Saturday, August 18, 2012

For Your Mediterranean Craving!

Sorry Friends for keeping you waiting for so long.
Well, if we were not updating Allwhatshewants all this while, you can easily guess the reason! Yes, we were definitely busy exploring something interesting and new for you, and this time it has been a different experience for us as well.
Our weekend features have mostly been about food and restaurants, and this Sunday is also about one such interesting place- Club Czar!

Thin Crust Mediterranean Pizza! 
Don't wonder if we are starting our exclusive review about this restaurant with this first dish, which is a simple pizza.
But as said right in the beginning this was quite an unusual review. At Club Czar, we decided to spend more time on our exclusive food shoot and, later got this Thin Crust Mediterranean Pizza packed for the review.
What are you thinking? we can still very easily recommend this place to you. Read below to know more.

Club Czar, Delhi
Czar, is a newly opened restaurant ( rather call it a Lounge for Hookah and some yum food) in Delhi. What you would like in one go is it's location, exactly at the place in Saket where there is a lot of young crowd that is happy to try such cool places.

While we could have spent a couple of hours enjoying their delicacies and some exotic cocktails (Classic Mojito is the one that we tried) and mocktails, this time we spent more time in shooting the interesting starters and the main course platters. These pictures will make you head to this place!

Czar Mezze Platter

The first that we shot was Czar Mezze Platter. It was a combination of Turkish, Greek, Lebanese, and Egyptian non-veg starters. What we liked best about it was that the platter was the combination of both hot and cold flavours along with medium to strong spices dips.
It can be a perfect choice for a group who simply want to relish on Czar's Starters!

Cottage Cheese Bruschetta

What came next to us was this yum dish, called Cottage Cheese Bruschetta. Believe us, this is the superb dish to have with family and friends. Why? Because the flavours are classy, and above all the portion served, especially at Czar is really good!
And, for us, of course it was a sheer delight to shoot. It has lots of greens and reds.

Moroccan Spiced Stuffed Chicken

The next dish that Chef Rajiv offered us was not just different and yum-looking, it also seemed to be his fave.
It was Moroccan Spiced Stuffed Chicken. 
Yeah, for your main course, it proves to be a great choice. Be assured that you will come out with a happy belly!
It is soft and the flavours gel well along with the red wine sauce that is served with this dish.

And, last came the dessert. Since Chocolate is an all-time favourite end of the meal flavour, this dish Chocolate Cake With Icecream simply melted in our mouth. since we were running short of time, we quickly took a bite. but that said everything about Club Czar- Perfect in-house spices, great cooking, and about all excellent portions of each and every dish!
Although, we were not too impressed with the garnishing of the Dessert, but that not-so-impressive look soon vanished the moment we had the bites of the lovely Pizza that the Chef packed for us.
If not at Czar, we satiated our tummy on way back home!

USP of Club Czar:

Food, VIP Lounge, and Organic Hookah, if you are a non-smoker!

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