Sunday, August 26, 2012

Lounge & Leisure@ Flluid!

Your weekend might be getting over, but your craving for good food will surely not end with any weekend.
and, that's why this interesting food review will recharge you even if it;s a Sunday eve!
We recently visited Flluid, a revamped Lounge Bar at Mosaic Hotel, in Noida. As the name says, Flluid, the places is apt to it's name. Curves, soft colours, and one dining area flowing and blending with the other can easily give you the feel of Flluid. As the restaurant says that it can cater to your different mood swings.

While it has different dining areas-from Buffet to Private, we decided to opt for the lounge seating (See Pic.)
As our readers know that our Food reviews are a combination of the platters that we try, and the exclusive soot of the Chef special that we do to bring the best of that place, unfortunately with Flluid, we could only taste their food.

We started with  some interesting classic platters, named Hariyali tikki, Stuffed Mushroom, and Cottage Cheese Shashlik!
they were quite a mouthful in terms of proportion, and if you visit this place with empty belly, chances are you will feel satiated in one go! We particularly relished the mushrooms. Although, they were cooked in strong spices that relatively subdued the authentic flavour of mushrooms, but we know that there are a lot of people who wish to go for such fusions!

Next came Penne Arabiata while we were busy sipping Blackberry (while wine with some blue berries), and Earthen Blessing ( Cucumber with a punch of tamarind). Now these drinks were really cool, especially with the place is a lounge bar. And, the drinks actually went well with starters and the main course both. Ok, coming to Arabiata now, as said, the portions at Flluid are superb. So, if you are planning to hang out with friends, this is the right place to go for. The pasts was nice in taste as it did not have the overflow of the pasta sauce, which most of the restaurants show their blunder in. We also tried an interesting veg salad with this hot platter, but we would like to talk more about past and the mocktails that we were truly enjoying.

In the mean time, the manager told us about Flluid's new interiors which is more on the plush side now. Also, they have added a new Lap Pool (See Pic.), to lounge on the deck while sipping on martini or enjoying a puff. If that does not gratify your mood or you happen to undergo a mood swing, you might as well move in to an urban design Restobar, offering all that one could ask for, be it a couple or be it a group of buddies. Still, urging for more? You can move on to the Private Area equipped with a fully movable set up and can be fine tuned as your mood proposes.

And, before we realized that the drinks and the pasta are slowly taking care of our all-time craving belly, we were served with Blue Berry Mouse and some Mango pudding. Believe us, it was yum! Not because every dessert is supposed to be yum, but it had that perfect softness which made it melt with every gulp!

Don't worry, if you haven't tried Flluid this weekend, there are more to come. but. Lounge at Flluid next week!!

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