Thursday, June 14, 2012

Splash in Style

Before monsoon hits, and all your plans for the nice splash in the pool go haywire, you better select your style of swimsuit. Bika's Rajputani collection (we told you about the upcoming launch of it few weeks back), and get set to dive and enjoy the lovely pool time.

Designer Ambika Sanjana has brought in this collection for the India women, and it is more about bringing the royalty back to you all!LA-based Sanjana's Spring Summer 12 swimsuit collection has taken it's inspiration from no other state, but Rajasthan. And, why not, after all it is one such state in India that has attracted even the Hollywood biggies.

While Allwhatshewants editorial hails from this beautiful state Rajasthan, and it's always a great feel to see someone getting inspired from this state of India, even in general India has a tradition of apparel and design which celebrates the abundance of colours and styles. 

But, Bika Rajputani collection is soaked in the rich culture of Rajasthan for its inspiration. Rajputani queens were proud, beautiful, and extremely elegant. Much like the modern women, they were at the forefront of life. 

Colourful & Rick Palette 

If Bika is full of rich, vibrant and bright colours, it also has a wonderful component of traditional motifs, with a nice backdrop of earthy hues. Also, each swimsuit has great cuts, and unusual colours (unlike what pool swimwear generally are).

Whether you wear it in pool, or while on a beach holiday, or even when sitting aside the pool, simply sipping a nice drink, Rajputani will automatically bring in all the elegance that you are looking for!

.... And here is the designer herself who is behind this beautiful collection.

Note: This collection is exclusively available at Creo Store, Mumbai

Price on Request

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