Sunday, May 6, 2012

Jusht Eat

How many times when You surfaced at a restaurant with a storm raging in the belly, You could`nt  wait for the Gravy train to start rolling?. This could just be the time when You`re not exactly done for the day and this is the moment that You stole to quell the uprising down south.
Let us suggest you a place where you can go and just "Eat", Imagine a place where You can come out of satiated without having to scratch Your brain over it.
We have just the place for You and it`s called "Jusht Imagine".
An ambiance just so right and the food just so good and enough, that the experience is worth replicating every once in a while. And if You`re sick and tired of the acoustic anarchy that your neighborhood family restaurant can become, this again, could just be the place for You.  Don`t You  always wish to be at a place where the quality of the product has graduated and standardized to a level where nothing much is expected to go wrong.
And at Imagine the chef can offer some really wonderful creations of his imagination, like this one below. 
And before Your saliva hits the floor can I say the word Prawns. Yes Prawns! and mind You, lots of them in this cup to pack a punch. The cherries in the middle make it quite a Prawn star! not to be missed.

And there is a wide array of Pasta treats to pick from. Great in taste and the quantity is clearly impressive. One would have to admire the effort in both making it taste good as well as making it look delicious too.
Something like this makes the job of a Photo Pro so much easier. I just wished the serving remained hot till the end of our photo shoot.
One pasta which stands out clearly is the Makai Palak Pasta below. Don`t miss it if You`re at Imagine. 

Music to a Foodie`s ears?
We think so.. 
The Palak in it`s continental avataar can be mistaken for spinach sauce if there is such a thing. If there is`nt then the chef here is an inventor for creating  Pasta and Palak in a seamless cocktail.

For those who just want to order the mundane there is a good old fashioned Thaali in it`s rustic best. Rustic because this is the Dhaba chicken thali, and the late bird has been spiced in a controlled and a domestcated way to ensure a smooth passage down Your gullet without firing up the food pipe. 
Of special mention is the Daal. Left to simmer over a dormant tandoor for several hours, You get a daal which  has a uniform texture  through the entire portion. The random, hard pieces of grain that you get in a daal is the hallmark of the pressure cooker.

There is no overcooking here, it`s just that the preparation has been left to mature over a period to  arrive at a certain level of consistency. 
If You still have doubts before You try out Imagine, let us tell You that this restaurant shares it`s pedigree with Bamboo shoots and the Lotus Pond. If the names still don`t ring a bell, just take our word for it and head out to NOIDA sector-63, and....    ask for directions to the Lemon Twist, Imagine`s sister EatOut.. cause Imagine is new in town

And if You are on a liquid diet, ask Imagne folks to lead You to their Bar, but just in case the Spirits don`t help You soar higher, allow the Bar Dude to fire up the scene for You. That`s him above in the act. You`ll keep coming back just to watch him juggle fire. Believe us, He`s good, even the Founder and CEO of the place, Ashish Bhayana can`t help taking out his mobile cam when did it for the shoot. 

For a more precise location detail remember the below
Jusht Imagine
H-1A/16, Sec-63, Noida,
Ph:0120-4217500-504, 4217300


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