Friday, September 28, 2012

Blissful Honey, Straight From Honeycomb's Superchamber

It's been long, and we haven't talked about women's health on Allwhatshewants. Primarily, we did not have something exciting to share and talk about, and secondly because we have been featuring some interesting women from various creative fields. While that series will continue, today we just thought of sharing this wonderful product, Mono-floral Honey from BrBee that recently got launched in the capital.

Honey That you Never Tasted Before... BrBee Honeylite!!
Honey, which is one of the key essentials when it comes to our wellness, especially for immunity has been around for ages now. A bottle of honey can be found at any Indian home, and there are a lot of brands that offer so called 'best quality' and 'pure' honey in their appealing jars.

And, when BrBee introduced their new range of honey, we were actually wondering how different would it be? But as it is said, seeing is believing. They have introduced a wonderful range of Mono-floral honey under the name Honeylite, which is coming from the nectar of one plant species, from Himalaya. Doesn't it sound 'Wow'?

Mono-floral Honey, the First of It's Type in  India
What we specifically liked about their product is that the honey that their simple bottles (minus any beautification) contain is being extracted from the 'Super' chamber, and that to only when it is fully sealed. Now you may like to know how is it different. Honey that comes from super chamber is the purest form of honey, as Queen bee is not allowed in that chamber, which means no egg formation and thus, no larva.

It might shock some of our reader, because the honey that you may have been enjoying so far, may had crushed eggs and larva, and all that got finely filtered by machines. BrBee honey is passed through simple muslin cloth, and that's why when we tasted it, we could easily feel the natural taste... perhaps pollens!!

A Healthy Gift for Your Loved Ones!!

And, since it has has no preservatives, you do not need to refrigerate this product even if you see the crystal formation, which will happen during winters. They have come out which 5 new varieties- Himalayan Acacia, lightest in colour and very smooth, Himalayan Thyme, strong in taste, and slightly darker, Himalayan Forest (not mono-floral), Blackberry, which is sharp in taste, and lastly, Lychee Honey.

So this season, you may gift your health conscious friends Honeylite!! Check out their interesting gift packages that are simple yet impressive!!

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