Monday, July 30, 2012

For a Beautiful Monday!

Yes, it's first day of the week, and we thought of bringing to you an interesting Beauty Feature, which is not just about the products, but it's an exclusive review and shoot of some of these.

When it comes to the beauty basics, we all know that there are endless brands and products available in the market. But what is important to know is how good they are, especially when the season is monsoon, humidity is still prevailing, and above all skin and hair need a continuous care. Not to worry, as Team Allwhatshewants recently reviewed some of the monsoon related beauty products...

A Perfect Retreat for Your Hair!
Talking about top-to-toe care, we will first talk about this interesting hair shampoo..
Monsoon breaks the monotony of summers, but at the same it also makes our scalp itchy, oily (coz of the humidity around), and sometimes, invites hairfall as well. This Shampoo from one of the well-known natural brands TATHA comes to your rescue.
OK, before you ask us how, we take you straight to it's best properties, It is Sulphate and Paraben Free, and is good for all types of hair (dry, oily, itchy... etc.)
We picked it up in one go after reading this very interesting feature. Lesser the chemicals, better is the quality of your curls, and we all know that. Now, coming to the next best thing that we liked about this product, it is really light on your hair unlike any other chemical-based shampoo (try any from HUL to P&G). While normal is one of the ranges from Tatha, you can even try anti-dandruff, and hairfall ones'.
Lastly, trust us, you may not need any conditioner at all, as the shampoo itself is more that sufficient.

Why We Recommend: No wonder, any Sulphate & Paraben free product deserves to be there on your bathroom shelf!

Price: 1150 (145ml) If you think the price tag is a little much, why not skip a dress from your shopping list?

Oil That Guarantees Supple Skin!
Since your Scalp concern is over, let us now shift our focus to the skin. Yes, our lovely skin, our dear skin is a big-big concern, not just in monsoon but in every season. Rather, we should say, 24X7!
But, THE BODY SHOP is here to offer you a superb solution. It's new product, Beautifying Oil, which is now on shelf in their stores, is like a soother to any type of skin. If you have oily skin, take a couple of drops and apply it on your arms. Leave one arm bare, and the other masqued with this oil. And, then see the difference yourself!
Well, it's not that your skin will start glowing, or will exude radiance, but the feel will be simply different. It will turn more supple and soft.It is infect a perfect choice for those who have really dry skin, or chappy skin.

Why We Recommend: It makes your dull-looking skin go alive. Plus, the fragrances in which it's available are just splendid!
Price: Rs. 895 (100ml) We find it quite pocket-friendly.

Let Your Face Feel the Freshness!
How can we forget the beauty essential part of our body. Yes, you guessed right, it' our delicate and beautiful face. God knows how many tips, tried & tested you must have done since your teenage, for making your face looking and stay radiant.
Well, for those who are really looking for a quick and quite effective medium, L'OCCITANE is here for you. This wonder called Hydration Face Mist, is the best thing for any working or a busy woman. Leaving for a meeting, post lunch, when your face is wearing out, just spray this mist, wait for good 5 minutes, and see the result. Your face goes alive, with an added fragrance to it.
What is even more important to know about this product is that apart from the freshness that it gives to your dull face, it has organic Angelica extracts (oil) that also works as an antioxidant.

Why we Recommend: Because it is organic, plus is a perfect cocktail of great ingredients!
Price: On Request
Define Your Eyes Amid the Shower!

Since we have talked about the basics when it comes to skin and hair care, we decided to bring to you a couple of interesting cosmetic products as well that gel well with Monsoon.
It's raining outside, but that doesn't mean that your so-called favourite Liner in your beauty kit should stay untouched. This waterproof eye liner Glow Glitz from MODICARE is certainly gonna be liked by a college-going girl and also an office woman. Why? Because, its quick, and has a subtle sheen to it. Editorial Team applied it, and washed the face, still it was very much there! Though, we liked the green more, but blue is good if you wanna a younger look.

Why We Recommend: It's so easy to carry, and so fast for a touch up!
Price: Rs 565 Completely in your budget.
Simply Beautiful!
Well, your eyes are defined, but are your nails to ready to go along? If not, then no need to worry as OPI Nail Lacquer will do the needful. You can trust this brand blindly, not because we say so, but for the quality that it assures. Even a simple single application on your nails can easily last upto good three days. And, if you apply one more layer of this lacquer, be assured that people will go awe with your nails.
What is really interesting about this brand is the choice of colours that it offers to both women and girls. They are gorgeous and appealing.

Why We Recommend: Because this is the only nail-paint that stays for a long time, and doesn't fade!
Price: On request

... We still have a few more interesting products lined up for you, which importantly include articifical nails from FACES. since we are still reviewing them, and getting the shoot done, we shall be featuring the same shortly!

And, don't forget to check the Exclusive coverage of these products in an exclusive shoot on in the coming week!!

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