Saturday, August 4, 2012

Platinum Weekend!!

Try it With a nice Blace Dress!

Yes, the weekend is here, and we know that you are out as usual... with your friends, family, kids... some have fun time watching movies, some enjoying food, and there are some who are busy shopping. After all, the discounts are still on!

If you are out and looking for some jewellery, then this feature might be of some help. Even if you are not planning, take a look at these interesting Platinum bangles. You might think of some investment.

Raiara, a new jewellery brand from Mumbai, for the first time ever is introducing the Indian consumer with an exquisite array of eternal Platinum bangles!

While Platinum is not a new jewellery item in your jewel box. It has been here for quite some time. But, as the brand claims that the market has seen platinum bracelets, Platinum rings, platinum earrings even, but never platinum bangles.

Perfect for a Working Woman!

Platinum in the present day has a lesser rate in contrast to that of Gold and consequently there are relatively additional people who now further fancy Platinum rather than Gold. There is prodigious use of distinguished precision machinery and equipments. Platinum is a luscious metal and the designs put together with the finish makes this an impeccable Gift of Love. 
Platinum is everlasting and time and again signifies a new beginning of a bond which lasts for eternity. Thus, true to its three pillars Value, Trust and Design, once again Raiara has introduced a game changer in the industry! 
Intricacy & Elegance 

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