Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sampling Some Exotic Wines

Have You come across the words Chateau, Bordeaux, Chardonnay and Sauvignon lately? Yes?? Did we hear, Yes??
So, you`ve been preening over wine bottles of late! Oh, you glanced through the Bar menu of the restaurant You`ve been to last time. Gotcha!! Don't be shy and intimidated with all the snobbish nomenclature. Let us instead walk You through our wineyard and cultivate some wine sense with a few samples.

Finest Wines From Lodi-the Garden Restaurant, Delhi
Last week, Lodi-The Garden Restaurant celebrated fine dining with the choicest wines from their 16 Tap wine Machine, paired with Chef special cuisine. 
Now before we bring to you the details of the wines that we tasted and reviewed, we will brief you about this interesting Tap machine that this restaurant proudly owns. It is a perfect storage and delivery system for wine, since it eliminates the inevitable waste and oxidation. Which means, once the bottle is opened, that exotic wine doesn't die, but stays fresh till it's last drop!
So, shall we pour our first glass of wine?

This is the Fuzion, Chenin Chardonnay, Mendoza, 2011, Argentina

Smooooth! this wine has a fine yellow colour with a slight greenish tinge. Among the cocktail of fruit flavors, the taste of apple stands out. The wine is somewhat dry, mid-weight, and has a good acidity level. But, the hint of citrus makes it feel crisp. Try this wine with a cold food preparation, like Chicken Liver Pate (We tried this), or just a salad.
The name tells a lot about the wine and how it`s classified. Both Chenin and Chardonnay are grape varieties, and both are light greenish yellowish colored grapes, so.. what You end up with is a.. White Wine! a white wine with good acidity levels because Chenin as a grape has an inherent high acidic content.
Mendoza is the largest wine growing region of Argentina. Yes, Argentina the fifth largest wine producer in the world with a long and illustrious wine making tradition dating back to the year 1500AD.

Read again "Fuzion, Chenin Chardonnay, Mendoza, 2011, Argentina". Does it all make sense now?

And pop goes the second cork, from the bottle which says "Muscat, 2009, Alsace Fernand Engel, France"
A semi-dry wine with a strong flavour that kinda explodes in Your mouth. Another heady mix of flavours and aromas. We are able to make out the feel of decomposing flowers and some spicey mixtures with a hint of fruits rotting away to glory. A white wine again, this one is made from a grape variety called the Muscat, a grape type with a strong aromatic character grown in Alsace, France. Predominantly light-skinned, the grapes help produce a wine, which has a clear appearence with specks of green and some sedated yellows.
Fernand Engel?? That`s not a grape variety or a region of France folks! That`s the brand bringing You this wine.

Shifting now to the red wine category, Casa Catelli, Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, 2009 Italy was the one that we were offered, which was combined with nice house Pesto.
Produced from the famous Montepuliciano grape variety known for their deep colour and moderate acidity level, cultivated in the Abruzzo region of Italy, this wine has a dry and a soft feel. It also has a mild tannin content. And what is tannin? Well Tannins are a naturally occuring somplex molecules that have the tendency to react with portiens, including the ones present in your saliva. So the moment the wine flows about in Your oral cavity, Your mouth feels like an alchemist`s lab. Tannin is found in nuts, berries and chocolate and fruits, most notably the Montepuliciano grape. And not surprisingly those are the flavors that pace along Your palate.
Not all wines age with time and this wine is one such wine, it`s ready after just a few months of maturing.

Are You feeling dizzy already? There`s one more wine to go before we start tipping over, and that is the
"Chataeu Segonzac, Heritage, 2008, France". 

After three wines now we were actually struggling to track all the taste components. But then we could make out come Vanilla and coffee flavors. This one is definitely strong as the aroma just explode in mouth. This is the wine to go with red meat.
We had another wine, but folks we don`t remember the name for obvious reasons. So, we couldn't even shoot the same. Lodi, and it's Tap wines was a great experience that we look forward to replicating. But, in the meantime, why not you  go out and do some wining of Your own and pamper Yourself? 

Remember the name, Lodi-the Garden Restaurant... Visit to know more!!

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