Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Creativity & Business at Pink Gold

Tavishi Gupta, Owner, Pink Gold

We started our "Women at their Creative Best" Series with some yum Desserts. Now, it's time to shift to some serious business, but again, in the most creative way!
And, that's what made us visit this interestingly done store in the capital, named Pink Gold. Here we were greeted by Tavishi Gupta, Owner Pink Gold. This is a newly opened multi-designer store that has many well known Indian designer's creations. But what makes the store special, is not just the designer stuff but that Pink Gold has no Delhi designer, to which Gupta has a clear take, " I wanted my store to be minus the bling, and Delhi is all about bling." We couldn't deny this fact, sigh!

Now, you might like to ask what's so special about Gupta who herself is not a designer. Well, as we say that you are an alpha woman, and because of your other important engagements, your own desires take a backseat. Something similar happened with Gupta who was into a logistic providing firm for good 10 years, and decided to quit after her son's birth.

At her Store!
But as we all know that our craving for doing something different cannot make us sit idle for long, and that's when Gupta decided to do something that's different ad creative both, and after her 2 year long sabbatical, got into retail business.

" One of my friend's who herself is a designer suggested me to open a store.  Yes, it is a fact that the city has a lot of designer stores, but I knew what I wanted to offer to my clients. I wanted to focus on the style aspect of a garment, the experiments with fabrics and textures, and more about the cuts. And, that's why I pick my own designers."

The concept of Pink Gold is quite simple. Getting rid of the “non-wearable” tag attached to designer (that's what most of us believe in), and bringing in outfits and clothes which are wearable, affordable and yet classy and easily available. What you get to see at her store is something that you can easily relate to. Something that has been part of your wardrobe for quite a long time, but if you are picking anything from her store, you know that you are adding a piece that has all the elements of design. It is fashionable and still has that subtle ethnic feel! All the clothes and accessories in the store are made from natural breathable fabrics. Each designer essentially uses natural sources to create their yarn. The store has a lot of designer collection to select from, and there are a few more that Gupta plans to add.

Radhika Jha in her Interesting Neck-piece!

For making our shoot more interesting and appealing, Gupta invited one of her designers Radhika Jha, who also happens to be her friend, to model for some of the latest creations of the designers that she stocks at Pink Gold, including the jewellery of Jha herself!

It was a sheer pleasure meeting this jewellery designer at Tavishi's store. Her jewellery are hand crafted, innovative and self developed fusing traditional skills and western influences to create distinctive and beautiful pieces, with emphasis placed on quality of craftsmanship and originality of design.

Tavishi Holding Radhika's Jewellery!
And, we shot her in her creative jewellery pieces as well, other than what Tavishi showed us holding in her beautiful and delicate hands, which turned out to be a great prop for a jewellery shoot.

Some of the Designers whose creative stuff you are likely to find at Pink Gold

Divya Anand: Divya’s designs are more about comfort than style which can be worn everyday yet exaggerated enough to make a woman a knockout at a wedding.
Rahul Mishra: Interestingly, Tavishi was wearing one of Mishra's collection during this shoot, which she is a proud owner of. His clothing boasts of seamless stitching that fits the body like skin. He draws his inspiration from the weavers of traditional Indian fabrics and the art they have been practicing for centuries.
Krishna Mehta: A veteran in this industry and the only designer who has been around for close to 2 decades. The brand emphasizes on constantly challenging the boundaries of imagination, while re-living the classic design fundamentals of our country, with elegance and sensuality.
Sonali & Himanshu of ‘Hidden Harmony’: They design clothes which emphasize only on cuts and fabrics. You will never find any embellishment or embroidery on their clothing ever.
Divya of Plum Tree: Bringing together design motifs from the west and east, her footwear are a right blend of color, fashion, funk and fun. It is a perfect essential to every woman’s wardrobe.

James Ferreira: He designs clothes that fit all body structures. A raw Tie n Die effect with extravagant colors is what he inculcates in his designs which make his outfits a perfect wear for a classy Sunday Brunch.
From Their Footwear Collection!

While the store has yet to see a proper business, especially in the coming festive season, Tavishi is trying to play safe. " I know that in an industry like this where you have to carefully observe what people like, and want to go for, I would certainly like to go slow. So far, the response is good. Sometimes people just walk to see what's there int his store, and end up selecting a piece for themselves. So, it's good, and a lot of fun as well," she sums.

Pink Gold is located at The Villa Haven, 10 Style Mile in Mehrauli, Delhi!

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