Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cuisine that Global Travellers Love the Most

Since we are calling it a foody Tuesday, we are sharing an interesting survey conducted by Hotels.com about which is the cuisine that global travellers love the most.

Though still not as hot as Italian and French, Japanese cuisine is moving up the global popularity scale. It should come as no surprise the world’s most-visited places also have the best cuisine. After all, nobody wants to eat horrible food on his or her hard-earned vacations.
But of course no cosmopolitan city is limited to its own national dishes. You're just as likely to find a top Italian eatery in Bangkok as you are an incredible Japanese restaurant in London.

So which food do travelers crave the most when on the road?

A recent survey of 27,000 global travelers by Hotels.com shows the traditional European favorites now face a bit of competition, with Asian cuisine rising up the foodie ranks.
Although international travelers still favor Italian (32 percent) and French (24 percent), Japanese food is gaining in popularity, coming in at 18 percent.
“Japanese food is seen as a great example of healthy eating and there are a variety of Japanese restaurants in every multicultural capital,” said Alison Couper from Hotels.com. “The fact that it beat more traditional holiday dishes such as tapas and burritos is testament to the world-class reputation of Japanese chefs.”
Several other Asian cuisines appear in the top 10 list, including Chinese (13 percent), Thai (8 percent), Taiwanese and Indian (5 percent each).

So, India is at the end. Sigh!

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