Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Beauty in Your Genes... Decoded!!

If you meet someone beautiful, with a radiant and youthful skin, you instantly say 'It is in her genes'. And, that's what it seems experts with Avon have understood. Their new innovation Anew Genics is all about this secret. Seems the secret code is decoded for all those women who are looking for a perfect anti-aging product!

Solution for Anti-Aging!
As the brand claims, Anew Genics has patented YouthGen technology. It activates your youth genes which are already there in our skin, boosts protein, which fades with age, and thus, result in youthful and radiant look. Now you may wonder, what is the connection of youth genes with skin? Well, at Avon research has proved that boosting the youth genes can lead to an improvement especially in the aging appearance of your skin.
Based on their virto testing, skin may appear upto 10 years younger. Isn't this simply wow? From wrinkle reduction, to firmer looking skin, to a smoother texture, to reducing discolouration, this product is the real solution. The treatment is available in two forms- Concentrate and Cream. As the name says, concentrate is certainly for a quicker result, and cream for a gradual one.
While Team Allwhatshewants hasn't tried this product yet (It's still lying on our Editorial Desk), we shall soon be bringing to you the review of the same!
Till then, keep us posted with your feedback for Anew Genics, by Avon!!

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