Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Light Spaces

Have You played with lights and shadows lately? No we are not talking about drawing the play on a canvas with your oil paints or charcoal, but rather creating it with an actual source of light and a piece of imaginative craftsmanship. There is a canvas here however, and it`s the space You live in.
For a better understanding of what we are talking about, take a look at this..
one of our decorative Ideas for your living room this summer.
 Light a Votive or a small candle in it`s heart and see the piece come alive
 on the walls around You. Simple and effective ways to add glow to your home decor. If You find the above piece too austere in  design then maybe you might be interested in this.
Light a candle inside to warm up a few hearts, for a romantic nightout. You could call this piece of work "an Ode to the Old Flame".
 And if You want something in between the two extremes we have the "The Light behind Bars"
and here is another piece for You. Home decor Blues anyone?
Summer is a time when You wish that the living spaces had enough perforation to let the air, or rather the breeze in. An this craving for ventilation extends to all Ideas about spaces. And that is exactly why we showcase this ventilative art for Home decor by  Bianca, within a price span of Rs400/- to Rs4000/-.
Extrapolating the same mind frame of airyness are two light weight stools for Your house. Simple but imaginative.

So now go ahead and change the decor theme of Your Home through bright and colorful decorative ideas by using these simple items like Votive holders, stools, baskets and artefacts.

AVAILABLE AT: Bianca, Amrapali Shopping Center, V.M Road, Juhu Scheme, Next to Ontoes/Boy London

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