Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer Skincare & Makeup

By Gucci Westman for Revlon

While we had thought of carrying this particular feature right on Mother's Day, but we realized that you will already be pampered enough from your loved ones' on your special day. Beauty update for a woman doesn't need a special day. In fact, loving and taking care of your body should definitely not wait for a woman's day, a mother's day or even a daughter's day.  

Check out these must-have beauty products which every woman must indulge in, not once in a blue moon....but, often It's not about simply trying and reviewing products,  but is more about trying things that will relieve you from your daylong stress. And, about all, beautification!!

Tangerine- Ginger bath salt by The Nature's Co.
Refresh yourself with this amazing product. The editorial of Allwhatshewants tried it and therefore certainly recommend it. We tried it at the end of the day when you reach back home with a fatigue. One spoonful of this bathing salt in a bucket half filled works wonders. You feel fresh, and wake up sans any pain the next day. 
Tangerine will open pores and speed out toxins from congested skin. While ginger will heal and soothe. For a scented, pampering bath treat, sprinkle a small quantity into running bath water or an indulgent soak.

 Kelp sea bath salt 
Relax and de-stress the natural way. Soak in our Kelp Sea Bath Salt that is rich in sea mineral salts and moisturizing properties. It also helps draw out toxins from the body.

Want to know what other products this brand offers? This picture will help you out!

Discover your Perfect Match with New Pond’s White Beauty

As this brand Pond’s says that they choose to celebrate every woman’s individuality as they understand that every woman is unique. We also believe that being truly beautiful is not about superficially fixing flaws and imperfections or hiding behind a mask applied onto the surface of your skin.

After researching with over 20,000 genes, the Pond’s Institute identified a specific gene that significantly affects melanin production. What’s amazing about it is that the product works differently on each person. So, if there are areas on your skin that need extra help and contain more melanin, the formula concentrates on lightening and brightening those exact problem spots. 

Escapism: The 2012 Summer Collection By Gucci Westman for Revlon
Capture the ultimate tropical glow of St. Tropez with this new resort beauty collection.As the expert for the brand says that these are all the ultimate must-haves for this summer, both for casual beach/holiday wear and for an evening out with gorgeous lips, eye-shadow and a touch of golden highlights. 
(Wait for the Exclusive Review feature which will tell you how these products feel like!)

VLCC Spring
With the change in the season, your skin care regime should also change. The spring season is the ideal time to hydrate and revitalize your skin.  VLCC has introduced its latest 
Spring collection, a regimen based for all skin types. This particular range is available for skin types ranging from Normal to Dry and Normal to Oily.

The three easy CTM steps i.e. cleanse, tone and moisturize work wonders to your skin. This CTM regimen is at the core of VLCC's new spring collection. The collection comprises a Cleanser, Toner, Day Cream, Night Cream coupled with special treatment products like scrubs, masks and serums to fulfill all essential needs for all skin types. These  products are natural in source and are made from active ingredients, which have high efficacy.

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