premium chain of Organic Haus, which is now expanding pan India.

Time to Gift Organic Products...

The company, founded by Dilip R. Doshi, former Indian cricketer, retails a wide range of EU certified  organic products from vegetarian packaged foods, natural cosmetics to home detergents and food supplements that provide vital nutrition. Started with Ahmedabad, Organic Haus recently opened their new store in dream city Mumbai, and soon will make Delhite go crazy for their wonderful products.

A View of their Store in Mumbai

All the products available at stores are certified organic according to strict German and European Union quality guidelines. 18 different brands and 80 different product lines are on offer under one roof including breakfast items, cereals, pizza and pasta sauces, breads, oils, teas, chocolates, and juices and a lot more. 

The assortment includes a select range of organic products from pioneering and reputed brands like Allos, Beutelsbacher, Bionade, Byodo, Rapunzel, Salus, Schnitzer, Schoenenberger, Sonnentor, Sonett, and Vivani brands, as well as natural cosmetics from Logona und Sante. 

Pure Honey Range

The company sources its products mainly from German, Austrian and Northern European manufacturers as they stand for the best in quality worldwide. The store will gradually expand its offering to include baby foods, more variety of gluten free products, milk and milk alternatives as well and snacks. Fresh local products that are able to offer consistent quality could also be included in a phased manner.

When that Yummy Chocolate Goes Organic!!

“Indian consumers are now increasingly becoming health conscious and are opting for organic  products acknowledged for their virtues. The growing awareness among urban population in India about the health benefits of non-synthetic, naturally produced organic products encourages Organic Haus to be represented in all major cities in India with its own brand stores, through franchise partners as well as other like minded stores," says the founder. It currently retails products lines sourced mainly from renowned German, Austrian and European manufacturers, who are all certified organic based on strict EU guidelines.

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