Thursday, August 23, 2012

Nature Inspired Jewellery!

Since our readers liked yesterday's feature so much that we decided to present yet another interesting Jewellery feature today as well, in the same category of easy to wear! Check out these neck pieces from, which are more like pendants but are attached to the sleek-looking chain!

'Foliage' Jewellery Collection

This is a jewellery that is inspired by the foliage of leaves and nature, for the contemporary working women., India's one of the online shopping portal for jewellery presents its latest collection named “Foliage”. 
This collection is made of diamonds that are set in  18K gold. The shapes are inspired from all the variety of foliages, twirls and swirly curls of leaves. 

Offering a trendy and modern edge to their collection, the jewellery is perfectly suited for the urban women, on both formal and casual occasions at work. And, as we all know that nature is always considered one of the best sources that provide designers inspiration, so even for this particular collection, named Foilage, the shapes narrate the same story!

There is a total of 31 products, which consists of 12 earrings, 12 pendants and 7 rings. The graceful silhouettes of leafy branches have been created using different diamond settings such as prong, pave, plate prong and bezel. Let the classy Foliage designs add an aesthetic edge to your alluring persona. Prices start from Rs 10,000 upwards. 


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