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Monsoon LookBook of Allwhatshewants!!

The Monsoon is in full bloom and we are here with our exclusive Shoot depicting 4 cool Monsoon looks, which are Innovative and Serene and like the monsoon mood, Fresh and Vivid. And, we sprinkle the looks with some catchy accessories and some quick high fashion hairdos!

Have`nt we waited for far too long for this summer to get over just to get rid of of light summery whites, and Pales and Mellowed Shades? Monsoon is just the excuse to declare a riot in Your wardrobe. Yes we know You still wish to wear something light and breezy, and feel the monsoon air on Your body, and we have just the look to carry it all. We have Olga from Karma model Agency to say it all, in the picture above.
What do You think? If You think She looks stunning, then that is the look You`ll need to blaze in the rains.

Monsoon Makeup
Your dress is not the only available canvas for Your color palate, You have a lot of space to potray some drama and fun to light up the damp air around You.
"One thing to keep in mind for monsoon makeup is Brightness..
A lot of people interpret Monsoon Makeup as clean makeup , & no colours
says Aakriti Kochar, Beauty & Makeup Expert, Oriflame India, who gave these interesting looks for our exclusive shoot.
LOOK 1 (Fresh Skin, Defined Eyes, Sultry Lips)
This look is perfect for a weekday when you are at your best, especially at your workplace. Since there is so much humidity around, go lighter on moisturizer, and make sure to start with primer, post-cleansing. Kochar suggests Oriflame Studio Artist foundation that can keep your skin hydrated minus the heaviness of foundation.  
Once you apply foundation, the areas that need more coverage are clearly visible. That's the time to apply the concealer, and what could be better than Oriflame's Studio Artist Concealer? Now you are flawless! But before you are all set to splash colours on your face, just dab some Studio Artist compact, one shade lighter than the foundation, to let the base settle. Since we need more drama on the lips not the eyes, as it's a day look, go subtle on eyes (See. the pic.). Colours used here for creating the look are from Oriflame's Tri Colour Eyeshadow Palette.

Hairdo (Trendy & Sleek)

This is the season to experiment  trendy updos. Since, it's for a day, when you will be all busy, do not let your hair loose, tie it all up. They are quick and easy, wear a different hairstyle everyday.
While a simple pony is our all-time favourite, You can try something different? A side bun can really work wonders!
This is the time when You want to feel the cool breeze all over You skin, and what better place than Your neck and the area around the back of Your ears.

All set to move out? don't forget to combine some fun accessories that are vibrant too with your beautiful makeup and chic hairdo. A simple clutch, flowery bangle, and a colourful neck piece, all from Esbeda can set you apart in a go!

LOOK 2 (Fun & Joy)
For that little girl insideYou who whats to enjoy and have fun, Time to bring her out with this subtle elegant look!

As you notice here, the makeup remains the same, it's the Style that we are highlighting here, apart from the changed hairdo.
Monsoon is all about going short as you would certainly not want to drench your attire, and see it getting spoilt. Also, it's the season when you love to feel your skin. so, time to go a bit bare!
Select dresses and shorts for this season. 
Look one was all about a short jumpsuit from Turquoise & Gold, while here in the pic you see Olga wearing a casual dress from KAZO.
Combine it with a bold Esbeda Kada, and simple flats from Mochi.

Why not wear some danglers this season when your hair are all tied? 

We couldn't think of a better earrings than these ones', which are from Ravissant. (Yes. as said, we did this shoot at Blliis by Ravissant). 

And, this beautiful and bold ring from Esbeda proves a perfect combo for those stunning danglers. 

LOOK3 (Sexy & Bold)
Now when we say bold and sexy, not necessarily it means that pour all the bright, tempting colours on yourself. 

A shift from day to evening look should be really different. If your day was all about primary colours, let the evening be nude and neutral!
An off shouldered dress with lots of shimmers is a great choice. And, this one from KAZO will really look great!
Apart from this cocktail dress, try the jewellery, again from KAZO, whcih has a lot of punk factor to add to your overall look!

There is this particular that's catching up in a big way. Yes, you guessed right... blue! While many out there are hesitant trying this bold yet classy shade, but believe us, when you carry it the right way, it can make you look class apart!

Kochar here has used it on the eyes, keeping the lips really subtle, along with an extended eye liner to make the eyes really look bold. While in the previous looks we talked about keeping the hair tied up, for an evening look, hair expert Mike, from Blliis salon gave a quick hair style to create that oomph! " Wavy is very much in," says Mike. We couldn't deny looking at Olga.
Wanna look different? Go ahead with the same look, just slip into yest another halter-neck jumpsuit from Turquoise & Gold in ocher yellow. You will still be at your sultry best! Here Kochar has little bit subdued the lip colour to accentuate the eyes.

LOOK 4 (Quick & Classy)While the makeup remains the same here, hair expert Mike shows his best side. It is all about from wavy to plaid-ed, in a quick pro. More like a French plaid, in a bun form. Check this out!

Are you thinking that the feature is over? Niat! Don't forget to check out our experts@work in the following pictures:

Aakriti Kochar giving a final touch up to Olga!

Mike at Blliis... Final touch-up to the Final Hairdo!

Photo Shoot Credits
Wardrobe: KAZO & Turquoise & Gold
Style Accessories: KAZO, Esbeda, and Mochi
Makeup: Oriflame India
Hair: Blliis by Ravissant
Location: Blliss By Ravissant

... Don't forget to check out yet another interesting feature of this exclusive shoot on our newly launched venture in the coming week!!


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