Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Ardor Place

Connaught Place is one place in Delhi whose Classic charm and allure, has continued to bring serious shoppers. casual goers, strollers, lurkers to it`s grandiose spread, over decades. An expanse of time where dwarfs, and neo rich upstarts  like SouthEx and GKs shone and faded to their rightful quantum of glimmer. And this grand spread of connaught place has come to be dotted with some great eating out places, where You can just drop by for a flawless foodie experience. Watch this space for more of such Foodie dens from the "Place" but for now we will talk about a place in the outer circle called "Ardor".
And like the connaught place this place is Big and Grand with a classic appeal. This below is barely a third of the entire spatial expanse.

Don`t we love the wide open spaces in Delhi that are such a priceless luxury in other metros of India? A luxury that we so take for granted in Delhi!
Good to eat is a place where the tables are laid out to give every group a nice, quite niche to enjoy the menu.

Oh the Menu!
Expect nothing Extraaaa Ordinary. It`s the familiar repertoire of flour and wheat, and  desi, conti, and far eastern and breast, winged, legged operas.
The rendition however, I have to admit, is quite something.
This thing here, is the Grilled Chicken Breast, with steamed vegetables and red jus. This platter pairs Flora and Fauna in a fantastic combination.. so do some deft forkwork to retain the pairing with with every byte and finish it while it is still hot. This is just the thing to be had with a glass of wine.
Look closely at the piece of flesh below..

Yes, it looks great, it tastes even greater. Just try this one, You`ll come back for it.

And for a a more indigenous experience ask for "Gazab ka Seena". That`s stuffed chicken breast with cheese, marinated in Indian herbs. Looks like a close cousin of the Tandoori chicken, but with the cheese inside, digging your teeth in flesh takes non vegetarian eating experience to another level. The herbs have achieved a level of penetration that adds the right amount of spice in every bite.. This one comes with a chutney and in an impressive portion size. And apart from the Size of the portion, the prices impress further, considering You`re in connaught place

This is the Oriental meal in a bowl, 
rice bowl that is, with assorted Asian greens in red, green or Yellow Thai curry. 
If for You, Thai is kinda difficult to handle, with it`s strong aroma and flavour so typical of a sea  food, then this is the thing to be had. The chef at Ardor has sedated that aroma to make this Thai thing a little more palatable.

Try it, You`ll like it and You`ll start liking Thai.

And if You`re not much of a rice guy then go for the Pan fried noodles with the assorted Asian green.

The greens here include Broccoli, Corn Kernels and roasted dry Pepper in white Garlic Sauce.
I wish I had a bowl like that at home!
So go check it all out.
Ardor is in the N block Connaught place, Outer circle, standing where "Legends of India" once stood. And it stands tall among other greats of the Place.
Ardor also has a great bar and lounge, located at the same property of which we will talk about later.

So watch this space and the thing called Allwhatshewants!!

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