Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cozy Corner in Your Home Sweet Home

Let us accept this simple fact! We all have a house that has some scope of beautification, even though, you busy women try to keep it as beautiful as possible. Well, chances are that at the end of the day, your house ends up with things scattered here and there, leaving no corner to rest in peace!

Allwhatshewants today brings to you some interesting collection that can easily and aesthetically beautify at least one corner of your house.

Jali Collection from Westside

Well known brand Westside has come out with their latest collection which is not just decent (in look, & in feel) but also speaks longevity!

Check out this picture which is from their Jali collection. Keep the pieces in one corner of your room, and relax on the same once you are back home from your crazy office meetings!

Accent Collection from Westside
This is yet another look for your living room! Mind it, you don't have to decorate your entire living room keeping these beautiful pieces right in the centre of it. Looking for some chill out time and have a cuppa? Simply sink yourself on these softy sofas, in a private corner of your room. Is it not perfect for morning tea? You ladies can decide better!

From Westside's Kuber collection

This rugged piece of a double bed from Westside's Kuber Collection is more than enough to suggest that it's time to take a nap. Why not, its your cool weekend!

And, even if you are tired by the evening, this solid bed definitely assures a sound sleep. Simple in style, with no unnecessary curves, it enlivens your bedroom in a go!

The side cabinet is good for keeping your night time novels, or some bedtime story books for your kiddos.

Accentuate it with Westside's furnishing range, which is vibrant, and beautiful!

Still looking for some more? Here is yet another brand that can offer you accessories to accentuate all the pieces shown above. Renovation Factory brings to you some creative flower vases for your side tables, dining tables, and much more.

Look at this beautiful vase, which goes really narrow towards the top. Don't worry if it cannot accommodate a bouquet of flowers. It is meant to be kept sans the bunch, or will welcome a delicate Daisy!

Yet another piece to decorate your dining table. I'm sure food lover will simply go awe with it. Feel the rustic style and the special handles on the sides. Your bunch of Lilly's will certainly fin into this!

So, with Westside's Super solid collection, and Renovation Factory's creative collection, your home sweet home is no more a messy affair!

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