Monday, August 6, 2012

Royals of India @Lakme fashion Week!

While the previous designer whom we showcased today had more of layers, flares, and textures in his collection, this designer duo Meera and Rohit are getting inspired from the Royals of India! Take a look...

Their collection aptly named as ‘Mehr-un-Nisa’ pays a tribute to the royals of India. Also known to be the Mughal empress Noorjehan’s original birth name, Mehr-un-Nisa translates as ‘the sun of women’. The brilliance of femininity that resonates in the portrayal of India’s blue-blooded queens and princesses forms the basis of this collection. Their gorgeous sarees, suits and tunics are bejeweled by the beautifully patterned and vividly colourful bagh work and exquisite embroidery, are reminiscent of the royalty of India.

The colour palette is a motley mix of earthy tones and burnished bright shades. Red and black is generously used to celebrate the larger-than-life persona of the royals. The designer team Meera and Rohit are clearly on the right sartorial path. They say, “A happy customer is the lifeblood of our label. We like to keep what we promise. Many of our customers frequently call us back upon receiving compliments on adorning our creations. This propels us to create even more beautiful collections.”

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