Thursday, May 31, 2012

Jewellery is a Temptation!

Should we dare ask you what was your last great indulgence on a jewellery that you find as your biggest asset today?  Well, if it is taking you a while to think about it, believe us, you still need to dig more into it, and find the best for yourself.

Allwhatshewants is bringing to you some new launches (to help you in your search), some superb exchange offers (if your old piece is still in your locker), and some chunky styles (yes, even a  simple vacation wear can be your asset), just in case if you really believe in a nice indulgence!

Priceless Designer Jewellery
Uncut diamonds, commonly know as Polki are considered classics. But, if you were really waiting for that one good, big, solid neck-piece for quite some time, we believe that this the new collection from this newly launched store in Mumbai, named A.S. Motiwala Jewellers.

These exquisite earrings are adorned with rubies,diamonds, rose cut diamonds and south sea pearls.These earrings were created to raise the elegance quotient of the wearer. The unmatched beauty of the design and the quality make these earrings alluring. By A S Motiwala, Fine Jewellery. Price on request.

The brand has centuries old legacy, and is known for the most sought-after Basra pearl dealers in the world.
So, if you are looking for a class apart jewellery, infused with modernity and elegance, along with a rich and royal feel, check out their latest collection for the season!

Wedding Jewellery by Tanishq

Gold Exchange Offer
OK! Hold on if you you thought that we are asking you to sell all your old stuff, just because you still haven't found a jewellery that can be your biggest asset. But, are you not bored with your pieces that you wore only on your D'Day. i.e. your own wedding? 

Consider this wonderful option that Tanishq is offering you. Exchange your old jewellery ,and get anew certified jewellery from the house of Tanishq. What's additional? You will stand to benefit by getting one additional carat value for the exchange of gold jewellery, and two additional carat value for the exchange of diamond jewellery.

While we might have talked enough about the wannable pieces, did you ever think that even a nice chunky piece (regardless whether it's in diamond, gold, or just a simple imitation) can also be what you are actually craving for?

Holiday Collection From Bracialeto
While this collection as the name suggests, is supposed to be your luggage essential, but if this is what you were looking for since long, then why not? It is light-weight, easy to carry, can match with any kind of office attire, or even your ethnic attire.

The jewellery is crafted in 92.5 sterling silver, in non leather bands, and made from murano glass and lampwork brads. Additional, they have special anti-tarnish coating that adds to the durability of the piece.

Now, we have offered you a choice that goes from royal, to revised, to absolutely pocket-friendly. What are you going for? 

Price of All: On Request

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