Friday, August 3, 2012

Bedroom Basics

Ahem! Don't get us wrong when we say basics for your bedroom... Of course, we are talking about some interesting Decor items for a room that invites you to cuddle, shedding all your inhibitions aside.

Bedcovers, Runners, & Cushions From Shades of India

While the living area in your home has a lot of drama, fancy items, cozy corners, and touches of greens (planters), your bedroom can also have a bit of fantasy, even if it's a place to relax. There was a time when minimalism was the trend, then came the time when everyone was going opulent and loud. But, today, there is a touch of fantasy and drama in every decor. From Kids room, to your Kitchen, there is a fun element involved.
So, why to leave your bedroom aside, when it naturally is associated with 'Fun'!

Cut-work Throw... 

 Throws & Pillows

Traditionally, throws have been associated with living room decor. Whether a vintage sofa, or a contemporary settee, a throw on this furniture adds glamour and elegance.
But, you can certainly with this single piece of fabric. This cut-work piece from Shades of India can be added to your bedroom like a runner on the bedspread.

Have a guest room with two separate beds? Throw will add a personal touch to this simple room. Try playing with contrast elements here!

Fantasy Accessory Collection

Done with drapes and throws? It's time to move to the other accessories for your beautiful bedroom. If pillows are the basics for a sound sleep (some of you may not be using pillows as well), then colourful cushions can add a lot of drama to your otherwise dull-looking bedroom area. Not necessarily you have to place all the cushions on your king-size bed, but scatter them all over the room. That's the whole idea of innovative decoration!
Believe in Asymmetrical element? Place cushions of various sizes-a few on the bed, and one or two on the chair, armchair, or the settee aside your bed.
The Fantasy Collection from Shades of India have stunning colours, and are also available in different sizes. Try them for a change this season!

Bedroom is just one area of your abode, but if there are some creative decor elements that can be added to this special room, then it can make it cozier like never before. After all, you just don't need that 8 hour sleep... you need a beautiful surrounding too, to make your sleep turn sound!

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